Chapters 40, 41 and 42 have been uploaded!

Good day, all! Chapters 40-42 for “Infinite Power Over The World” have just been uploaded. Bear with me. The end is almost in sight! Only 8 more chapters to go… Click below to start reading:- Chapter 40 Chapter 41 Chapter 42 -PurpleLy

New chapter uploaded

Emperor Chongde will personally lead the battle this time. What will the outcome be? 1. He is instantly victorious. 2. After a slow start, the battle turns in his favour towards the end. 3. He is captured / killed by the vassal kings. 4. The war remains at an impasse. Let us have your thoughts.Continue reading “New chapter uploaded”

Murong Chong rebels in the latest chapter of “Infinite Power Over The World”

It’s not easy being the emperor—just ask Emperor Chongde. First, his crown prince dies, now his fifth son is planning to usurp the throne. Will he never have a moment’s peace? And what of Murong Heng? Did he foresee this rebellion? How will he play it to his advantage? Read Chapter 27: Closing In OnContinue reading “Murong Chong rebels in the latest chapter of “Infinite Power Over The World””

It’s the chapter you’ve all been waiting for!

In this latest chapter, Murong Chong makes a move to eliminate Murong Heng. Is Murong Heng prepared for what’s coming his way? Shen Ci has been separated from Murong Heng for some time. What will happen to their relationship? You won’t want to miss this chapter! Click here to read it! -PurpleLy-

New Developments in ‘Infinite Power Over The World’: Chapter 24 Released

Prepare for the latest chapter of ‘Infinite Power Over The World.’ Now that the crown prince is gone, Fifth Prince Murong Chong can move into the spotlight. But he knows that there’s something going on behind the scenes. How will this affect Murong Heng and Shen Ci’s plans? Click here to read Chapter 24 andContinue reading “New Developments in ‘Infinite Power Over The World’: Chapter 24 Released”

Shocking events unfold in the latest chapter of “Infinite Power Over The World”!

Get ready for heart-pounding action in the latest chapter of ‘Infinite Power Over The World.’ Crown Prince Murong Cheng finds himself embroiled in a series of adrenaline-fueled confrontations, each more intense than the last. How far will Murong Heng go in his quest for revenge? Hold your breath to see what lies in store! ClickContinue reading “Shocking events unfold in the latest chapter of “Infinite Power Over The World”!”

Here’s the newest chapter!

In the latest chapter of ‘Infinite Power Over The World’, witness how brilliantly Murong Heng and Shen Ci orchestrate to dismantle the crown prince and Emperor Chongde. Time and time again, Shen CI proves himself to be a formidable strategist by Murong Heng’s side. Click here to read Chapter 22. Don’t forget to subscribe andContinue reading “Here’s the newest chapter!”

Murong Heng’s Cunning Tactic Unveiled in Latest Chapter of “Infinite Power Over The World”

Hello, readers! We’re excited to announce that Murong Heng’s story continues in the latest chapter. In Chapter 21, we discover what surprise is in store for the crown prince. Don’t miss the drama! Click here to read. -PurpleLy-

Time for another chapter!

The newest chapter of “Infinite Power Over The World” is here, and it’s a rollercoaster of emotions. In this chapter, Feng Nan must grapple with his own feelings for Shen Ci. Will there be a love triangle? New surprises await the emperor, courtesy of you-know-who. This chapter will tug at your heartstrings and keep youContinue reading “Time for another chapter!”

Latest chapter uploaded!

It’s time for another update on ‘Infinite Power Over The World’! Chapter 19 is now available, and it brings new developments to the story. In this chapter, there are movements from Murong Heng’s enemies. He must be careful not to make any mistakes. How will he proceed with Shen Ci, now that he’s aware ofContinue reading “Latest chapter uploaded!”

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