Infinite Power Over The World

  • Title: Infinite Power Over The World (权倾天下[重生])
  • Original author: 叶默凉 (Ye Moliang) click here to support the author
  • Original publisher: jjwxc
  • Chapters: 50 chapters (completed)
  • Translation: on-going

*WARNING* – from PurpleLy Translations

There are certain chapters which include narratives of murder, torture (incl. sexual), gore, bloodshed, violence, suicide, horrific descriptions of human anatomy, to name a few…

Proceed to read at your own risk.

chapter 1chapter 11chapter 21chapter 31 (coming soon)
chapter 2chapter 12chapter 22
chapter 3chapter 13chapter 23
chapter 4chapter 14chapter 24
chapter 5chapter 15chapter 25
chapter 6chapter 16chapter 26
chapter 7chapter 17chapter 27
chapter 8chapter 18chapter 28
chapter 9chapter 19chapter 29 *NEW*
chapter 10chapter 20chapter 30 (coming soon)

Novel synopsis

In his past life, Murong Heng’s brothers and friends treated him graciously. Who’d known that they’d all been deceptions. He ultimately suffered a miserable and wretched ending.

His brothers’ schemes and his subordinates’ treachery caused him to regret.

Fortunately, the heavens were magnanimous and allowed himself to live again. In this life, he will personally seize back everything that belonged to him!

Notes :

1. A cruel and merciless Gong. Do not proceed if this offends you. This is a work of fiction. Those who are overly critical of historical inaccuracies of this fictional story should leave and let the story be enjoyed by those who do not nitpick.

2. Happy Ending, pure and innocent Gong & Shou (no explicit content), no abuse in the relationship, Gong dotes and spoils the Shou, a ruthless-and-loyal-dog Gong + a blind-but-kind Shou. The Shou assists the Gong to take over the kingdom, from confidants to lovers.

 3. Content tags: strong, imperial court nobility, one-and-only-love, rebirth

Search keywords: Protagonist: Murong Heng, Shen Ci ┃ Supporting roles: various miscellaneous people, etc. ┃ Others: Ye Moliang, Infinite Power Over the World

*The above Novel Synopsis and Notes are translated from the original author’s text.

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