Did We Agree To Be Arch-Rivals?

chapter 1chapter 21chapter 41chapter 61chapter 81chapter 101chapter 121
chapter 2chapter 22chapter 42chapter 62chapter 82chapter 102chapter 122
chapter 3chapter 23chapter 43chapter 63chapter 83chapter 103
chapter 4chapter 24chapter 44chapter 64chapter 84chapter 104
chapter 5chapter 25chapter 45chapter 65chapter 85chapter 105
chapter 6chapter 26chapter 46chapter 66chapter 86chapter 106
chapter 7chapter 27chapter 47chapter 67chapter 87chapter 107
chapter 8chapter 28chapter 48chapter 68chapter 88chapter 108
chapter 9chapter 29chapter 49chapter 69chapter 89chapter 109
chapter 10chapter 30chapter 50chapter 70chapter 90chapter 110
chapter 11chapter 31chapter 51chapter 71chapter 91chapter 111
chapter 12chapter 32chapter 52chapter 72chapter 92chapter 112
chapter 13chapter 33chapter 53chapter 73chapter 93chapter 113
chapter 14chapter 34chapter 54chapter 74chapter 94chapter 114
chapter 15chapter 35chapter 55chapter 75chapter 95chapter 115
chapter 16chapter 36chapter 56chapter 76chapter 96chapter 116
chapter 17chapter 37chapter 57chapter 77chapter 97chapter 117
chapter 18chapter 38chapter 58chapter 78chapter 98chapter 118
chapter 19chapter 39chapter 59chapter 79chapter 99chapter 119
chapter 20chapter 40chapter 60chapter 80chapter 100chapter 120

Novel synopsis

Having just completed his role as the villain, Devil Sect’s Young Saint with the same name as him in the online drama based on the web novel “Arch-Rivals”, Su Yang didn’t expect to be transmigrated into the “Arch-Rivals” world and into the character that he had played. He decides to run with the storyline until the end where he is stabbed to death by the protagonist, Gu Feidi, in order to return to his world. However, things seem a little different than the story he remembers…

…aren’t he and Gu Feidi supposed to be enemies? Why does it seem like they’re… getting closer…?

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