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Are you ready for the next chapter? We certainly are! Chapter 3 just out for “Infinite Power Over The World” series.

Join us as we continue to follow Murong Heng on his quest for vengeance in our ongoing series “Infinite Power Over The World”. You won’t want to miss a single page. In Chapter 3, Murong Heng meets with…

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Exciting News: Chapter 2 Uploaded for “Infinite Power Over The World”

I’m happy to announce that a brand new chapter has just been uploaded in PurpleLy Translations. Whether you’re a long-time reader or a new visitor, we know you’ll love this latest addition in my site. In Chapter 2,…

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New Novel Translation Alert: Read Chapter One Now!

Hello, dear readers! I am excited to announce that there is a new novel translation available for your reading pleasure. The novel is titled “Infinite Power Over The World” and has just been launched. To give you a…

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Whenever I get the itch, I’ll do detailed colourings on my iPad using Procreate App.

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