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Are you ready for a new chapter?

Good day, dear readers. It’s nearly the weekend and holidays are just around the corner! Chapter 11 has just been uploaded for “This Husband Is Frail and Weak”. Click here to read it. How are you liking the…

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TWO new chapters just uploaded for “This Husband Is Frail And Weak”.

Hello, lovely readers! In honour of mon anniversaire, I’ve just uploaded two—yes, TWO—new chapters for this novel. I hope you all have a great read! Click below to read: Chapter 9 Chapter 10 -PurpleLy-

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Final chapter for “Infinite Power Over The World” uploaded

Here we are at last. 50 chapters done. I can finally check this off and focus on my latest translation. Click here to read Chapter 50. Hope you enjoyed this novel. Let me know in the comments what…

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Whenever I get the itch, I’ll do detailed colourings on my iPad using Procreate App.

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