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What happens now that Murong Chong is dead?

In this latest chapter of “Infinite Power Over The World”, Emperor Chongde deliberates a new strategy after Murong Chong’s passing. Murong Heng must also move accordingly to the changes if he is to stay ahead of the game.…

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Latest chapter 28 uploaded for “Infinite Power Over The World”

In this chapter, we gain a little insight into Murong Chong’s past and he begins the siege on the capital with several vassal kings. How will Emperor Chongde respond? Does Murong Heng have anything in store for him?…

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Murong Chong rebels in the latest chapter of “Infinite Power Over The World”

It’s not easy being the emperor—just ask Emperor Chongde. First, his crown prince dies, now his fifth son is planning to usurp the throne. Will he never have a moment’s peace? And what of Murong Heng? Did he…

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