Are you ready for the next chapter? We certainly are! Chapter 3 just out for “Infinite Power Over The World” series.

Join us as we continue to follow Murong Heng on his quest for vengeance in our ongoing series “Infinite Power Over The World”. You won’t want to miss a single page. In Chapter 3, Murong Heng meets with Shen Ci and discovers something about him. Click here to read what happens. Enjoying this series? DropContinue reading “Are you ready for the next chapter? We certainly are! Chapter 3 just out for “Infinite Power Over The World” series.”

Exciting News: Chapter 2 Uploaded for “Infinite Power Over The World”

I’m happy to announce that a brand new chapter has just been uploaded in PurpleLy Translations. Whether you’re a long-time reader or a new visitor, we know you’ll love this latest addition in my site. In Chapter 2, you’ll get to know more about Murong Heng and his relationship with his emperor father. So whatContinue reading “Exciting News: Chapter 2 Uploaded for “Infinite Power Over The World””

New Novel Translation Alert: Read Chapter One Now!

Hello, dear readers! I am excited to announce that there is a new novel translation available for your reading pleasure. The novel is titled “Infinite Power Over The World” and has just been launched. To give you a taste of what’s to come, I’ve released the first chapter of the translation. You can read itContinue reading “New Novel Translation Alert: Read Chapter One Now!”


Hello, faithful readers! Some of you lovely people have been asking whether or not I have plans to translate a new novel. Honestly, it was a “no”… …until recently! That’s right! I’ve started translating again! Woohoo! I’m going to launch a new title pretty soon, so keep checking in here or in If you’reContinue reading “Announcing…”

Been bingeing on BL series…

Hello, peeps. It’s been a while since my last post but I haven’t been slacking. I’ve been gorging on Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese BL series and discovered a couple of gems. Here’s my recommendations in no specific order : We Best Love: No. 1 For You (Taiwanese) – 6 episodes We Best Love: Fighting Mr.Continue reading “Been bingeing on BL series…”

Another colouring completed!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re well. Me? I took on the task of painting certain parts of my house purely on a whim. Now, I have aches and pains in muscles I never took notice of 😅. I’ve also been making preparations to usher in the Chinese New Year (aka the Lunar New Year) nextContinue reading “Another colouring completed!”

New colouring!

I’ve been hooked onto a new Japanese BL drama called ”My Beautiful Man”. Go check it out if and when you can. Warning: there are some bullying scenes. It’s only six episodes and twenty-something minutes each. This drama is so aptly named because of actor Yusei Yagi who plays Kuyoi So. He is stunning andContinue reading “New colouring!”

New Year, new colouring!

Good day, lovely people! Best wishes for the New Year! Thank you once again to my wonderful readers for your unwavering support. I truly appreciate all your lovely comments and messages. I’ve been wanting to colour Gong Jun as Wen Ke Xing for sometime but had trouble deciding on which look to go for. Finally,Continue reading “New Year, new colouring!”

Last digital colouring for 2021 😊💜

There aren’t many photos of Zhai Xiao Wen as Xie Lian in his Taizi Dianxia robes from the upcoming live-action series: Eternal Faith. It’s based on MXTX’s popular novel Heaven Official’s Blessing (Tian Guan Ci Fu). FYI, this is truly one of my favourite BL xianxia novels. When I saw the first on-set photos ofContinue reading “Last digital colouring for 2021 😊💜”

Completed another colouring…

It’s been so hard looking for a decent photo of Arthur Chen as Mo Ran in the upcoming series Immortality based on the popular novel The Dumb Husky and His White Cat Shizun. I positively love this novel. If you haven’t read it, be prepared for a rollercoaster ride. I had a really hard timeContinue reading “Completed another colouring…”

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