New Year, new colouring!

Good day, lovely people! Best wishes for the New Year!

Thank you once again to my wonderful readers for your unwavering support. I truly appreciate all your lovely comments and messages.

I’ve been wanting to colour Gong Jun as Wen Ke Xing for sometime but had trouble deciding on which look to go for. Finally, I settled on this outfit because it’s one of his classic looks from the Word of Honour series and I absolutely love the gorgeous blue of this costume.

This piece was quite straightforward and only took over 7 hours. Check out my time lapse video to see the colouring process. I also post on Instagram so go ahead and visit/ follow me there.

Wen Ke Xing, Gong Jun – Word of Honour
Wen Ke Xing colouring time lapse video
Colouring & time lapse video: Procreate App
Video editing: InShot App
Music: 月华
Musician: EnjoyMusic

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I translate Chinese bl novels and do colouring using Procreate App as hobbies. I’m a one-person show running this site. I really enjoy what I do and I hope you do too!

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