Chapters 100 & 101 are here!

Ooooh! We’ve reached three-digit chapters already!

If I’d told myself over a month ago that I’d be able to complete translation of 100 chapters by now, I’d be: “Whaaaat? No way!”

Hey, perseverance is key and it helps to enjoy what you do.

That’s my little inspirational gem for you all today. Happy reading and as always, thank you for your support!

Click here to read Chapter 100

Click here to read Chapter 101

* UPDATE 18 Oct ‘21 : Once you’re done with the novel, here’s the surprise I promised:

Click here to read Gu Ruohai’s & Su Huaizhu’s Story!

Click here to read Luo Yu’s & Qin Jianyue’s Story! (*update 1 Nov 2021)

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