Chapter 46 : Spending The Birthday Together

Title: Infinite Power Over The World

Original title: 权倾天下[重生]

Author: 叶默凉(Ye Moliang)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

The two slept together until the next morning. Shen Ci awoke in Murong Heng’s warm embrace. When he lifted his gaze, he saw Murong Heng watching him affectionately. His stare was filled with concern and tenderness. Shen Ci subconsciously shifted his body. Immediately, a sharp tearing pain erupted from somewhere below, causing him to hiss lightly. Thoughts of what happened yesterday afternoon emerged in his mind.

He’d actually did that kind of thing with Murong Heng…

His face turned red in an instant and he lowered his head, not daring to look directly into Murong Heng’s eyes. This type of move elicited a chuckle from Murong Heng instead, and his chin was lifted.

“Does it still hurt?” Murong Heng placed his hand on Shen Ci’s waist again, massaging it with moderate strength. He caught sight of Shen Ci’s somewhat angry expression, and he inwardly reflected while fawning over him. It was because his Ah Ci was too alluring, so he couldn’t help doing it several times successively, making Ah Ci lose consciousness in the end.

Shen Ci glared at him huffily, although had to admit that it felt very comfortable the way Murong Heng was kneading and rubbing his waist. The soreness disappeared right away. After thinking about it, he glared at Murong Heng’s flattering smile, turned his head and said, “Next time… not so many rounds!”

When Murong Heng hearing his words, his eyes lit up. It turns out there is a ‘next time’! So he immediately replied happily, “Yes, obeying Your Majesty!”

For him, Murong Heng, Shen Ci’s words were imperial edicts. Therefore, he would adhere to everything he says. Even if he said that he wasn’t allowed to do it again, he would respect his wishes. He didn’t expect that Ah Ci said there would be a next time! He couldn’t be happier!

Some time after waking up, Murong Heng helped Shen Ci to sit up on the bed. He was worried that his body couldn’t take it, so just hugged him to keep him from getting out of bed. He carried over the food brought in by the inn staff, and fed it to Shen Ci little by little, most attentively.

Only after resting in the inn for two full days, was Shen Ci was able to get out of bed. However, he couldn’t walk very fast, only walking slowly steps, as if he was sick. Only Murong Heng knew why he was like this.

So Murong Heng directly picked him up and carried him into the carriage before getting in himself. He then tugged Shen Ci, who was glaring at him, into his arms, and ordered the guards outside to proceed back to the imperial palace.

Two hours later, the carriage slowly drove into the palace and stopped at a place. Murong Heng made his way out of the carriage carrying Shen Ci, who was already asleep. After instructing everyone around him to be silent, he brought him to the imperial bedroom to let him have a good rest. After enjoying themselves for so many days, they were indeed exhausted.

As he sat on the side of the bed, Murong Heng gently removed the clothes from Shen Ci’s body, and brushed over a piece of jade around his waist. It was exactly the one when the both of them first met in this life. This curious coincidence instigated Murong Heng to untie the jade pendant. Then he got up and walked out with it in his hand.

When he reached the imperial study room, Murong Heng first dealt with the court affairs that had accumulated over the past few days, one by one. By the time he lifted his head again, it was already dead in the night. He put down the brush he was holding and kneaded the space between his eyebrows. Then he picked up the jade pendant that he’d placed on the side, and examined it carefully.

The style of the jade pendant was very simple, and it was a rather common compared to those found in the palace. He held it in the palm of his hand and fiddled with it. All of a sudden, he noticed a line of writing in the middle of the jade pendant.

Third Year of Chongde, the ninth day of the third month.

Murong Heng was stunned for a moment. He knew that Ah Ci’s year of birth was in the third year of Chongde, and what followed was obviously his birthday! Murong Heng closed his fingers to count. The ninth day of the third month. There were less than five days left to his birthday! It was such an important day, and he’d only discovered it now!

Murong Heng rapped himself on the head as he strode out. He saw Ming De, who’d been standing guard outside the door, began following his footsteps. Murong Heng stopped suddenly, turned his head and asked, “Ming De, tell me. What can you do for someone’s birthday to make it more meaningful?”

Ming De was taken aback upon hearing the words. He raised his head to carefully look at Murong Heng before asking, “Your Majesty, is it the gentleman’s birthday coming up?” The only thing that could make the emperor care so much was the not-the-empress-but-surpasses-an-empress, Mr. Shen.

Mmm.” Murong Heng nodded, immediately wanting to hear his thoughts.

“Eh… Your Majesty, from this servant’s point of view, birthdays don’t have to be ostentatious, low-key ones can also be very thoughtful. Your Majesty can think about what Mr. Shen likes. It would be even better if Your Majesty had some wonderful memories with Mr. Shen before. People are always touched by scenes which evoke deep feelings, and the place filled with memories is also the most suitable for two people to go together.” Ming De paused, and glanced up to spot Murong Heng looking directly at him. He thought he’d said something wrong, and promptly added, “Ak… Your Majesty, this servant just said without thinking it through. Requesting Your Majesty not to take it to heart.”

“No.” Murong Heng shook his head. He eyed Ming De with deep look, and said, “What you said is so right. This Emperor has to reward you well.” The place with good memories is naught but the Prince Heng’s Mansion. If he brought Ah Ci back to the Prince Heng’s Mansion celebrate his birthday, wouldn’t it be filled with intention and not extravagant? It was simple the best of both worlds!

With this in mind, Murong Heng considered it meticulously, then whispered to Ming De to prepare some things and have them sent to Prince Heng’s Mansion. When that day comes, he would give Ah Ci an unforgettable birthday!

Murong Heng went to have a meal first, then went to the imperial bedroom, and walked into the hall quietly. Moving past a candlelight, he caught sight of Shen Ci sitting on the bed, concentrating on the book in his hands. A naught idea emerged from the bottom of his heart all of a sudden. He raised his hand to call for a guard, then waved his sleeve signalling for the candles in the hall to be extinguished.

Dashing into the hall, Murong Heng sneaked over to the side of the bed. He swiftly covered Shen Ci’s mouth and eyes with his palm, then pressed him under himself. In the darkness, he stared at Shen Ci’s expression, and turned his head to give the guard a look. The guard quickly lowered his voice and said, “It seems that you are the lover of the emperor’s son, right? The emperor’s son is so useless. Since you are so good-looking, why don’t you follow me instead?”

As he lay on the bed, Shen Ci’s eyes widened and a chilly feeling pervaded his heart. Unexpectedly, he’d encountered a thief in the palace bedroom. Was he going to be silenced? When this thought appeared, he became a little scared. Just about to speak, the person above him suddenly his body lowered a little. Shen Ci instantly detected the unique scent from his clothes.

This scent…

“Murong Heng, you actually deceived me!” Shen Ci sat up and panted angrily before shoving the person on him to the side. When he turned his head, he saw that it was indeed Murong Heng! Although he wasn’t able to see earlier, his other senses had become extremely sensitive when he had been blind before. As soon as he smelled the scent of that person’s body, he was sure that it was Murong Heng. After living together for so long, how could he not recognise his scent?

Since his prank had been found out, Murong Heng let out a laugh. He raised his hand and allowed the guard go withdraw, then lit a candle, and pulled the exasperated Shen Ci into his arms. He consoled him properly, and kissed him several times before Shen Ci finally calmed down.

Why did he sense that Ah Ci’s temper had grown more wilful these days, especially after taking revenge? He would glare at him from time to time, but Murong Heng had to admit that this Ah Ci was very cute.

After soothing Shen Ci’s emotions, Murong Heng hugged him and lay down. Both of them chatted casually beneath the moonlight, and fell asleep after a while. Several days passed by in a flash, and soon it was Shen Ci’s birthday. On this day, Murong Heng deliberately woke up early. Once morning court was done, he frantically dealt with all the matters. After that, he dragged Shen Ci into the carriage and drove out of the palace.

“Where are we going?” Shen Ci was pressed against Murong Heng’s chest and asked in confusion.

“You’ll know in a while.” It was still a secret at this point. Murong Heng smiled and didn’t tell him.

The carriage moved slowly, and reached the destination in less than an hour. Murong Heng led Shen Ci to alight the carriage. He stood outside the door, lifted his head, and let out a long sigh.

Unexpectedly, he’d brought him to Shen’s mansion. Shen Ci thought to himself. Back then, he was blind and harboured hatred, so he had no time to enjoy the scenery inside the mansion. When he strolled through the mansion with him, the mood was naturally different.

After visiting Shen’s mansion, Murong Heng brought Shen Ci to the nearby Prince Heng’s Mansion. Shen Ci hadn’t expected both the mansions to be so close. He hadn’t noticed it when he was blind before. As he entered the mansion, the yard was filled of flowers and plants. He remembered that he had watered those flowers and they were growing very well now.

“What day is it today? Do you remember?” Murong Heng walked, then pulled Shen Ci to stop. He stood in front of him and looked at him earnestly.

What day? When Shen Ci heard the words and thought about it. His eyes suddenly lit up. Isn’t today the ninth day of the third month, his birthday? He’d actually forgotten, but apparently the person in front had remembered it for him.

“I want to give you an unforgettable birthday.” Murong Heng held Shen Ci’s hand, his focused gaze seemed to peer into his heart. Each word was spoken in sincerity.

After speaking, he led Shen Ci to the main hall, made him a cup of tea and asked him to sit before disappearing. Shen Ci sat there curiously. Once he’d finished the cup of tea, Murong Heng still hadn’t returned. He could resist standing up and walking outside.

When he arrived at a certain place, Shen Ci smelled the aroma of food, and made his way suspiciously towards the kitchen. He assumed it was an old lady cooking, but when he opened the door, Murong Heng was the one standing inside. There was a cloth wrapped around his body and his face was covered in ashes, appearing extremely unsightly indeed. He didn’t expect the head of the country could be in such a disheveled state. Shen Ci couldn’t help throwing his head back and laughing.

“What are you laughing at?” Murong Heng shook his head helplessly. Since he’d been found out, he should just let him watch and scoop out the final dish onto the plate. Murong Heng brought several plates of dishes into the dining room together with two pairs of chopsticks and sat down facing Shen Ci.

“Did you make all of these?” Observing the delicious food in front of him, Shen Ci was a little stunned. He never expected Murong Heng to be so “virtuous”. He picked up the chopsticks, grabbed a bite of vegetables and brought them into his mouth. He chewed a few mouthfuls and nodded vigorously. Surprisingly, his cooking was delicious. When he spied his ashy face earlier, he thought he was going to be eating half-cooked food today.

Murong Heng smiled contentedly. He stretched out his hand to caress Shen Ci’s long, supple hair, and said softly: “Eat slowly, it’s all yours.” After speaking, he took out a jar of wine, patted it open and poured it out two bowls. He said: “Today is your birthday, we shan’t return home until we’re drunk!”

“Alright.” Shen Ci wasn’t going to be reserved with him. He picked up the wine bowl, tossing his head back as he downed it After drinking a bowl of wine, his face became slightly ruddy. He continued to eat, but was unsuspectingly poured three bowls of wine by Murong Heng. In the end, he couldn’t hold out and lay down on the table.

Seeing that Shen Ci was drunk, Murong Heng carried him to the bed where the two had slept before. He took off their outer clothes, and lay down with only their inner clothes on. Murong Heng let Shen Ci him lean in his arms. The red-faced appearance of the person in his arms was so adorable, Murong Heng smiled slightly, and tightened his embrace.

He never thought that he would be with a man in this life, but when he met Ah Ci, he felt that it was destined by heaven for the two of them to be together. As he thought of this, Murong Heng caressed Shen Ci’s forehead affectionately. He stared at Shen Ci’s peaceful sleeping face for a long time, then he bowed his head and whispered in his ear, “Ah Ci, happy birthday. I love you.”

In his arms, Shen Ci’s eyes were closed. It wasn’t certain if he heard it or not. He moved his body seeking a comfortable posture in Murong Heng’s embrace. A faint smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.


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