Chapter 28 : Breathing His Last

Title: Infinite Power Over The World

Original title: 权倾天下[重生]

Author: 叶默凉(Ye Moliang)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

WARNING: Descriptions of blood and gore ahead. Proceed at your own risk.

Right now, Murong Chong has led his troops to station outside the capital. He stepped out of the commander’s tent and gazed in the direction of the imperial palace. His heart was filled with many emotions. He recalled the days when, when he was younger, he was always constrained to be inferior to Crown Prince Murong Cheng. Every day, he thought how great it would be if he were the crown prince.

His birth mother was a concubine of ordinary status. When she first entered the imperial palace, she was very favoured by Emperor Chongde due to her gentle and virtuous temperament. But after some time, he grew tired of it, and as a consequence, his mother’s standing would no longer be as good as it was before. The so-called ‘laying intoxicated on the beauty’s lap’ was merely momentary.

Moreover, he was born during the time when his mother fell out of favour, and naturally, he wasn’t very well liked by Emperor Chongde. Fortunately, he knew from an early age that he needed to contend for things that belonged to him. There were some instances where all his actions coincided with Emperor Chongde’s standpoint, and thus, he’d won his praise several times. He had been going through life in this lukewarm manner until this day.

If it weren’t for the crown prince’s passing, he would never have had the opportunity to ascend the dragon throne! As such, he had no regrets. Emperor Chongde murdered his father and mother in his youth and slaughtered all his brothers to obtain his current status. He is emulating him, that’s all. Where’s the fault in that?

With this in mind, a sneer appeared on Murong Chong’s lips. The current Emperor Chongde is no longer as heroic as he once was. Many years of pampering and indulgence have transformed him from a bloodthirsty person into a paper tiger. If he had to confront Emperor Chongde from ten years ago, he might not have much chance of winning. However, Emperor Chongde is now nearing his inevitable end and is no match for his previously daunting self.

When he contemplated that he was about to become the next emperor, Murong Chong felt his heart surge uncontrollably. His mind unconsciously conjured up a scene of him dressed in a dragon robe, taking large strides to the dragon throne, and sitting down upon it. Then it became the scene where there were shouts of “long live His Majesty”. As long as he can reach that point, what’s the hardship that he has to endure right now?

The more he thought about it, the more he couldn’t calm his disposition. Murong Chong rushed back into the tent and retrieved a very small box from a secret hiding place. He opened the lid and pulled out a golden dragon robe from within. He had a smug look as he shook open the robe and draped it over himself. Then he stood facing a bronze mirror and carefully scrutinised his reflection.

He stared at the person in the mirror garbed in the golden dragon robe; his appearance was imposing, and his figure was radiant with an indescribable quality. Murong Chong nodded in satisfaction, took off the dragon robe, and carefully put it away. Before long, he would be the overlord of the land beneath his feet.

This world would all be his!

Murong Chong decided to attack the city a few days later. He devised a strategy with several vassal kings, allowing them to spearhead the attack while he followed from the rear. Once discussions had concluded, he donned his armour, leapt onto his horse, and led his troops to invade the city.

On the other side, Murong Heng and his group had also made their preparations. When he learned that Murong Chong was leading his troops here on his own, he laughed triumphantly. This was because when he was chatting with Shen Ci several days ago, he’d already guessed that Murong Chong—in order to safeguard himself—would definitely let the vassal kings lead the attack. If any situation occurred, he could adjust his strategy. To put it candidly, he was letting the vassal kings scout the way for him. It wouldn’t be a loss even if they perished.

Fortunately, the two of them had already deliberated on the countermeasures. Before the arrival of Murong Chong and his troops, they summoned the soldiers defending the city to make fail-safe preparations. It is now the end of winter, and the weather is extremely cold. Consequently, Shen Ci proposed to spray water from the city gates. Once the water freezes, even if Murong Chong’s troops attempt to scale the wall using ladders, they won’t be able to support their weight.

In addition, the Iron Halberd Army stationed on the outskirts was ready to go upon receiving Murong Heng’s order. However, they didn’t need to be dispatched to deal with such a minor issue as Murong Chong. Murong Heng is well aware that aside from Murong Chong, there was an even bigger problem waiting for him to deal with, but right now he only needs to observe the tigers fighting from afar.

Four hours later, Murong Chong’s soldiers arrived with a hue and cry. Murong Heng made his way up the city gate with steady steps. He gazed down from his elevated position at the densely packed enemy troops. The general beside him threw a look at an officer behind him. The officer understood and ordered the other soldiers at the city gate to get ready.

The city wall was covered with icicles. No matter who came into contact with it, there was absolutely no possibility of climbing it. When Murong Chong’s troops approached the city wall and were seen starting to ascend, General Li Xian, beside Murong Heng, issued an order. Ice water with ice chunks fell from above, drenching the soldiers who were climbing it.

The ice water had just been fetched, and when it drenched their bodies, their hands and feet were instantly frozen stiff, and they were not able to feel anything. As such, many soldiers fell from the city walls after their hands and feet turned numb. Immediately afterwards, Li Xian ordered for stone boulders to be toppled down, causing the soldiers climbing the city walls to be battered to the ground and crushed as a result.

When Murong Chong saw that scaling the wall wasn’t working, he immediately ordered his men to charge the city gates. With a loud bang, the gates were smashed open. Troops from inside and outside clashed with each other, and the ground was covered in blood.

“KILL!”, shouted the soldiers on both sides. Swords collided and clashed, making loud banging noises. Every now and then, people collapsed onto the ground, dying with a grievance-filled expression, their eyes wide open.

It wasn’t long before the ground was awash with blood, converging into multiple streams. Murong Chong sat atop a horse, brandishing the sword in his hand to slash at the soldiers around him. There was also blood smeared on his face, which made him resemble a wild animal, and he had a depraved look in his eyes.

Emperor Chongde exited the imperial palace and braved the hazards to arrive at the city gates. When he raised his eyes, he caught sight of Murong Chong outside the city fighting savagely. He stared intently for a long time, then all of a sudden, he drew an arrow from the soldier next to him. Using all his might, he pulled back on the bow, then released his fingers. The arrow whizzed swiftly past Murong Chong’s ear.

Once Murong Chong detected the sound of the arrow, he moved to dodge. He lifted his gaze just in time to meet Emperor Chongde’s grief-stricken look. He sneered three times, and raised his hand to order the troops to cease fighting.

“Chong’er, listen to Imperial Father’s words. Don’t commit more killings and atrocities. As long as you withdraw your troops, I will grant you the position of crown prince if you wish.” Emperor Chongde had no choice but to resort to the tactic of stalling.

Unexpectedly, Murong Chong didn’t appear to be the least bit interested. Instead, he sneered and responded in a chilly tone: “Too late!” Previously, when he’d recommended himself, the emperor refused him. Now that the emperor said he would grant it to him, Murong Chong didn’t hold it in regard anymore! It is only the position of the crown prince. At the moment, he no longer cares. The victor becomes king, and the loser is the foe. What he wants now is the throne!

Seeing that persuasion was futile, the troops on both sides continued to fight on site. Li Xian quickly dispatched someone to escort Emperor Chongde away. Following that, he and Murong Heng exchanged a look, and they decided to employ the countermeasures that had been discussed earlier.

Several vassal kings were battling on the front lines. When they observed that the enemy soldiers were getting fewer and fewer, they couldn’t help but feel elated. Just as they were about to lead troops into the city, countless arrows were fired out from the city gate without warning. They raised their swords in defense, but then they noticed that there was something attached to the arrows. Upon closer inspection, they turned out to be honeycombs!

Once their swords hacked the honeycombs, the bees inside swarmed out. Murong Chong was stung on the face, and he let out a horrific scream. He swung his sword, wildly slashing in every direction, in an attempt to drive the bees away. But it was futile.

“What are you doing in a daze? Why aren’t you storming into the city?!” Right now, the only way is to rush into the city and draw the bees in at the same time. Although they wished for Murong Chong to suffer, how could it be that simple? They wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine!

However, the thoughts of those vassal kings were different from his. Given that today’s attack was unfavourable, they felt that even if they continued to battle like this, they might not gain the upper hand. As such, they simply wanted to withdraw and deliberate on it again. Nevertheless, Murong Chong rejected everything.

Seeing that the city gates were wide open, how could he just quit like this?!

Murong Chong realised that those vassal kings were unwilling to forge ahead with him. In a fit of rage, he raised the sword in his hand and slashed at the person nearest to him. A bloodcurdling scream was all that could be heard, and that person’s arm was hacked off by him.

“Enter the city! Violators shall die!” Murong Chong roared, his eyes bulging. He charged into the city with his troops and fought the soldiers inside the city. Unexpectedly, flaming arrows began firing at him, almost setting alight the clothes on his body.

The vassal kings behind him exchanged looks and opted in unison to withdraw their troops. Murong Chong would readily risk his life for the throne, but they wouldn’t. If he perished, they weren’t going to follow him to the grave! As for the rebellion, they could do the same by themselves!

Ah!” There was a sound, and an arrow found its mark on his upper thigh. The flames seared his flesh, causing him excruciating pain. Murong Chong’s eyes widened; he gritted his teeth and pulled out the arrow. Suddenly, he felt that there was something amiss with his body.

As he lifted his head, he met Li Xian’s convoluted smile. Only then did he realise that the arrow had been coated with a substance! He waved the sword in his hand, but he gradually lost control over his limbs. His movements slowed, and more and more wounds appeared on his body.

Not long after, he began seeing double, and his strikes couldn’t hit anyone. Instead, he was wounded several times. Soon, he tumbled off the horse and landed heavily on the ground with a ‘thump’. Following his fall, many soldiers who had been drugged also collapsed to the ground, and they were soon at a disadvantage.

Li Xian walked up to Murong Chong and sneered as he eyed him. Emperor Chongde meant for him to be captured alive, so Li Xian applied some incapacitating substances to the arrow. Just when he was about to haul him away, all of a sudden, he detected the sound of a spring-loaded dart piercing through the air in his direction. Instinctively, he dodged and watched helplessly as it shot into Murong Chong’s throat.

His eyes widened in shock, and he looked around but couldn’t identify who had fired the hidden dart. With large steps, he strode forward to check on his condition, but he saw Murong Chong with his hand outstretched towards him and his eyes enlarged like copper bells. Soon after, thick, bloody welts appeared, streaking all over his body and stretching horizontally across the skin. It was a terrifying sight. In an instant, there was a loud bang. Pieces of flesh and blood burst out, flying everywhere. Murong Chong’s body had exploded!

Li Xian stood there in a daze while his soldiers tied Murong Chong’s troops together. The vassal kings who aided Murong Chong were nowhere to be seen and had obviously retreated. He looked at the flesh and blood all over the ground and the grotesquely debilitated corpse. He had no idea how he was going to explain this to Emperor Chongde.

Just then, Murong Heng arrived on the scene. When he caught sight of Murong Chong’s corpse, he feigned extreme shock and then silently assisted Li Xian in retrieving the remains.

This plan had been devised by him and Ah Ci. He figured that Emperor Chongde had intended for Murong Chong to be captured alive and had thus permitted Li Xian to employ some ways and means. As such, they’d made preparations in advance and had an undercover guard from his mansion conceal the spring-loaded weapon in his sleeve. He took advantage of the battle between both sides to fire the concealed weapon at Murong Chong. The dart that had been shot carried a deadly toxin, which would cause the victim’s blood vessels to burst and die an extremely horrific death.

Two hours later, the news of Murong Chong’s tragic death reached Emperor Chongde’s ears. Although he lamented, he was even more resentful. Therefore, he removed Murong Chong’s status as a prince, and his mortal remains were not permitted into the imperial mausoleum.

Once Murong Chong died, Murong Heng was naturally the happiest. However, his Ah Ci had told him that it was even more necessary to bide his time at this moment. It wouldn’t be long before a good performance took place.

So how could he miss it?


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