Title: This Husband Is Frail And Weak

Original title: 为夫体弱多病

Author: 鱼西球球 (Yuxi Qiuqiu)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

Rong Tang read a book.

The villain in the book, Su Huaijing, was favoured by the gods, a typical example of beauty, power, and misfortune. He is a highly intelligent villainous character with an intensified level of revenge. Unfortunately, the character collapsed and suffered a terrible ending.

Consequently, after transmigration, Rong Tang became the cannon fodder invalid with the same name who dies early in the novel. He was also bound to a system to save the male protagonist, and he was reborn three times in total.

The first time, he unwaveringly remained by the male protagonist’s side and helped him avoid the plots from various cannon fodders and villains. Ultimately, he was poisoned and died, thus failing the mission.

The second time, he worked on both leads concurrently, assisting the male protagonist on one hand while getting close to the villain. As a result, the male protagonist stabbed him to death with a sword, thus failing the mission.

After being reborn for the third time, Rong Tang thought, Screw the male protagonist; I, your father, won’t save you.

Therefore, the night where the villain, Su Huaijing, had been drugged and bound, Rong Tang, who bore the body afflicted with ‘on-the-verge-of-coughing-up-my-lungs’ tuberculosis, broke into the room at the brothel, relieved him of the drug’s effects, before asking in all seriousness, “Do you want to marry me?”

Su Huaijing: “?”

Rong Tang’s chronic disease couldn’t be cured, so he accompanied Su Huaijing all the way. Every now and then, he whispered in his ear, “Rest assured. When I die, all my inheritance will be yours.”

Up until the overall situation was settled, on the eve of Su Huaijing’s ascension to the throne, by some miracle, the mission was announced as completed.

Aside from his surprise, for the sake of maintaining the emperor’s reputation, Rong Tang fled without any worries whatsoever.

In the end, before he could set foot outside the capital, all the emperor’s personal guards restrained him; falcons circled in the sky above; wolf dogs with drool dripping from their mouths; and hundreds of officials kneeled down on both sides. The little donkey beneath Rong Tang, which he’d purchased partway, panicked until it began sneezing. The emperor, wearing a bright yellow imperial robe, walked over from behind the crowd, smiling every step of the way. He looked at him and asked gently, “Husband, you want to cast aside your wife and children; abandon after seducing?”

Rong Tang: “?”

Can you give birth? Ah no! Is it appropriate for someone high-up like you to assume the role of wife like this??

The emperor walked up to him. He lifted his head and raised his hands, as he said with a smile, “Follow me back. I’ll give you half of this realm.”

Small theatre:

On a certain day of a certain month of a certain year, Rong Tang was lying in the yard cooling off in the shade after having dinner, and as usual, he was drawing up a plan with Su Huaijing.

“I probably only have two years to live. When the time comes, remember to retake Longxi village——”

Su Huaijing was expressionless as he poured a bowl of bitter medicine into his mouth.

On a certain day of a certain year, a certain month, after reading a storybook, Rong Tang nestled in front of the brazier to keep warm and said earnestly bid farewell to Su Huaijing.

“I probably have less than two months to live. If you think the house in the west of the city is too small, I’ll buy one for you in the south of the city -“

Su Huaijing gritted his teeth and fed him three fist-sized pills.

On a certain day of a certain year, the lotus flowers were in full bloom in the imperial garden. Rong Tang was sitting by the bridge, eating lotus pastries.

“I may die tomorrow; please remember to bury me——”

Su Huaijing couldn’t bear it anymore, so he bent over and blocked his mouth.

After a moment, the emperor, who showed no emotion or anger, slowly backed away and looked at his empress. “Didn’t I tell you before that I am the best doctor in Dayu?”

“If you say this again, I shall deem you harassing the doctor.”

You and I share this world, and you and I share this country.

Reading guide:

1. Gong and shou are wholehearted (monogamous relationship and happy ending)

2. Sweet-natured; the entire content is fictitious; the author’s logic is very, very, very poor; please discard your brain before reading the story, thank you.jpg;

3. Everything in the story that is unrecognisable without special instructions shall be assumed as beautification

4. The cover is a template designed by an artist;

5. Stay or leave at will; there’s no need to inform if you abandon this story.

6. It’s not easy to produce such works, so do not mention other works under this story. Also, do not mention this story under other works. Much appreciated;

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