Chapter 91 : Unexpected News

Title: Did We Agree To Be Arch-Rivals?

Original Title: 说好成为彼此的宿敌呢[穿书]

Author: 轻风白杨 (Qingfeng Baiyang)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

In the end, Gu Feidi still failed to persuade Su Yang and promised that if he could obtain Luo Yu’s permission, he would take Su Yang down Snow Mountain and return to Lesser Jade House.

Although they’d both reached a consensus, Luo Yu was stalwart on not letting Su Yang and Gu Feidi leave.

“Since you’ve come to request me to eliminate the Gu and to heal Su Yang, that makes you my patient.” Luo Yu put on a haughty manner and said resolutely, “And as my patient, you must adhere to my directives.”

No matter how Gu Feidi and Su Yang tried to reason with him and tug at his emotions, he remained completely unmoved and refused to give in. He was even more unreasonable than the time when he’d given Gu Feidi and Su Yang the cold shoulder.

“Elder is so insistent on prohibiting us from going down the mountain. Aside from being unwilling to let me risk my body, are there other reasons why?” Gu Feidi eyed Luo Yu and said, “Earlier when Elder mentioned about not letting us go down the mountain, you appeared to have a strange look…… Could it be that there’s been some upheaval in the Martial Arts circles recently that you don’t want us to know of?”

Luo Yu couldn’t help being startled having been asked such a question. He narrowed his eyes.

“Isn’t not wanting to send you to your death reason enough?” He scoffed and said to Gu Feidi, “Even if I give you leave to go down the mountain, Su Yang’s current condition will certainly not be able to endure the winter chill. Moreover, the mountain roads are hard to traverse. He may have breathed his last before even reaching Lesser Jade House.”

Gu Feidi said: “I trust that Elder would undoubtedly have a way to assist him. Even if you can’t resolve the Cold Pond Ice Spirit and Half Withered Red in his body, surely you’re able to temporarily suppress his extremely cold internal strength.”

Luo Yu snorted: “So what if I have a way?”

Gu Feidi was rendered speechless.

Luo Yu waved his hand impatiently: “If you’ve asked me over here merely for the sake of this matter, I don’t see a need for me to continue this conversation. Both of you can recuperate here in peace and stop indulging in flights of fancy.” 

As he spoke, he stood up and was about to leave.

Su Yang blocked Luo Yu’s way and attempted to use the same trick on him: “If Elder doesn’t agree to let us leave, we’ll just leave ourselves.”

But Luo Yu was not as easy to bully as Gu Feidi was.

He looked at Su Yang with a smile that wasn’t a smile: “Oh, so you want to leave yourselves. Anyhow, I know you’re not afraid of death. I just don’t know whether Gu Feidi is willing or not.”

Of course Gu Feidi wasn’t willing, therefore such threats were incapable of persuading Luo Yu.

Luo Yu flicked his sleeves, stepped past Su Yang and headed out the door.


A call suddenly sounded from behind him.

Luo Yu’s footsteps paused and he looked back at Su Yang in surprise.

Su Yang stretched out his hand and gently pulled the corner of Luo Yu’s sleeve. His voice was soft and carried a pleading nasal tone: “…No one is unafraid of death. We’re just doing our utmost to give ourselves more time to be together.”

After a long while, Luo Yu sighed, “Are you aware that what you’re doing requires Gu Feidi to bear the consequences?” 

Su Yang nodded, “I’m aware and I also wouldn’t want him to sacrifice anything for me. But if both of us traded places…… I won’t want to give up any possible means of saving him, even if that way may be harmful to me. So I don’t want to decide for him. If there is any reckoning to be had in the future, I’ll bear the burden of it together with him.”

Luo Yu frowned and looked at Su Yang without saying anything.

Su Yang took a deep breath and added: “…You’re a doctor. You definitely realise that the longer an illness is delayed, it’ll only get worse. If you don’t promptly seize hold of any chances, you may never happen upon them again in the future. I understand Gu Feidi’s feelings…… He’d prefer to bear the consequences for his own choices than regret the opportunity he’d let slip.”

Finally, he lightened his tone and said softly: “Jiujiu……”

Luo Yu closed his eyes a little and heaved a sigh, “Is it worth it?”

Su Yang smiled, “Actually…… I don’t know. But I can assure you that when I return to Lesser Jade House, I’ll seek advice from my shijie and Shizun. If they similarly don’t approve of Feidi practicing that set of extreme Yang methodology, I’ll do my best to stop him.”

“Su Yang…” Gu Feidi said anxiously.

“If that methodology is truly harmful to you, how could I let you practice it.” Su Yang gave Gu Feidi a cold glance, “That’s why I must go back with you, so as to avoid you acting on your own initiative.”

As he observed the two youngsters in front of him, Luo Yu couldn’t help sighing again.

“Even so, I still can’t—”

Before he could finish speaking, he was suddenly interrupted by Qin Jianyue, who walked into the courtyard from outside.

“Ah Yu.” Qin Jianyue’s face was solemn and he reached Luo Yu’s side in a flash. He condensed his voice and transmitted it over, “I received a message from Wang Ke when I went down the mountain to buy ingredients today.”

Luo Yu asked in shock: “Wang Ke? Why did he send us a message all of a sudden?”

Wang Ke had entered Lesser Jade House together with them at the same time. He returned two years after completing his discipleship and stayed in Lesser Jade House to guide his shidis and shimeis.

Although they’d left each other’s contact information back then, Wang Ke hadn’t contacted them for so many years. This was the first time that word had been sent and they didn’t know what it was about.

Qin Jianyue threw a glance at Gu Feidi and Su Yang, and was about to continue secretly transmitting his voice over, but was grabbed by Luo Yu.

Luo Yu cast a knowing look at Qin Jianyue, then turned to Su Yang and Gu Feidi: “I’ve something that needs my attention. Both of you should rest first.”

After speaking, he dragged Qin Jianyue away from Su Yang and Gu Feidi who’d yet to get an answer—leaving them in place to stare at each other.


Back to the main courtyard, Qin Jianyue waved away his disciples and made sure that there was no one around who could eavesdrop before he began to speak.

He said: “Wang Ke sent a message saying that Eluo Ghost Tent’s royal court’s former king, Eluoxu’s third son, Eluoying, had actually escaped from Eluoyue’s clutches and entered Lesser Jade House under the pseudonym ‘Luo Yin’ and he’s about to complete his discipleship soon.”

Luo Yu was shocked and he couldn’t believe it: “It’s the eldest brother’s son…… wasn’t it a rumour back then that Eluoyue had them all put to the sword?”

Qin Jianyue said: “Wang Ke didn’t elaborate, but…… Lesser Jade House would’ve investigated. With Shizun’s capabilities, no one can deceive her. Therefore, this matter should be true. Eluoying was on the verge of being crowned and he was able to sneak out of Ghost Tent.”

Luo Yu frowned, the shock in his eyes gradually faded, but was substituted with an extremely obvious worry.

“He has been subjected to such a misfortune and now he’s going to complete his discipleship from Lesser Jade House, I fear…… that he’s going to take revenge.” He said, “But right now the entire royal court is in the hands of Eluoyue. Back then, Eluoyue was able to succeed in starting instigating an armed rebellion. The White Witch Pagoda and the Black Feather Army must be his supporters…… not to mention the personal guards of the royal court…… even if Eluoying wants to assassinate him, the odds of success are not in his favour.”

Qin Jianyue said: “I believe Wang Ke means for you to lend a hand.”

Luo Yu smiled bitterly: “I’m now all alone in the world, how can I help him?”

Qin Jianyue was silent for a moment and said, “Wang Ke knows about our relationship, perhaps he wants to……”

Hearing this, Luo Yu immediately shook his head: “Impossible, I won’t let you seek out your brother. It’s been so many years since you’ve run away from home. What makes you think you can still get out of your ‘home’ once you step back in?”

Qin Jianyue laughed in spite of himself: “It’s been twenty years. Even if huang xiong* is still angry, he probably won’t pursue it any more.”

(*TN : huang = royal/ imperial, xiong = elder brother; this is the way of address between royal siblings. Seems possible that Qin Jianyue’s elder brother is the current emperor)

Luo Yu was still sporting a reluctant expression.

Qin Jianyue said: “The matter of Tengyun Pavilion assembling everyone from the Martial Arts circles and planning to surround and suppress the Devil Sect is also related to Eluo Ghost Tent. I think we may be able to join forces with the imperial court. After all, the imperial court has always wished to resolve the foreign invasion of Eluo Ghost Tent. You didn’t want to return to the Royal Tent at that time. Why don’t you hand this responsibility over to Eluoying?”

Luo Yu cast a sidelong glance at Qin Jianyue for a moment, then scoffed, “Do you think you’re still the emperor now?”

Qin Jianyue couldn’t help smiling and shook his head: “In any case, I’ll first write to huang xiong to ask for his opinion. But…… don’t you plan o seeing your nephew?”

Luo Yu only felt that a headache was materialising.

It seemed that since Su Yang and Gu Feidi had arrived at Yuqiong Peak, his initially relaxed days had become disorderly.

At first, he’d first learned that Su Yang had been infected by Eluo Ghost Tent’s blood Gu. Then later, he discovered that he’d actually been cursed with the Ghost Blood Life Curse by his biological mother. Subsequently, he heard that Gu Ruohai and Su Huaizhu—who’d been quiet for twenty years—were planning to face each other with swords…… Now, the internal struggle of the Eluo Ghost Tent royal court had been abruptly shoved in his face. He couldn’t just turn a blind eye.

He didn’t know if this year’s circumstances were because he’d inadvertently offended any immortal deities.

Luo Yu reached out to hug Qin Jianyue and leaned his head on his shoulder. He whispered: “In the past, I ran away and now everything is coming back as retribution.”

Qin Jianyue smiled and patted him on his back to console him.

“Alright. It’s perfect.” Luo Yu straightened up, glanced out at the distant mountains and said, “Those two punks are planning to go back to Lesser Jade House to seek methodologies. Since they’re heading to Meizhu Mountain, we shall escort them there.”

As he spoke, he chuckled, “This child, Su Yang, really knows how to talk. It’s hard to refuse him when he plies on the charm.”

Qin Jianyue said: “Since those methodologies are in Lesser Jade House, what are you still worried about? Gu Feidi used to seclude in Veiled Pearl Pavilion and was a direct disciple of Shizun. In any case, Shizun wouldn’t permit him to dabble with his life.”

Luo Yu nodded and was silent for a moment: “Such being the case, I shall draft another prescription to help Su Yang to withstand the severe cold of the Snow Mountain and the mountain roads. I’ve to trouble you to buy medicinal herbs.”

Qin Jianyue: “No matter.”


Two days later, Luo Yu went to the warm room within the hot spring courtyard to diagnose Su Yang’s pulse as usual.

Su Yang drank the medicine and had his pulse checked. He was about to continue pestering Luo Yu to allow him and Gu Feidi to go down the mountain, but Luo Yu’s sudden words effectively stuffed his voice back into his throat.

“Both of you remember to dual cultivate tonight.”

Luo Yu’s words shocked everyone.

Su Yang: !!!

Gu Feidi: ???

Su Yang was taken aback for a moment and he couldn’t believe it. He instantly clean misplaced of all his linguistic abilities and said: “…Aaa?”

Luo Yu’s expression was calm and profound. He turned to Gu Feidi and said steadily: “When you dual cultivate tonight, remember to spend as much internal strength on Su Yang as possible…… but not too much, as long as it ensures that he can withstand the severe cold tomorrow. “

As he spoke, he took out a porcelain bottle, placed it on the table and said to Su Yang: “This is the Heart Warming Pill I made yesterday. When you wake up tomorrow morning, hold one in your mouth. Once the pill has dissolved, straightaway take the next one. At the beginning of Si period*, Ah Yue and I shall come to bring you down the mountain.”

(*TN : 9am – 11am)

Before Su Yang could react, Gu Feidi instantly smiled and said in surprise: “Elder means that he and I are allowed to go back to Lesser Jade House?”

Luo Yu said: “As it happens, Ah Yue and I also need to go to Meizhu Mountain, so we can travel together. But I need you to promise three things.”

Gu Feidi said respectfully:” Elder, please say.”

“The journey is long, we’ll be hurrying on horseback for the entire trip. We may need to spend the night in a mountain cottage or perhaps in the wilderness, so Su Yang’s body might suffer some ailments.” Luo Yu said, “I’ll do my best to ease him and ensure that I can protect his life. Gu Feidi, you can’t use his health as an excuse to impede the journey.”

Gu Feidi took a deep breath, “I trust Elder.”

“Good.” Luo Yu continued, “Secondly. Don’t be concerned with whatever news you hear en route. Our destination is Lesser Jade House on Meizhu Mountain and we’ll not divert halfway.”

Gu Feidi: “Yes, I understand.”

“Thirdly,” Luo Yu stared at Gu Feidi. “When you arrive at Lesser Jade House, if Shizun doesn’t allow it, don’t make use of the extreme Yang methodology. You must never practice it.”

This time, Gu Feidi was silent.

Su Yang stepped forward and held Gu Feidi’s hand, smiling: “Jiujiu, if Shizun doesn’t allow it, I’ll die by myself and won’t let him practice it. Don’t worry.”

Luo Yu raised his hand and wanted to give Su Yang a knock with his knuckles but was blocked by Gu Feidi.

“I’ll listen to Elder.” His eyes looked down and he replied.

Luo Yu nodded in satisfaction, retrieved the medicine pot and turned to leave.

Before he stepped out of the room, he turned his head to look at both of them and their ten intertwined fingers. He smiled and said, “Tonight, don’t forget to dual cultivate.”

Gu Feidi: …

Su Yang: …



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