Chapter 68 : You Don’t Have To Follow

Title: Did We Agree To Be Arch-Rivals?

Original Title: 说好成为彼此的宿敌呢[穿书]

Author: 轻风白杨 (Qingfeng Baiyang)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

Once Gu Feidi returned to Tengyun Pavilion, Su Yang got on the carriage provided by the jewellery store and headed to the inn on Seventh Street.

The inn had likely received the news from the undercover guard in advance and had already readied the most luxurious upper-room suite. A tub of hot water had also been prepared and placed in the room, so Su Yang could conveniently take a bath.

Su Yang heaved a sigh of relief at finally being able to remove his disguise. After taking a bath and changing back to men’s clothing, there was an abrupt knock at the door.

Two young men attired in Tengyun Pavilion Feiniao uniforms stood outside the door and greeted Su Yang: “Subordinates Queshou and Quezhi have been ordered by Young Pavilion Master to safeguard Young Hero.”

Based on their appearance, Su Yang still had some impression of them. They were the bodyguards who’d been accompanying Gu Feidi when they were in the Wasteland previously, so their ties to him ought to be closer.

Quezhi bowed and handed Su Yang the brocade box he was holding: “These are clothes prepared by Young Pavilion Master for Young Hero. He said that when you’re travelling within the city, it’s inappropriate to wear stiff cotton clothes, so he’s prepared some everyday clothing for you.”

Queshou added: “Young Pavilion Master instructed that if Young Hero wants to stroll around in Lanyang City, you may wear a drapery hat to go out. With the two of us accompanying you, no one will approach to check your identity.”

Su Yang received the clothing, thanked them, and let them into the room.

Queshou and Quezi stopped: “These subordinates will stand guard outside the door.”

Su Yang asked Mei Shisan to also have a chat with the two in the corridor.

That afternoon, Su Yang was bored after having meditated and practiced swordsmanship for a while, so finally decided to go out and take a stroll around.

Aside from staying at Lesser Jade House and the Devil Sect, as well as traversing the Wasteland, this was the first time he’d come to such a large ancient city surging with people. If he didn’t go out and walk around, he felt this trip to Tengyun Pavilion would’ve been in vain——in a short while, his journey to the Snow Mountain would be traversing through desolate countryside, and his subsequent plan was to return to Lesser Jade House.

Donning the Tengyun Pavilion everyday clothing sent by Gu Feidi and putting on a drapery hat, Su Yang ordered Mei Shisan to remain at the inn while he went downstairs accompanied by Queshou and Quezhi.

There was a Fourteenth Street waterway in Lanyang City which was a three-foot-wide river running through the city.

Tengyun Pavilion’s main building was situated on the north bank of the river’s upper reaches, but there were scattered courtyards built across the river. From a distance, one could see that there were many staggered and intriguing pavilions. It was a most spectacular sight.

The official government office was built next to the water. The office was used as the boundary, and there were two square townships evenly distributed in the upper and lower reaches. There were seven streets in each township, and they were labelled one-to-fourteen from west to east.

The inn where Su Yang was staying was on Seventh Street, so he headed upriver first and walked to the first street near Tengyun Pavilion’s gate, before turning back and strolling downriver.

No one dared to come within ten feet of Su Yang since he was dressed in Tengyun Pavilion attire and accompanied by Queshou and Quezhi. Even the stall owners everywhere were very polite to Su Yang and did not wait for him to bargain. Instead, they took the initiative to offer reasonable discounts.

Su Yang didn’t buy any small items. He only ate some local specialties along the street and meandered all the way to Eleventh Street.

At this time, the sun was slanting from the west. There was a string of lit, coloured paper lanterns on Eleventh Street, reflecting a riot of colour on one section of the area. There was also a group playing music, which was soon joined by a woman’s sweet singing.

Seeing a growing number of people watching, Su Yang curiously went forward.

Queshou and Quezhi exchanged glances and winked at each other. Queshou reluctantly approached Su Yang and spoke near his ear: “Young Hero, Young Pavilion Master instructed this subordinate not to bring you to this street; this is a…..”

Aaa, it’s a brothel.” Su Yang said cheerfully, “Why did he purposely remind you not to bring me here?”

Queshou and Quezhi stood awkwardly on the spot.

Su Yang said, “Relax, I won’t go in.”

Having said that, he merely stopped for a moment outside the building, listened to a popular tune, and made his way to the other side of Eleventh Street.

Not far from the earlier brothel, there was another building adorned with colourful lights, but the place was much smaller and the front of the shop was lacking crowds. The door was ajar, and if it wasn’t for the faint sound of music and laughter emanating from the building, Su Yang would have assumed that the shop was closed.

Su Yang stopped and looked up at the building’s plaque on the door.

Qingruoxuan?” He curiously asked, “What are they selling here?”

Queshou and Quezhi looked at each other helplessly but dared not answer.

Su Yang was about to walk up and knock.

The two guards immediately called out, “Young Hero!”

At this time, a nosy vendor appeared and asked with a smile, “This young man, do you need balsam flower oil? The ones here are cheaper than the ones in the building, and there are more scents. Would you like a few types?” With that said, he took out a small, round, iron box from the case and handed it to Su Yang.

Queshou and Quezhi: “How dare you! Vendor, where are you from? You’d better get out of here soon!”

The vendor shivered, nodded, and bowed to leave.

Su Yang: “Wait a minute! Let me have a look at that.”

Queshou and Quezhi: ……

Su Yang stepped forward to pick up the round iron box from the vendor’s hand, unscrewed it, and immediately smelled a fragrance. He examined it for a long while under the lamplight, dipped a finger into it, and spread it between his fingers.

“What’s this used for?” He closed the lid. Although he could vaguely guess in his heart, Su Yang still felt that it was best that he get a clear answer.

The vendor had been startled by the Queshou and Quezhi just now, so when he was questioned by Su Yang this time, he didn’t dare to speak out of place and tried to cover up: “This-this is balsam flower oil…… When tangling with a man—continuously tangling—use a little—you can—ak—increase the pleasure… hehe—increase the pleasure…”

Su Yang was expressionless: “…oh.”

He then tossed the iron box in his hand back into the vendor’s case, turned around, and walked away stiffly.

They were walking along Eleventh Street towards the river bank when he suddenly reacted, turning his head and casting a sidelong glance at Queshou and Quezhi, smiling: “Incidentally, I’ve discovered that your Young Pavilion Master is rather smart, huh? I thought he was a gentleman, but in fact he’s quite worldly… and he’s even been to this street?”

This time, Queshou reacted swiftly: “Young Pavilion Master just routinely patrols the shops and has never entered that shop. Please put your mind at ease, Young Hero.”

Su Yang pouted: “I’ve nothing to be relieved about. He and I are rivals. What’s there to be worried about? Hehe.”

Queshou and Quezhi exchanged glances: Seems like Young Pavilion Master has gotten into trouble……

Su Yang continued downriver with a full face of agitation.

Internally he said: That vexing, lustful man! That black-bellied monster! Apparently he’s always had such thoughts about him? Knowing full well what the contents of that box was for, but telling him that it was an ointment to prevent mosquito bites?

Ng, that’s not right, it seems that he was the one who initially assumed it was mosquito repellent…

……But you couldn’t deny that Gu Feidi was a hypocrite with impure thoughts!

No, wait a minute.

What the hell was that idiot, Lian Jiu thinking?!

What he wanted at that time was medicine for internal and external injuries. How did that contraband get mixed in?

Did he miss something?

Su Yang hadn’t yet thought about the reason, when he was suddenly cut short by a series of shouts.

“Er Ge! You can’t be like this, pull yourself together!”

“Don’t drink anymore! You’re already so drunk, if——aai! Watch out!”

“I said, Er Ge aaa, if you want to chase a girl, it won’t work with the state you’re in!”

A strong reek of liquor assailed his nostrils just then and a green figure stumbled towards Su Yang. He was held back about a foot away by Queshou.

Su Yang looked at the approaching person and said in surprise, “…Fan Xi?”

Fan Xi was so drunk that he merely glanced up at Su Yang and said nothing.

The round-faced young man following behind him was astonished: “Aai? You know my ge?”

Su Yang immediately recognised the young man who’d helped beat up the lecherous Big Beardy that night and couldn’t help but smile: “So you’re Fan Xi’s didi*?”

(*TN: didi = younger brother)

Fan Qi was bewildered: “Ng? You know me?”

“It can be considered as such,” Su Yang said, “What’s wrong with your ge?”

Fan Qi released an exaggerated sigh: “He’s been trapped by love! I haven’t asked the specifics yet. I’ve only heard that after Pu Lingyun returned to Tengyun Pavilion, Leader Gu ordered that she be shut away to ponder her mistakes, and Leader Gu refused to see my ge… Everyone said that Tengyun Pavilion wouldn’t marry off their youngest disciple to Qinglian Sect, so he… he became like this…”

Seeing that Fan Xi was drunk and couldn’t even stand up steadily, Su Yang said, “Where are you staying? I’ll send him back.”

Fan Qi said, “I only just arrived today and haven’t yet found a place to stay. Ge… is so drunk, I didn’t get to ask where he’s staying. Oh, that’s right, would you know where we can find an inn in Lanyang?”

Su Yang pondered for a moment and said, “You can come with me first. The suite I’m staying in is also spacious. It just so happens that I know him well. I’ll be able to talk with him when he wakes up tomorrow.”

Fan Qi was very surprised when he heard this and smiled: “Aai! That’s great! Thank you!”

Su Yang: ……

What Gu Feidi said was right. This person was really easy to deceive, and he had no qualms against a random stranger who happened upon him in the street.

It was inconvenient for Su Yang to continue shopping while dragging around a drunkard, so he headed straight back to Seventh Street.

By the time he reached the inn, the sky was completely dark. Mei Shisan had lit the lamps early, and seeing that Su Yang had brought someone back, he immediately assisted to wipe that person’s face, clean up, and prepare the sobering soup.

Fan Qi looked around in his room at the inn, turned, and smiled, “Bro is really rich… huh?”

Su Yang took off the drapery hat and set it on the table with a smile. “What?”

Fan Qi came forward and examined Su Yang carefully. He frowned and asked, “Do you have an older or younger sister? Or perhaps your little sister… is already married? I’ve seen her! You both really look alike! Aai! You’re from Tengyun Pavilion, right? No wonder you have such a glamorous look!”

Su Yang couldn’t help laughing and was about to respond, but was interrupted by a muffled snort at the side coming from Fan Xi.

Fan Qi and Fan Xi had a good relationship. Fan Qi immediately went to check on him and supported him while he vomited for a while. He smiled apologetically to Su Yang and promptly took the basin to clean it. After returning, the sobering soup had been delivered, and he fed Fan Xi spoonful after spoonful of the drink.

“If you are tired, go and rest. I can take care of my brother.” Fan Qi said, “You’ve already let us stay here with you. We’ve already troubled you so much.”

Su Yang was already quite weary and nodded when he heard these words. He then turned and walked into the inner room.


Gu Feidi returned to Tengyun Pavilion and immediately went to Gu Ruohai to pay his respects.

Seeing that his son had come back all in one piece, Gu Ruohai’s face revealed nothing, but there was no less concern in his eyes.

“Previously, Lingyun came back and said you insisted on going to the Devil Sect. The kid Yunzhan also suspected that you might’ve some hidden injuries…” He looked Gu Feidi up and down and asked, “Has it been resolved?”

“Actually.…” Gu Feidi was silent for a moment and looked down. “I wasn’t injured, but… when I was in the Wasteland, I accidentally got infected with Eluo Ghost Tent’s blood Gu.”

Gu Ruohai trembled suddenly, and subconsciously stepped forward to grab Gu Feidi’s wrist, and said in surprise, “Blood Gu?!”

“Father, relax.” Gu Feidi reassured him. “It’s been over a month now. I’m fine. Father doesn’t have to worry about it.”

Gu Ruohai was obviously relieved.

“If it wasn’t for Su Yang…” Gu Feidi observed Gu Ruohai’s expression and deliberated, “If he hadn’t taken me to the Devil Sect and drawn out the Gu poison…… I’m afraid I wouldn’t have survived.”

Gu Ruohai didn’t say anything for a long time.

After an extended silence, he sighed and asked, “So the reason you followed him to the Devil Sect was to relieve the Gu poison?”

Gu Feidi nodded immediately: “Yes.”

Then he added: “At the beginning, Yunzhan and Lingyun wanted to help me get out of trouble… I wasn’t confident in the detoxification at the time and didn’t want everyone to worry in vain, so I didn’t reveal the truth to them. After all, anything related to the blood Gu would easily give rise to panic and unreasonable speculation. The less people who knew, the better.”

He saw his father nod and remain silent. He seemed unwilling to ask more about this matter, so Gu Feidi gritted his teeth and said, “Su Yang helped me draw out the Gu poison. Currently, the Gu poison in his body is being suppressed by his method skill, but it still needs to be thoroughly eliminated to ensure he’s safe.”

Gu Ruohai frowned slightly when he heard this, he stared at Gu Feidi’s eyes in silence.

“Father.” Gu Feidi didn’t evade. “He saved my life. I believe it’s my responsibility to accompany him to the southwest Snow Mountain and locate the divine doctor to eliminate the Gu.”

Hearing the four words “the southwest Snow Mountain”, Gu Ruohai’s expression suddenly changed, but almost immediately, he recovered his calm demeanour.

He contemplated for a moment and said, “I shall assign Feng Lin to escort him to the southwest Snow Mountain.”

Feng Lin was Gu Ruohai’s Chief of Guard; he was highly skilled in martial arts, and with him around, it was guaranteed that there would be no more unforeseen events during the journey.

Gu Feidi’s eyes lit up, and he was about to give his thanks, but he heard Gu Ruohai add another sentence:

“…As for you, you don’t have to follow.”



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