Chapter 42 : Breaking Through The Formation

Title: Infinite Power Over The World

Original title: 权倾天下[重生]

Author: 叶默凉(Ye Moliang)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

Ever since Murong Heng ordered the publication of the imperial notice to seek a doctor throughout the country, scores of doctors have come to line up outside the imperial palace one after another. Once Murong Heng heard the news, he dispatched Ming De to screen the candidates outside the palace. Those who tried to pass themselves off as professionals were rejected. Those who managed to bluff their way through or fabricate their credentials were punished. The legitimate ones who remained were invited to enter the palace.

A group of doctors entered the palace and were set up in Zhaoxia Palace. On this day, Murong Heng assisted the just-awoken Shen Ci and draped a coat on him.

“Many doctors have enlisted through the imperial notice. Shall we have a look?” Right now, Murong Heng is feeling a little excited. If there were one or two doctors among the group who could cure Shen Ci’s eye sickness, he would reward them with countless riches. They would have wealth and glory for the rest of their lives.

Shen Ci, who was getting dressed, was stunned upon hearing the words. There was a trace of surprise on his face, with both anticipation and worry. The doctors who could enter the imperial doctor’s compound weren’t your average individuals. The joint consultation by the imperial doctors wasn’t able to cure his eyes. Could these doctors from outside the palace truly do so? Or, as the saying goes, the genius lies among the people?

With hopeful expectations, Shen Ci walked out with Murong Heng. When he arrived outside the Zhaoxia Hall, he would already hear voices before approaching. Shen Ci couldn’t help but get nervous and clench his fists.

“Don’t be nervous; I’m with you.” Sensing the subtle changes in the person next to him, Murong Heng shook out his hand from his sleeve to grasp Shen Ci’s fist. He covered his entire palm on his own. When he felt fine sweat in his palm, he stretched out his fingers to wipe it off, giving him silent comfort.

Once they were inside the hall, Murong Heng supported Shen Ci to sit on a soft couch and lean on his arms. He immediately looked up and said in a low voice, “All of you line up. Let This Emperor have a look.”

The group of doctors heard what he said and stood in a row according to his instructions. They lowered their heads, not daring to make any presumptuous movements. Murong Heng swept his gaze around from left to right. Some of these doctors looked very young; some of them were already greying at the temples. He didn’t know if there was anyone who could cure Shen Ci.

But there’s always no harm in trying. With this in mind, Murong Heng said loudly, “If any of you can cure him, This Emperor guarantees your prosperity and wealth for the rest of your life. Upon my word as a gentleman.”

After he’d spoken, Ming De divided the doctors into several groups, and they each approached to check Shen Ci’s pulse. Murong Heng watched these strange men’s hands on his Ah Ci’s wrist. While he knew it was for health consultation, there was a small part inside him that disliked it.

It didn’t take long for one group of doctors to complete their examination. In order not to upset Shen Ci, Murong Heng deliberately forbade them from announcing the results of the diagnosis on the spot. However, based on the expressions of this group of doctors, Murong Heng had already guessed the outcome.

Shen Ci, who was leaning in his arms, was also terribly anxious. He feared that he would come here with high hopes, but in the end, he could only accept the disappointing result.

In less than an hour, they had gone through both groups of doctors. Murong Heng could more or less surmise the general diagnosis from their expressions. The last group of doctors followed Ming De. If none of them were able to provide a cure, that meant that today’s session was a failure.

Murong Heng silently supported Shen Ci by holding his left hand. After more than an hour, the last group of doctors finished their turns. Murong Heng got up and wanted to leave so that the doctors could tell him outside. He didn’t expect that Shen Ci, next to him, had grabbed the corner of his clothes, refusing to let him go. He was powerless and had no choice but to stay.

“Begging for Your Majesty’s forgiveness. This Elder is truly incapable with regards to this gentleman’s eye illness.” The lead doctor knelt on the ground and explained the basic results of the diagnosis, implying that it couldn’t be cured.

Shen Ci felt half-hearted listening to him speak.

The other doctors subsequently gave their’ statements. Sure enough, it was all fairly similar to what the elderly doctor had said earlier. Shen Ci blinked. His palms were already covered with fine sweat, but his heart was as cold as ice.

When Murong Heng noticed Shen Ci’s expression, he became extremely distressed. He was just about to tell Ming De to send the group of doctors out of the palace when suddenly one of them knelt down and said seriously, “Your Majesty, although this servant cannot cure this gentleman’s eyes, there is talk of a place ten miles outside the capital city, somewhere atop a mountain, where resides a reclusive, renowned doctor. That person is known as the Medicine King, who can perform miraculous cures. His skills in healing are unsurpassed. Many years ago, he went into seclusion on the mountain. It is possible he might have some way to cure this gentleman’s eyes. If even he is incapable, then there is no one in this world who can cure this gentleman.”

After listening patiently to him, Murong Heng’s eyes lit up. He glanced down at Shen Ci in his arms and saw that he also had an expectant expression on his face. So he said in a deep voice, “Very well, if that so-called Medicine King can heal his eyes, This Emperor also reward you with glory and wealth.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” The man got up from the ground and followed the palace guards out of the palace.

Once everyone had retreated, Murong Heng stood up excitedly and instructed Ming De to make the arrangements. He would personally bring Ah Ci to find this Medicine King and let him heal Ah Ci’s eyes.

Ming De obeyed and went to sort out the preparations. Murong Heng lifted Shen Ci up happily and kissed the corner of his lips again and again. He smiled and said, “Ah Ci, let’s set off tomorrow, shall we?”

“Why are you happy? It doesn’t mean it can be cured yet.” Shen Ci said, but the corners of his lips were slightly curved, revealing his good mood.

“It can definitely be cured!” After Murong Heng finished speaking, he hurried to the imperial study to deal with some matters. He wouldn’t be able to return within a day after leaving. He wanted to hand over the affairs of the palace to the trusted veterans and let them manage them on his behalf.

It was late at night when Murong Heng excitedly returned from the imperial study to the imperial bedroom. Shen Ci was on the bed and already fast asleep. He put away his smile, made his way quietly to the bedside, took off his outer clothes, and slipped into the quilt. The maid on duty outside soon came in to extinguish the candles, then silently exited.

The next morning, Murong Heng got up early. After preparing everything, he took Shen Ci to the carriage and headed out of the palace. The carriage was padded with thick cushions, and the fluffy plush felt very warm to the touch. Murong Heng held Shen Ci in his arms and let him continue to sleep in his embrace.

The carriage moved forward steadily and arrived outside the city an hour later. Murong Heng took a sip of tea from the teacup nearby, then looked down at the peacefully sleeping visage of the person in his arms. A smile emerged on his face.

Shortly after that, Shen Ci slowly woke up and turned to stretch. He rubbed his sleepy eyes and then lazily leaned on Murong Heng’s shoulder. Once he was fully awake, his heart began to pound.

“Don’t be anxious; I’m here with you.” Murong Heng understood his state of mind and silently tightened his hold on his palm. Regardless of whether or not the Medicine King could cure Ah Ci’s eyes, he would always be by his side. If they could be cured, then everyone would be happy. If they couldn’t be cured, he already said that he would be Ah Ci’s eyes for the rest of his life.

Unknowingly, another hour passed, and the carriage gradually reached the foot of a mountain. Murong Heng saw the scenery outside through the window and knew that they’d arrived, so he helped Shen Ci get off the carriage and waited at the foot of the mountain. He raised his head to look around. All he could see were clouds and mist lingering on the mountainside, resembling a fairyland. No wonder the Medicine King would choose such a place to live in seclusion; it is indeed a rare and good place.

The carriage couldn’t travel up the mountain, so they could only rely on walking. As such, Murong Heng supported Shen Ci and trekked up the mountain step by step. Not far away were five or six shadow guards skilled in martial arts who were secretly protecting them. At first, the mountain road was flat and easy to walk. Even if Shen Ci couldn’t see, having Murong Heng by his side didn’t have much effect. But as the two of them advanced, the mountain road gradually narrowed, and in some places, only one person could pass through.

Sensing that Shen Ci beside him was a little out of breath, Murong Heng asked softly, “Tired?”

Shen Ci nodded lightly. He didn’t know martial arts, and his body wasn’t as sturdy as Murong Heng’s. After walking so much, he was indeed somewhat tired. He stood still and panted for breath. Shen Ci was about to continue walking when suddenly his body was lifted, and he found himself lying on Murong Heng’s warm, broad back.

Murong Heng hiked up the mountain with Shen Ci on his back. He knew that his Ah Ci was not a person who would show weakness easily. Even if he was tired, he wouldn’t say it out loud, only hiding it in his heart. Therefore, to save some time, he straightaway carried him on his back.

As the mountain terrain climbed, Murong Heng and Shen Ci entered a bamboo grove all of a sudden. He looked around suspiciously, unsure why this grove had appeared out of nowhere. Just as he was taking a step forward, he instantly felt that he had trod on something. All he heard were two whirring sounds, and several arrows shot out from some unknown place. Murong Heng’s pupils shrank, and he whirled around swiftly with Shen Ci on his back to dodge those arrows.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Murong Heng glanced around the bamboo grove again. Only then did he realise that the concealed weapons had been set up here for the purpose of deterring ill-intentioned people from rashly intruding. He roughly checked the surrounding terrain, but he could not determine where the concealed weapons had been installed.

“Murong, put me down.” Shen Ci said softly. He got off Murong Heng’s back, then listened carefully to the sounds around him. He picked up a few stones nearby and tossed them in the front, upper left, and lower right directions. Sure enough, several more arrows flew out from the front and the lower right spots. Shen Ci slightly curled his lips and said, “It’s the Eight Trigrams*.”

(*TN: Eight combinations of three lines—solid, broken and combined—joined in pairs to form 64 hexagrams, formally used in divination.)

“Let’s go.” Shen Ci leaned on Murong Heng’s back again and spoke calmly: “Let’s start with Qian; um, just go south; Qian is south; Kan is north; Dui is west; Kun is southwest; Xun is southeast; fifteen steps south. Go!” As soon as he spoke, Murong Heng walked five steps south, according to what he said.

“Twenty steps north… forty steps west…” As he lay on Murong Heng’s back, Shen Ci squinted his eyes and listened carefully to the movement around him. He didn’t allow himself to be distracted, which would affect his judgment. “Fifteen steps southwest… um…” Right now, both of them are approaching the edge of the bamboo grove but have not left it. Shen Ci closed his eyes and calculated the Eight Trigrams carefully in his heart. Then he opened his eyes and said in a low voice, “Thirty steps to the southeast; get out!”

Upon hearing this, Murong Heng took a deep breath, stepped forward, and stood firmly outside the bamboo grove. He heaved a sigh of relief, turned his head, kissed Shen Ci, who was on the back, and laughed happily.

His Ah Ci is brilliant!

The two continued to walk forward. After a while, they saw a house with black and white tiled walls. Murong Heng lowered Shen Ci from his back. He was about to go forward when he saw the door of the house slowly open. An old man with a head full of grey hair appeared at the door. His sharp eyes stared at the two of them for a long time, and he said in a lukewarm tone, “You actually broke through this old man’s formation. That’s certainly some skill.”

Murong Heng was overjoyed when he heard the words. It seems that he is the Medicine King that they seek. Considering the way this Medicine King speaks, perhaps there is a way!


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