Chapter 24 : Heading To The Border

Title: Infinite Power Over The World

Original title: 权倾天下[重生]

Author: 叶默凉(Ye Moliang)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

It wasn’t long before news of the crown prince’s death spread throughout the city. At this moment, Fifth Prince Murong Chong was in the palace. Upon hearing the news of Murong Cheng’s death, his eyes flashed with surprise before it quickly disappeared, and the corners of his mouth unconsciously curled into a smile.

He’s actually dead. That’s fine as well. Saves him the effort. However, he completely didn’t believe the so-called “death at the hands of the enemy”. But who was it that had secretly caused Murong Cheng’s death? This question made Murong Chong frown slightly as he began pondering.

Aside from himself, only Murong Heng bore animosity towards Murong Cheng. Could it be that… the one who killed Murong Cheng was him?

Meanwhile, Murong Heng was speaking with Shen Ci in his mansion. He heard the guards report that Crown Prince Murong Cheng had died. People said he died in the war. Yet only he knew the real cause of death.

Murong Heng couldn’t help revealing a triumphant smile. After contemplating for a while, he got up and decided to enter the palace. Right now, Emperor Chongde must be reeling from the extreme shock. As Murong Cheng’s “good brother”, shouldn’t he enter the palace to see it himself?

After ordering someone to prepare the carriage, Murong Heng hurried out. When he arrived at the imperial palace, it was truly in a miserable state. He quickly walked into the hall, only to see Emperor Chongde with a sombre expression. It seemed that he hadn’t noticed his arrival, and Empress Xu was nowhere to be seen. She had probably fainted from grief after learning of the crown prince’s death.

Suppressing the joy in his heart, Murong Heng stood quietly outside the hall without making a sound. It wasn’t until a soldier rushed into the hall and alarmed Emperor Chongde that he gradually came back to his senses.

“Replying Your Majesty. The foreigners have broken through Luoxia Pass. Requesting for Your Majesty to immediately dispatch troops to assist! Otherwise, it will be difficult to safeguard our country!” This soldier was one of those who’d previously followed Crown Prince Murong Cheng to the border. They were already being used by the crown prince and were aware that the so-called foreign invasion was merely a facade fabricated by the crown prince by joining hands with the foreigners in order to seize the throne.

Unexpectedly, when both sides were in the midst of discussions, the bombs buried underground suddenly exploded, bringing about heavy casualties all around. The crown prince also died in that incident. They assumed that the foreigners had deliberately gone back on their word and concealed bombs beneath the surface, so they faced them with swords drawn. The opposing party also thought that the crown prince’s side had breached their agreement, so war had broken out instantly.

“What?” Emperor Chongde instantly became alert when he heard the words. His eyes widened, and his hands on the throne gradually tensed. He thought about the generals of his empire. Those powerful ones had already been deployed to the border. There were no more generals available to lead the troops. Just then, his eyes swept across those below the platform, and he noticed Murong Chong and Murong Heng standing not far away. His thoughts flipped, and he said loudly, “Send the third prince and the fifth prince to lead fifty thousand troops to the border. Combine forces with the other generals in order to counter the enemy!”

As matters stood, he couldn’t deliberate anymore. If he continued to vacillate, it would only make the situation worse. Although the third prince and the fifth prince had very different personalities, fortunately they were proficient at martial arts when they were younger. They were not required to provide counsel for this assignment. All they needed to do was join forces with other generals to win the war.

Murong Heng received the imperial decree and exited the palace. He had long predicted that Emperor Chongde would do this because, under the current circumstances, he had no other choice but to let him and Murong Chong lead the troops.

When he arrived at his mansion, Murong Heng informed Shen Ci of Emperor Chongde’s decree. Due to the urgency of the situation, he had to depart immediately and without delay after packing his clothes.

Shen Ci stood to one side. When he learned that Murong Heng was required at the border, his heart was filled with worry. When the fifth prince’s treacherous disposition came to mind, he was extremely anxious that he would do something bad to Murong Heng during this mission. Upon thinking of this, he said seriously: “Da Ge, this time you’re going together with the fifth prince; you must be on alert that he would harm you in the battle with one of his schemes. Be especially cautious about everything.”

Murong Heng’s heart warmed when he heard this elucidation. He understood what Shen Ci was concerned about. Now that the crown prince was dead and the fourth prince wasn’t participating, the attention would naturally fall on him and Murong Chong. Emperor Chongde had sent them both to head to the border, so Murong Chong would definitely take this opportunity to act and avoid future troubles.

It’s not that he never expected such a thing to happen. Murong Heng was already mentally prepared. But when these words were uttered from Shen Ci’s mouth, they were extremely heartfelt. He couldn’t stop himself from taking a step forward and tugging that tall person into his embrace.

He sensed the body of the person in his arms stiffen slightly before immediately relaxing. Shen Ci’s hands rested lightly on Murong Heng’s waist. Murong Heng felt his emotions surge and wished with all his heart that he could express his feelings right away. However, now that the battle was looming. He needed to accomplish the main matter first in order to establish a stable environment for their lives to come.

With this thought in mind, Murong Heng’s arms tightened. He lowered his head and breathed in Shen Ci’s hair at his crown. Warm blood surged within his body, but he could only bear with it. He’d made an oath that, as long as he returned safely this time, he would definitely reveal all his feelings to the person in his arms.

He couldn’t wait any longer!

Shen Ci, who was snug in his embrace, listened to the heavy and steady heartbeat coursing through his ears. He was already perturbed and tense, and the rhythm of his breathing had increased a lot. If possible, he hoped that Murong Heng didn’t have to go. He didn’t know what would happen during this mission. He wasn’t able to see, and he couldn’t accompany him. All of a sudden, he was very annoyed. Why was he blind?

If his eyes could see, would he be able to stand side by side with him instead of just waiting anxiously in the mansion for the news of his return?

Shen Ci lowered his head when he thought of this, and a bitter smile appeared on the corners of his mouth. Murong Heng would have to leave soon. He made his way outside the door. Upon hearing the noise of his departure, he felt very depressed for some reason.

After Murong Heng left, Shen Ci returned to the house in a daze. He wasn’t even paying attention to what Feng Nan was saying to him. At noon, he ate lunch in haste and subsequently went to bed.

During this period, Murong Chong was in the palace, feeling very proud of himself. He’d already planned well ahead to use this opportunity to get rid of the person who was the biggest threat to him—Murong Heng!

As long as he dies, he will have achieved a major success. The remaining fourth prince, Murong Yu, was just a useless bum, and anything he did would have no effect on him. Therefore, if Murong Heng dies and Emperor Chongde wishes for someone to inherit his throne in the future, he could only choose Murong Chong!

Moreover, he had to take the initiative in this battle so that Emperor Chongde would take notice of him. By that time, he’d have won the war and fit in with the people’s aspirations; even if previously, Emperor Chongde was still grieving for the crown prince, he still had to choose him as the new crown prince!

He became more elated the more he thought about it. Murong Chong’s lips curled slightly into a smug smile.

In the afternoon, Murong Chong and Murong Heng were amassing troops outside the city. Both of them headed to the border together. At the same time, in the prince’s mansion, Shen Ci was unable to sleep soundly.

He dreamt of Murong Heng on the battlefield. He was brave and proficient in battle, repelling countless enemies. Just as Shen Ci was feeling thrilled for him, he suddenly observed that a man holding a huge blade had appeared behind him. The man took advantage while Murong Heng wasn’t paying attention to hack at his back.

Blood splattered instantly. Shen Ci’s eyes abruptly widened, and he watched in disbelief as Murong Heng slowly fell to the ground. Blood spread like a small river, dyeing the ground beneath his feet red. He wanted to speak but discovered that he couldn’t utter a word. Furthermore, it seemed that Murong Heng, who was lying on the ground, was unable to see him.

Shen Ci kept charging ahead with outstretched arms in hopes of touching Murong Heng’s body, but he kept failing. He saw Murong Heng muttering, as if he wanted to say something. Shen Ci truly wanted to move closer to listen, but his body wasn’t able to come into contact with his. Shen Ci’s eyes were so red that they were almost at the point of bleeding. He watched Murong Heng slowly close his eyes and stop himself from crying out, “No!”

Shen Ci sat up at once from the bed and realised that he was covered in cold sweat. An empty void was all he saw. He lifted the quilt and got off the bed, intending to look for Murong Heng, when he suddenly recalled that he’d left for the border today. He couldn’t help lowering his head in disappointment.

Shen Ci thought back on Murong Heng’s tragic death in his dream and was even more worried. He unconsciously tightened his grip and grasped the corner of the quilt. He never imagined that Murong Heng had already taken up such a large portion of his heart. The minute he thought that he might meet with a mishap, he was so frightened that he wished he could straightaway head to the border to look for him.

Shen Ci was immediately shocked by his own thoughts. His eyes slowly widened. When he thought of Murong Heng’s usual gentleness and care for him, his heart automatically softened.

He remembered that when they’d both first met, his house had caught fire. Murong Heng had rushed in to rescue him without hesitation, sought a doctor for him, and took meticulous care of him. When he thought back to the time when he was homeless, Murong Heng found a new dwelling for him and gave him a stable home. He recalled when they were both attacked by assassins, his protection, allowing him to flee first while he remained behind, his anxious look when Shen Ci was injured, and once he recovered, he allowed him to stay in the prince’s mansion and be protected by many guards for his safety.

There were still many, many times when Murong Heng was good to him. Whenever he thought of them, Shen Ci felt a warm current surging through his heart, permeating it entirely with heat.

All of a sudden, he realised that he had become subconsciously dependent on Murong Heng. Just when Shen Ci learned that he was headed to the border, his heart was filled with worry and reluctance. He couldn’t bear for him to go, and he was even more fearful that he would get injured on the unpredictable battlefield. He doesn’t want anything to happen to him.

With this in mind, Shen Ci lowered his head and gradually understood his own feelings. That’s why he was so afraid when he dreamt of Murong Heng’s tragic death earlier. So this is the “love” that everyone talks about.

He always assumed that he would only live with Feng Nan forever and have a lifetime of detachment from the world. Unexpectedly, once Murong Heng came into the picture, he and his entire life changed to become vivid and lively. Murong Heng said that he would clear Shen Ci’s father’s name and restore his innocence.

He said that he would protect him and not let him be harmed. He said that he would find a doctor to heal his eyes and allow him to see all the vitality in this world.

How could his heart not be moved by such a wonderful Murong Heng?

However, Murong Heng was now heading towards the border. Shen Ci didn’t know how to express his feelings. He has never liked anyone before. He pursed his lips, feeling extremely entangled inside.

At the same moment, Murong Heng and Murong Chong had reached the border. They discussed with several generals throughout the night on finding the best strategy to annihilate the foreigners with a single stroke.

The inclusion of fifty thousand soldiers undoubtedly made it more difficult for foreigners to invade. Following the death of the crown prince, the disorderly morale of the troops contributed to the soldiers defeat against the foreigners. But the arrival of Murong Heng and Murong Chong gradually consolidated the divided military spirit. There were a hundred thousand combined forces, coupled with their round-the-clock analysis and strategising without stopping to rest. Once they learned that the foreigners had brought in large quantities of rations to prepare for a back-and-forth warfare, Murong Heng immediately led his soldiers to destroy their provisions camp. This move caused a surge in their own troop’s morale.

After two months of war, the rains gradually came. Previously, when Murong Heng burned the provisions camp, he didn’t forget to add something to the food in the barracks. As such, during this period of continuous rain, symptoms of legs aches and pains started to emerge in the foreign troops. They struggled when they fought on the battlefield and suffered huge casualties because of that.

Following several months of war, autumn slowly approached, and the war had also been won. The foreigners were driven away, and they dared not cross the border again. The war was thoroughly over!

News of the victory spread to the capital, and the entire nation cheered. In the prince’s mansion, Shen Ci also smiled happily when he heard that Murong Heng had triumphed in the war. Several months of longing made him miss Murong Heng terribly, and he couldn’t wait to immediately tell him the feelings that were hidden deep in his heart.

This night, Shen Ci had an exceptionally peaceful sleep.


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