Chapter 20 : The Art Of Witchcraft

Title: Infinite Power Over The World

Original title: 权倾天下[重生]

Author: 叶默凉(Ye Moliang)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

After staying in the barracks for a long time, Murong Heng discussed the next plan with the Iron Halberd Army. Although these officers liked to joke sometimes, they were still utterly dependable when it was time to be serious.

When both of them exited the barracks, it was already quite dark. Murong Heng and Shen Ci arrived back at the outside of his mansion, and he carefully assisted him to alight the carriage. At present, Shen Ci’s injuries had not healed completely, and he dared not let him make any strenuous moves, so he had to be somewhat meticulous with everything.

He supported Shen Co beside him as he walked inside and sensed that there was someone peeping at them from nearby. Glancing out from the corner of his eye, Murong Heng saw that it was Feng Nan. He let go of his apprehension and led Shen Ci by the hand into the house.

It’s not that he didn’t catch sight of Feng Nan’s heartbroken expression, but it always hurt to make a decision. He won’t give anyone an opportunity. Shen Ci was his and don’t anyone think of taking him away.

Just then, Feng Nan slowly emerged from his hiding spot. His insides ached like he had trouble breathing when he saw the intimate behaviour of his young master and Murong Heng. He didn’t know how he’d endured these days. Each time he entered the room to deliver the medicine, he could see Murong Heng’s care for his young master in every possible way. The tacit understanding between the two of them was impossible for others to interfere with, let alone change.

When did his young master start becoming like this? Feng Nan was still able to recall that during the time when the two were dependent on each other for survival, whenever something happened, the first person Shen Ci would think of was him. If there was something delicious and he wanted to share it with someone, it would also be him. He always assumed that all of this would never change. Even if he and Shen Ci couldn’t be together until the end, being able to live together for a lifetime was also a form of happiness.

Ever since Murong Heng showed up, his young master has changed. In recent times, in particular, Murong Heng had been more devoted in his care of him, and their relationship has developed to the point where they are even more deeply attached to each other. If he wasn’t aware that his young master and Murong Heng were not together, he would also believe that they were a couple.

It’s just that, for some unknown reason, he actually felt that it was rather fitting for Murong Heng to stand with his young master. His status was much higher if one were to compare it with himself. Maybe it was destined by the heavens. There was no way for him to be with the young master.

With this in mind, Feng Nan felt even more heartbroken. He initially wished to live with his young master forever, but now it seemed impossible. Murong Heng cared so much about his young master that he certainly wouldn’t yield Shen Ci over to him. Therefore, should he or shouldn’t he give up?

He ought to give up. If he continues to wait, he would only cause more heartbreak for himself. Young Master no longer needs his looking after. With Murong Heng by his side, he was merely someone redundant.

His heart felt like a knife had twisted into it. Feng Nan dragged himself back to the mansion, trudging all the way. He closed the door and sat on the bed where the young master had slept. A familiar scent filled his nose, and he abruptly burst into sobs.

Just give up; it wasn’t his, and it won’t belong to him in the end, right?


Several days passed imperceptibly, and the wound on Shen Ci’s shoulder had slowly healed under Murong Heng’s meticulous care. However, a permanent scar still remained on his shoulder, which would never fade away.

Murong Heng was, of course, very aggrieved and wanted to find some way to remove the scar, but Shen Ci himself didn’t really mind. He said softly, “It’s only a scar. It’s hidden beneath the clothing and can’t be seen. No matter.”

Since he said as much, Murong Heng had no choice but to give up, and could only let out a light sigh. This scar was caused by him, so he would surely avenge him and make Murong Cheng pay the price.

But right now, what crossed Shen Ci’s mind was that since his injury had completely healed, there was no reason to stay in the prince’s mansion, and he ought to return and reside in his own residence. He’d inconvenienced Murong Heng very much during the days he’d been recuperating in the prince’s mansion, and he was embarrassed to continue bothering him.

But when he expressed these notions, he was rejected by Murong Heng.

“Now that the crown prince and the fifth prince know about your existence, how can I be at ease if you return there to live?” Murong Heng firmly shook his head. Although the Shen residence wasn’t far from the mansion, he still wasn’t assured. What should he do if those people sent assassins to kill Shen Ci while he was away? He wouldn’t be able to immediately rush over and rescue him, so he couldn’t allow him to go back to that dangerous place.

Shen Ci frowned and asked uncertainly. “But if I don’t go back, where will I live?”

“Just live here.” Murong Heng said resolutely. It was safest that he live right under his nose, and he would do his utmost to safeguard him and not let him be hurt again.

Shen Ci was taken aback when he heard the words. Just as he was about to refuse, he was interrupted by Murong Heng, who stated a list of reasons, each of which made him unable to decline. After wavering for a moment, he had no choice but to say, “Then I can only continue to trouble Da Ge, but what about Feng Nan?”

“I’ll allow him to move here too. The mansion has many guards, and it is the safest. They are able to protect you when I’m not around. Believe Da Ge and stay here without worry.” Murong Heng replied softly. As a matter of fact, he was hiding some selfish motives. It hadn’t been easy to determine his feelings. How could he let his beloved out of his sight again?

Once he’d obtained Shen Ci’s consent, Murong Heng dispatched someone to inform Feng Nan, telling him to pack Shen Ci’s clothes and his own things, and move into the prince’s mansion. Murong Heng specially arranged the best room for Shen Ci. The room was right next door to his own. This way, if there was anything in the middle of the night, he would immediately be aware of it.

Feng Nan received the news and began packing his things. Although he’d already given up, he still felt a little heartbroken when he learned that his young master had agreed with Murong Heng to move into the prince’s mansion. It’s just that he masked these emotions very well. As long as Young Master was happy, it was fine. His current task was to keep watch at Young Master’s side and do his best to protect him. When the revenge was accomplished, he would leave on his own and not disturb the lives of Young Master and Murong Heng.

The next day, when the sunlight was warm, Murong Heng brought Shen Ci to stroll around the prince’s mansion. He acquainted him with each part of the residence while they walked around. As far as princes were concerned, his mansion was still not magnificent enough, but he didn’t mind. As long as Shen Ci was by his side, nothing mattered.

Both of them ambled on the path in the garden. Murong Heng supported the arm of Shen Ci beside him, and his mood was as radiant as the warm sun. As he gazed at Shen Ci’s beaming face, his lips unconsciously curled into a smile.

At night, Murong Heng went next door, wanting to chat with Shen Ci. He happened to catch him taking out the qin in preparation to play, and he wanted to listen intently. He sat down on the chair facing Shen Ci and stared unblinkingly at him.

Fortunately, Shen Ci couldn’t see him. If not, he would surely realise that his gaze was filled with unconcealed love. It was only after living a new life that he discovered what it was to love someone. Seeing him hurt was more painful than being hurt himself; he would want to hold him in his arms when he saw him upset, and he felt elated when he saw him cheerful.

Perhaps this was love; Murong Heng thought so. His emotions influenced him all the time. Murong Heng thought so too. Just as he was indulging in fantasies, he suddenly heard a cry of alarm. When he regained his senses, he noticed Shen Ci’s finger was reddish and exuding a little blood. He’d obviously been accidentally cut by the qin string. Murong Heng instantly grabbed his hand, put the bleeding finger into his mouth, and sucked the blood for him.

Shen Ci straightaway froze. He sensed Murong Heng’s warm mouth sucking the blood from his finger. His face subconsciously grew a little red, and he wanted to pull his hand away.

A short while later, Murong Heng released his hand, only to realise that what he’d just done was somewhat overly impetuous. He hadn’t confessed his feelings yet, so he couldn’t be this disrespectful to him.

“Da…… Da Ge.” After a long silence, Shen Ci spoke to disrupt the awkward atmosphere: “The qin string snapped.” He was a little unfocused when playing the qin earlier. Such a fine jiaowei qin was ultimately ruined in his hands.

“No matter; just find a new one if it’s snapped.” Murong Heng said it insouciantly. For him, if the jiaowei qin was ruined, he could purchase another, just so long as his Ah Ci was not injured.

When the thought abruptly came to mind, Murong Heng said in a low voice, “Oh, that’s right. In half a month, it will be Emperor Chongde’s sixty-first birthday banquet.”

“Like this aaa.” Shen Ci lowered his head and pondered, then immediately pursed his lips and smiled. He enunciated word by word: “How about we give Emperor Chongde a surprise.” As he spoke, he drew closer to Murong Heng’s ear and told him of his plan.

“Good!” After hearing what he said, Murong Heng exclaimed If this plan succeeds, this Crown Prince Murong Cheng would become redundant, and Emperor Chongde would not have any trust in him at all!

Shen Ci picked up the teacup and took a sip of warm tea with a smug smile on his lips.

Half a month later, Emperor Chongde’s sixty-first birthday banquet was held as scheduled. The imperial palace was bustling with excitement early in the morning. Murong Heng was putting on clothing in the room. After he finished dressing, he opened the door and saw Shen Ci standing not far from him. He smiled to himself and gave him a gentle hug before marching out of the mansion.

Everything has been arranged properly. The crown prince’s gift would certainly shock all those present at today’s birthday banquet! When he thought of it, Murong Heng was very much looking forward to it. He was itching to know how his father would react when he saw that great gift!

When they arrived at the palace, the birthday banquet quickly commenced. All the ministers presented their gifts one after another. Murong Heng and others were no exception. What he presented was a treasure. This type of gift wouldn’t draw any attention from Emperor Chongde, nor would it fail to impress.

The last to present his gift was Crown Prince Murong Cheng. He smiled mysteriously and said in respect, “Imperial Father, this gift is extremely precious and needs to be seen in person.”

“Oh?” Emperor Chongde’s eyebrows rose; his curiosity was piqued. Without delay, he followed the crown prince’s footsteps and walked outside. Murong Heng trailed after them from a distance with a smile on his lips.

The good show’s about to start!

Upon arriving at the place mentioned by the crown prince, everyone stopped. All were wondering what the crown prince’s gift was. Murong Heng lifted his head and observed as the prince instructed someone to carry the gift before Emperor Chongde. He suppressed his internal excitement and looked straight ahead.

“What kind of gift is so grandiose?” Emperor Chongde’s mood was excellent. He watched the gift being delivered to him. After scrutinising it carefully, he received it and prepared to open it.

The corners of Murong Cheng’s mouth curled into a smile. He’d scouted for this gift through various countries for a long time before he managed to obtain it: an elixir of immortality. Rumour has it that once you drink this elixir, you will never grow old. Although it was presented to his one Imperial Father at the moment, it would ultimately fall into his own hands. When he becomes emperor, he will consume this elixir. This way, the throne would be his forever!

When Emperor Chongde held the box in his hand, it felt a bit heavy, so he was even more keen to know what was hidden inside. He slowly lifted the lid and saw inside that it was bundled with luxurious silk. Once the silk piece was removed, something caught his eye, and his expression drastically changed.

Inside lay a witchcraft doll pierced with dozens of silver needles, and Emperor Chongde’s name was written on the doll’s body—clearly it was to place a death curse upon him!

Everyone in attendance clapped eyes on the thing, and there was a collective sharp intake of breath. Also, Murong Cheng was standing beside Emperor Chongde. His eyes were practically as wide as saucers, and his complexion had turned ashen. Shortly, he heard Emperor Chongde’s furious voice——

“Murong Cheng! You’ve got some gall!”


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