Chapter 15 : Fear Grows Inside

Title: Infinite Power Over The World

Original title: 权倾天下[重生]

Author: 叶默凉(Ye Moliang)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

Feng Nan returned to the house, his heart filled with never-ending resentment. He didn’t know when such big changes appeared in everything around him. Ever since Murong Heng showed up, his and his young master’s lives haven’t been as peaceful as they once were.

He’d promised his late master that he would protect the young master his entire life, but he hadn’t been able to do so. He had to watch on helplessly as Young Master set foot into muddy waters once more, but he had no way to rescue him from it and could only let the two of them sink deeper and deeper.

He knew that Murong Heng was extremely scheming, and he also knew that his young master was not an easy master to deal with, but deep down inside, he was still aggrieved. It wasn’t at all easy for them to have lived peacefully these few years, and they had yet to enjoy any good fortune, but now they would have to get caught up in these dangers.

Feng Nan released a soft sigh when his thoughts reached this point. Very well. It was best that his young master accept the situation. If Shen Ci was determined on carrying on like this, he would accompany him, even if there was a cliff ahead!

During morning court a few days later, Emperor Chongde was listening to a minister give his report when, all of a sudden, several guards rushed into the great hall. In their hands was a bright yellow dragon robe. The material of the dragon robe was higher quality compared to the one currently being worn by Emperor Chongde, to the extent that the colour was more vibrant. One could tell at a glance that it was made from high-grade material. Once the dragon robe was unearthed, Emperor Chongde could no longer sit still. He stood up with such force and roared, “Someone, have Liang Long Chang beheaded!”

“Yes!” The guards received the order and were preparing to head to the prison to execute Liang Long Chang. However, just then, Crown Prince Murong Cheng stepped out and spoke a little anxiously, “Imperial Father, Er Chen believes that this matter is rather dubious. His Excellency Liang is normally assiduous and conscientious. Why would he be so daring as to stash away a dragon robe in his official mansion? Er Chen thinks that it’s not too late for careful investigations to be carried out before making a decision.”

Emperor Chongde grew even more furious when he heard the words. It looked as if flames would burst forth from his head. He didn’t expect the prince to be so undiscerning of the occasion, not even considering his own reputation in public. When it came to mind that the investigations for the two previous poisoning incidents had yet to be concluded, he became even more suspicious.

As Murong Cheng regarded Emperor Chongde’s silence, he assumed that it was a favourable turn for the matter at hand. Therefore, he continued to dissuade Emperor Chongde not to have Liang Long Chang executed so hurriedly. If Liang Long Chang died like this, when would he have time to devise a way to save him? Thus, if he could delay it by another day, so be it.

But just then, Prime Minister Liu, who had been taciturn all this while, stepped out and said in a loud voice: “Your Majesty, this subject thinks that Liang Long Chang’s execution should be done immediately. Since the dragon robe has been discovered, how have we wronged him there? It would be a disaster to retain such a bold and reckless person. He must be eradicated as soon as possible.”

Emperor Chongde deemed it logical when he heard that. The dragon robe had already been found, and that signified Liang Long Chang was harbouring thoughts of rebellion. The evidence was irrefutable. How was there still room for error? This person couldn’t be allowed to remain and must be killed. Therefore, he ordered in a grave tone, for Liang Long Chang to be beheaded three days later.

After speaking, Emperor Chongde turned around and left, paying no heed to the crown prince’s unsightly expression. All the ministers dispersed, leaving only Murong Cheng standing ashen-faced in the centre of the hall.

A long while later, he returned to his palace filled with rage. The pawn he had nurtured with great difficulty was killed just like that. Aside from that, the way Emperor Chongde eyed him today once he stood out had changed a lot. He regretted it somewhat at that moment.

“Your Royal Highness, Crown Prince.” The imperial palace staff and his confidant, Jin Yuan, called from outside the door. He walked inside and stopped in front of Murong Cheng before kneeling down and uttering a few words in a very low voice.

“There is actually such a thing?” When Murong Cheng heard that, he raised his eyebrows. There was an unknown man by Murong Heng’s side? This immediately aroused his interest, inciting an urgent need for him to know who that person was!

“Go investigate. Be sure to discern the identity of that person.” Murong Cheng instructed in a chilly voice.

A few days later, Jin Yuan returned with news that shocked Murong Cheng. Unexpectedly, the man by Murong Heng’s side actually turned out to be Gentleman Wan Ting, who was well-known among the common folk. The tales of Mr. Wan Ting were also legendary. The people described him as well-read and exceptionally talented, but he was extremely low-key; hardly anyone had seen him in person. If Jin Yuan hadn’t encountered him by chance when he left the palace, he would never have surmised that this person was the famous Gentleman Wan Ting.

That being said, what was Murong Heng’s intention in associating with Gentleman Wan Ting? Murong Cheng definitely didn’t believe that the two merely met by chance. There must be some unmentionable secret! With this in mind, he began to have doubts about Murong Heng.

Meanwhile, the fifth prince was pacing back and forth in the palace. He stopped without warning and came up with a brilliant idea. Then he hurriedly instructed his people to make the preparations as he sported a sinister smile.

Three days later, Liang Long Chang, the Minister of Revenue, was facing execution. He stood in the prison wagon, his hands in shackles. His miserably pale face was vastly different from his previous appearance in the palace. He was hauled onto the stage and made to kneel down.

Having reached the specified time, the official overseeing the execution fished out a wooden token from the box. He tossed it to the ground before shouting, “Carry out the execution!” As soon as the words were spoken, there was a burst of commotion from the crowd. Before anyone could react, several men dressed in black flew in from all directions. They intended to raid and rescue!

The official quickly allowed the guards to move ahead to hold them off. One of the men in black swooped onto the stage and killed the burly executioner beside Liang Long Chang with one slash of his blade. Just as he was about to take Liang Long Chang away, several imperial guards appeared and surrounded him.

The man in black gave a chilly stare and started battling the guards. Once the guards were not paying attention, he cooperated with his companions to bring Liang Long Chang away. The official instantly ordered the guards to give chase. However, once they caught up with them, all of them were thoroughly startled.

Everyone assumed that the objective of the men in black stealing away Liang Long Chang was to save him. But when they arrived in the bamboo forest, they saw Liang Long Chang lying on the ground, covered in blood and already devoid of breath. Moreover, the men in black who’d rescued him were nowhere to be seen. Evidently, they’d fled after the murder.

All of a sudden, one of the guards noticed a feathered arrow on the ground. He picked it up and saw that there was a tiny stamp of the word “Cheng” on it. It clearly belonged to Crown Prince Murong Cheng.

Emperor Chongde was extremely furious when he learned of this news. Seeing as the crown prince’s name was stamped on the feather arrow, he believed that the crown prince was connected to the raid at the execution grounds. But after the crown prince arrived and began howling that he’d been done an injustice, the doubts Emperor Chongde had couldn’t help but persist.

After the crown prince left, he returned to his palace. He realised that someone had put the blame on him, so he immediately ordered someone to investigate, but he didn’t expect Murong Heng’s name to come up. Sure enough, it wasn’t a good thing that he was associating with that Gentleman Wan Ting. He must have bribed Gentleman Wan Ting to provide counsel to him! It seemed that he truly underestimated Murong Heng!

Very well. Since you, Murong Heng, want to play it that way, two can play at that game!

On top of that, the news of the raid at the execution grounds quickly reached Murong Heng’s ears. At this time, he was discussing countermeasures with Shen Ci in the courtyard, but unexpectedly this kind of incident occurred.

“Presently the crown prince suspects that you blamed him for the raid at the execution grounds. There’s definitely someone manipulating this matter behind the scenes. The aim is to frame you and to provoke infighting between the crown prince and you.” Shen Ci calmly analysed. He paused before continuing: “The fourth prince is cowardly and ignorant; it shouldn’t be him. The only possible one is the fifth prince. He intends to benefit from both of your downfalls.”

“I know.” Murong Heng pondered quietly to himself. It appears that he’d been discovered by Murong Cheng, but that was a good thing too. Continuing to hide wasn’t the way to go. There would surely be a day when two of them would have to face off against each other in the open. It would be the same whether it was sooner or later, since he’d already made preparations.

With this conclusion, he instructed the guards to strengthen the defences of his official residence as well as the Shen residence. If there were any abnormalities, he was to be informed immediately. Murong Cheng had already started to suspect him. It seems that a major battle was on the horizon!

Something else came to Shen Ci’s mind, and he asked, “Say, I heard that you hired the cook from First Rate Restaurant?” He didn’t understand why Murong Heng would do something like this.

“That’s right.” Murong Heng heard him ask, so he also graciously admitted that he engaged the cook because of him: “Because Ah Ci wants to eat pineapple pastries and isn’t willing for the cook to change. Therefore, your Da Ge had to come up with something, and had the cook retained. It’s good this way too. Next time, wherever you want to eat it, I’ll get the cook to make it, okay?”

Shen Ci didn’t know how he should respond when he said it like that, so he nodded slightly after some time. There was a gentle smile on his lips: “Then, thank you, Da Ge.” Pineapple pastries were his only reminder, because only those that were made by that cook were the most similar to those of his mother. As such, he would rather not eat pineapple pastries, and he didn’t want a different cook since he would not be able to recall the flavour that his mother made.

“Alright. Murong Cheng has already grown suspicious. It will not be smooth sailing in the future. I’ll order the guards to reinforce their patrols of the mansion, so don’t you worry.” Murong Heng said it in a deep voice. He wanted Shen Ci to assist him, and naturally, he has to take the utmost care of him.

“Good.” Shen Ci nodded. He trusted Murong Heng’s words without reservation. If he didn’t trust him, he wouldn’t have agreed to be his advisor from the start.

Murong Heng abruptly thought of something and said, “By the way, the cook has created a new kind of pastry. Would you like to taste it?” He stood up and led Shen Ci to the kitchen.

When they arrived inside the kitchen, Murong Heng brought the newly made pastry before Shen Ci. The piping-hot pastry had been freshly made. The appetising aroma made one’s fingers reach out. Shen Ci excitedly picked up a piece of pastry and put it in his mouth, then revealed a most satisfied smile.

“Look at you, eating like a little tabby cat.” Murong Heng noticed that there were pastry crumbs at the corner of Shen Ci’s mouth, so he gently brushed them away. But hearing him say that, Shen Ci simultaneously stuck out his tongue, intending to lick off the crumbs, so his warm tongue licked over Murong Heng’s calloused fingertips. Both of them were startled.

Some time passed before Murong Heng withdrew his hand. He coughed a few times to disrupt the awkwardness between the two of them. Shen Ci also lowered his head; his face was slightly flushed, and he didn’t know what to say just then.

“I.….. I’ll go back first!” After a long silence, these were the words Shen Ci left behind as he fled the kitchen, leaving Murong Heng standing there alone. He instantly glanced down at his fingers where it seemed the warmth from Shen Ci’s tongue still lingered, and couldn’t help smiling. His gaze was gentle and filled with mirth.

It was nighttime. Fourth Prince Murong Yu was sitting on a chair in his palace when he suddenly noticed his mother, Imperial Concubine Jing, entering from outside. She ordered all the palace attendants to withdraw, then threw him a fierce look. This was a change from her usual delicate self, and it was somewhat scary.

“How did I birth such a son like you who doesn’t know how to forge ahead? Everyone else is contending for power and the throne, but you are like a fool, only knowing how to eat, drink, and make merry. Don’t you know? Regardless of which one of them becomes the emperor, the first one they’ll get rid of is you, this useless person!” Imperial Concubine Jing ruthlessly scolded her son. Her eyes were wide open, her entire expression illustrating her impatience for his immediate improvement.

Murong Yu kept his mouth shut after being chastised by her. His head was down, and no one knew what was going on in his mind. Only after Concubine Jing indignantly departed did he slowly raise the corners of his lips to reveal a sinister smile.

Who said he was cowardly? Who said he doesn’t know how to contend for power and the throne?

Just wait and see!


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