Chapter 14 : An Embarrassing Scene

Title: Infinite Power Over The World

Original title: 权倾天下[重生]

Author: 叶默凉(Ye Moliang)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

Once the poison was remedied, Emperor Chongde felt his body regaining strength little by little, and his appetite also returned. He slowly began to recuperate until he was totally recovered.

After he overcame his illness, Emperor Chongde also resumed morning court. He couldn’t find any new leads with regards to the incense poisoning incident, so he could only live on with a conflicted disposition towards the crown prince.

On this day, Emperor Chongde was in the upper hall, listening to the reports from the ministers, and feeling a little bored at the moment. The reports were not about anything significant, so he waved his hand and cast a knowing look at Wen Lin who was next to him.

“Put forward if there’s anything, adjourn court if there’s nothing.” Wen Lin’s shrill voice resonated in the hall. All the ministers remained in place without uttering anything. All of a sudden, someone stepped out and fell on his knees with a plop.

“Your Majesty, this subject has something to plead!” This person was Liu Shi, the imperial censor, and he was well known for his sharp tongue. Once he set his sights on someone, they would definitely be ruined.

“What’s the matter?” Emperor Chongde glanced at him nonchalantly through the drop curtains. This Liu Shi again. Each time there were no issues, he would always unearth an array of problems, which was terribly irritating.

“Replying Your Majesty, I want to report someone.” Liu Shi raised his head a little and continued loudly: “This person is Liang Long Chang of the Ministry of Revenue. He harbours evil intentions and is attempting a rebellion!”

“Nonsense!” When he heard the words, Liang Long Chang stormed up to Liu Shi and glared fiercely at him. He was about to say something, but was interrupted by Emperor Chongde.

“Dear Minister Liu, don’t stop short. Continue speaking.” Emperor Chongde’s voice was indifferent and no one could tell if he was pleased or angry. He eyed the two from his platform and his expression grew solemn.

After much elucidation, Liu Shi said: “This subject is implicating Liang Long Chang of the Ministry of Revenue, of plotting a rebellion. Begging Your Majesty to investigate and adjudicate!” He ceded this matter to Emperor Chongde while secretly clenching his fists and hiding a smile at the corners of his mouth.

Emperor Chongde was instantly outraged. He flipped over the imperial writing desk and stomped over to face Liang Long Chang. When he saw him trembling all over, he sneered and said, “No one would have expected dear Minister Liang to have such courage. Someone, drag him out and behead him!”

“Imperial Father.” At this moment, Crown Prince Murong Cheng stood out and said respectfully: “Er Chen personally believes that although His Excellency Liu has reported on His Excellency Liang’s treason, there is insufficient evidence, and we cannot discount that someone has fabricated a false charge on him. Therefore, I plead for Imperial Father to investigate thoroughly and then make a decision. This would be more advisable.” After he was done speaking, he withdrew to one side and carefully observed Emperor Chongde’s expression.

When Emperor Chongde heard him put it across like this, he intuitively felt it was correct. He eyes scanned around and his rage gradually abated somewhat. Then his gaze promptly widened and he changed his tune, “Drag him to the prison first, and interrogate him strictly. What the crown prince says is true. Recklessly beheading this person will only draw condemnation from the masses.”

“Your Majesty, I have been wronged!” Liang Long Chang was dragged away by the guards, his cries continued as they hauled him out. Upon noting the lack of response from Emperor Chongde, he turned his gaze to Liu Shi and swore at him: “Liu Shi, you heinous wretch! You’ll suffer a horrific death for fabricating charges against me!”

His voice grew farther and farther away before fading off and the hall became peaceful again.

“Adjourn court if there’s nothing.” Emperor Chongde’s gaze swept over Liu Shi, who was still kneeling on the ground, before he turned to leave.

Liu Shi, who was still on his knees, observed that everyone had departed, so he took his time before standing upright. Several days ago, his official residence received an anonymous letter, which stated Liang Long Chang’s crime of plotting a rebellion; clearly implying that he should blow the whistle on him.

Liu Shi, being the imperial censor and Liang Long Chang, being the minister of revenue, were deadly rivals in all respects. Both found each other extremely disagreeable. Why would Liu Shi let it slip by so easily having come across such a good chance to thoroughly take down Liang Long Chang?

Hence, he destroyed the letter and taking advantage of everyone’s presence, he reported on Liang Long Chang’s treason. He knew for certain that someone was discreetly assisting him to bring down Liang Long Chang. Although he wasn’t aware who it was, it was enough as long as he could wipe him out.

At the present time, Crown Prince Murong Cheng was in the palace when he received Liang Long Chang’s letter asking for help. Liang Long Chang was one of his subordinates who covertly assisted him on many things. In addition, he was the Minister of Revenue and possessed certain power in the imperial court. If he died, he would have then lost a supporter. It would be quite detrimental to him.

Therefore, he must seek a way to save Liang Long Chang, but the crime of treason was enough to get the entire Liang family condemned. Liu Shi was merely the imperial censor. There was definitely someone helping him on the sly, intentionally seeking Liang Long Chang’s death! With this in mind, Murong Cheng’s pace slowed as he pondered carefully.

Meanwhile, at the Shen residence.

Shen Ci sunbathed in the courtyard for a while, and felt that his entire body was warm. His eyelids were so heavy that he wanted to fall asleep, but he wanted to have a bath first. After mulling for some time, he still chose to do the latter.

Once Feng Nan had prepared the hot water, Shen Ci entered the bathroom alone. Feng Nan trailed along intending to help him undress, so he placed his hands on Shen Ci’s shoulders. Shen Ci brushed his hands away, and said mildly: “You can withdraw, just leave the clothes here.”

“Young Master, don’t you need Feng Nan assist you in your bath?” Feng Nan was taken aback, and asked subconsciously.

“No need, you can go.” Shen Ci gave a slight smile. Upon hearing the door close, he slowly removed his clothes and stepped into the bathtub. With warm and satisfying water surrounding his whole body, he revealed in the comfort and let out a sigh.

After a long soak in the tub, Shen Ci felt that it should about time, so he stood up to get dressed. But just as he was rising to his feet, he heard the door being pushed open. What immediately followed was Murong Heng’s voice in his ears, “Ah Ci, I’ve good news to share.”

Incidentally, Murong Heng had just returned from court. Everything was gradually progressing in the way that he’d predicted. Pretty soon, Emperor Chongde would discover an authentic dragon robe from Liang Long Chang’s official residence. By then, he wouldn’t even be able to refute it even if he wanted to.

He was too anxious to wait before telling Shen Ci this good news. When Murong Heng arrived at the Shen residence, Feng Nan was no where to be seen, so he went directly into Shen Ci’s room by himself. He didn’t see anyone upon entering, so he walked hesitantly to the area behind the folding screen. As soon as he stepped inside, he saw Shen Ci in the process of getting up from the bathtub. Warm drops of water trickled down his white back, and dripped below into the water to somewhere that couldn’t be seen. Murong Heng was dumbstruck, and hastened out in retreat.

When he was outside, Murong Heng inadvertently recalled the scene he had just witnessed, and promptly shook his head to stop himself from thinking about it. He’d unexpectedly stumbled upon Shen Ci having a bath. It was terribly embarrassing.

Shortly after that, Shen Ci got dressed and came out of the inner room. His face was slightly flushed, and his body was still a little damp. He probably did a hasty wipe down. The pure white inner wear was clinging to his body, which evoked the earlier scenario in Murong Heng’s mind. Heat rushed to his nose and blood was close to seeping out.

He gave himself a slap to clear his head a little. Shen Ci heard the sound and asked doubtfully, “What happened?” As he spoke, he headed to the bedside and casually covered himself with some clothing.

Earlier, Murong Heng had recklessly barged in. He was forced to briskly towel off before coming out; he hadn’t even wiped his hair yet. After he’d dressed properly, he accompanied Murong Heng to the courtyard.

When they reached the courtyard, they strolled while Murong Heng appraised Shen Ci, who was beside him, all about Liang Long Chang. As the two of them continued to chat, they didn’t realise that they arrived inside the pavilion.

Feng Nan had just returned from another direction. When he saw his young master and Murong Heng together, he frowned slightly, revealing a hint of annoyance. He also noticed that saw that his young master hadn’t put on enough clothes, so he hurried back into the room to retrieve some clothing.

“Liang Long Chang is the crown prince’s follower, and the crown prince will surely render him assistance. He doesn’t want to lose this pawn.” Murong Heng placidly analysed. He understood Murong Cheng’s character. He wouldn’t relinquish Liang Long Chang so easily because he could still make use of him for important matters. There were a great number of civil and military officials who supported Liang Long Chang. As long as Liang Long Chang remained in Murong Cheng’s camp, those civil and military officials would follow his lead and side with the crown prince, so he would definitely find a way to save Liang Long Chang.

“Let’s watch and see what kind of reaction the emperor will have.” Shen Ci thinned his lips into a smile. A gentle wind breezed over, and his body couldn’t help shivering. It was still early spring at the moment, and the courtyard was still rather chilly. He only wore a few layers, so it was inevitable that they wouldn’t stave off the cold.

Shen Ci couldn’t hold back a sneeze and he clung to himself tightly, wanting to endure for a while before returning inside to put on some clothes. Murong Heng was here, it wasn’t good to dampen his interest. Without warning, he felt a sudden weight on his body and a surge of Murong Heng’s scent enveloped him.

He was stunned, then his fingertips grazed the soft sable fur. After that, he heard Murong Heng beside him say, “Why didn’t you put on a few more clothes before coming out? It’s still chilly now. Don’t catch a cold.” The concern in his words deeply moved Shen Ci.

At the same time, Feng Nan stood in the distance with an overcoat in his hands. He’d run non-stop into the house in order to retrieve the coat sooner, so that his young master would not get cold. But before he could reach he his side, he saw the tall man beside his young master remove his own fur coat without any hesitation and drape it over Shen Ci’s body. He watched them from afar. The two of them sat together, their figures from behind appearing extremely well-matched, and they seemed to be smiling.

Feng Nan abruptly sensed that he was somewhat redundant. He dejectedly went back into the house and put down the overcoat. His mind was filled with the earlier scene where Murong Heng covered Shen Ci with a coat. He lowered his head in despair and fell silent.

Meanwhile back at the pavilion, Murong Heng wrapped Shen Ci in his own coat and carefully fastened the ribbons. He led him to sit on the stone chair in the pavilion and continued to chat.

After talking for a while, Feng Nan brought over Shen Ci’s favourite pineapple pastry. Murong Heng observed the person before him smile. Although he was blind, his eyes emanated a rush of tenderness for some reason.

Shen Ci stretched out his hand to pick up a piece of pineapple pastry, and brought it into his mouth. All of a sudden, his brows furrowed slightly, and he said in a soft voice, “Yi, why did has flavour of the pineapple pastry changed?”

“Indeed? I’ll try it.” When he heard this, Murong Heng took out a piece of pastry from the box, nodded after carefully tasting it, and said, “It is a little different, perhaps the cook has changed.”

“That’s it.” Shen Ci disappointedly lowered his head. If the cook wasn’t the original one, the pineapple pastries he made naturally wouldn’t taste like the original, and the joy he initially felt when eating pineapple pastries was gone too.

All of this was perceived by Murong Heng. After leaving the Shen residence, he dispatched his guard to First Rate Restaurant, located the cook who’d originally made the pineapple pastries, and hired him to work exclusively in his mansion.

On this day, Murong Heng brought over the freshly made pastries to the Shen residence for Shen Ci to sample. He felt extremely satisfied in his heart when he saw him reveal his usual smile.

Shen Ci was in very good spirits, so he bade Feng Nan to bring over the jiaowei qin, and spontaneously played a song. As he plucked the strings, he suddenly heard the melodious sound of a flute. It was actually Murong Heng who’d retrieved the flute from his waist, and was playing in harmony with his qin. Their smiles expressed their delight of having encountered a cherished friend. Once the song was over, the music lingered for a long time.

Even when this scene caught Feng Nan’s gaze, it was extremely dazzling.


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