Chapter 121 (Extra 1/2) : Returning Outside

Title: Did We Agree To Be Arch-Rivals?

Original Title: 说好成为彼此的宿敌呢[穿书]

Author: 轻风白杨 (Qingfeng Baiyang)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

Chen Su Yang dazedly opened his eyes on the hospital bed. He only felt that his entire body was weak and he was incapable of exerting any strength.

He stared at the hospital’s white ceilings and pale green curtains surrounding him for a long time. Only then did his awareness slowly and gradually focus. The IV bottle evenly dripped the liquid medication and delivered it into the blood vessels at the back of his hand, giving him a chilly feeling on his entire arm.

Once his thoughts had returned, Chen Su Yang blinked his eyes and recollected everything that had occurred before.

The experience of transmigrating into the novel is still extremely distinct in his mind, but what he didn’t expect was that after having been together with Gu Feidi for almost a hundred years and having died of old age, he was still capable of returning to this world.

His memories from before the transmigration abruptly flooded in like the tide, reminding him of the circumstances that he was in at the moment—right now, after having finished his scenes and the birthday party where he’d gotten drunk and lost consciousness— As for whether he was still in an even longer stupor the following day, he wasn’t too sure.

Chen Su Yang felt impassive for some time, staring dazedly to one side. He reached out and fumbled around for his mobile phone on the bedside table.

Just then, the curtain by the bedside was drawn open, and a voice called out all of a sudden: “Ah, Su Yang, you’ve awoken!”

Chen Su Yang ignored him and turned on the phone screen to discover that it was now the next day after he’d been drunk and unconscious.

His agent, Wei Jian, was standing by the bed, looking down condescendingly at him with a face full of resentment and impatience while going on and on: “Tell me do you even have a pinch of common sense? You had a headache during filming and took aspirin, yet you still dared to go out drinking. Do you know that this is very dangerous, aaa? Luckily for you your stomach’s tough, and nothing serious happened……”

Ak…… Wei ge,” Chen Su Yang lifted his hand to rub his stomach. He didn’t feel unwell and managed a smile, “Can I trouble you with something?” Wei Jian was interrupted while he was speaking but he didn’t lose his temper. He asked, “What is it?”

Chen Su Yang said, “Could you assist me to contact the original author of ‘Arch-Rivals’. I…… have something I want to ask her.”

Prior to this in the book world, he received a small bird egg from Qingbo, and a green parrot had hatched from it.

That parrot was not normal at all—it was actually the embodiment of an inter-dimensional commuting system called “SOULMATE”. Logically speaking, as long as he had this system, his soul should be able to bring along Gu Feidi’s soul to commute through dimensions and experience different lives. Even though he’d transmigrated back, Gu Feidi’s soul shouldn’t have left him.

But at this moment, the system was silent, and there was not even the slightest hint of activity.

Moreover, Gu Feidi’s soul was clearly not here. Without the system’s assistance, Chen Su Yang didn’t know where to start looking.

He recalled that Qingbo had also mentioned the word “system” at the time he’d met her in the book, and the green parrot had been brought forth by Qingbo’s little green bird. So Chen Su Yang made up his mind to first locate the original author and go about from there.

Wei Jian glanced suspiciously at Chen Su Yang, who was still lost in thought. After a long while, he said, “Your scenes have been completed. What do you want to find the original author for? Although the author advocated for you to audition, she has nothing to do with this drama after she sold the copyright. She didn’t have a hand in the screenwriting, so she can’t add any more scenes for you……”

Chen Su Yang held his forehead: “I don’t want to add any scenes; I just have something…… I just want to thank her.”

Wei Jian curled his lips: “When she initially advocated you, I didn’t see you wanting to thank her. It’s rather late right now, and you’ve only just remembered.”

Chen Su Yang: ……

Wei Jian said: “The doctor will be coming over in a moment; you still have another gastroscopy. Don’t keep thinking about all these troublesome things.”

As he was speaking, the doctor quickly arrived, and began to inquire about his condition, and wrote down the things that needed to be examined.

Chen Su Yang had no choice but to follow the doctor’s advice and complete the examinations he needed to complete; one by one.

During the examination, Chen Su Yang managed to spare some time to go on the Internet. He then located the author’s Weibo contact from the website where Qingbo had published ‘Arch-Rivals’ and sent her a private message. In order to make sure, he also left a comment below Qingbo’s latest article and the recent Weibo* under the user ID “Su Wujiao has transmigrated back” too, just in case she didn’t read her Weibo private messages.

(*TN: Weibo is a Chinese microblogging website similar to Twitter and Instagram.)

In terms of what was gained by Chen Su Yang in the end after so many years of transmigrating to the ancient world, with the exception of his and Gu Feidi’s timeless relationship, the most significant aspect was that his mental attitude no longer resembled the average youngster and he wasn’t easily anxious anymore.

Even if there was no response at the moment from the system he ought to have with him, he was also aware that this issue wouldn’t be able to be resolved if he was worried. As long as he kept to the prescribed order and did what he ought to do properly. The result couldn’t be altered by his anxiety.

Once all the examinations were finished, the sky had gradually darkened.

The doctor indicated that Chen Su Yang’s body no longer had any major issues, but he needed to nurse back his gastrointestinal health in the upcoming period. He wasn’t allowed to consume raw, cold, or spicy foods or drink alcohol. After prescribing him medication, the doctor allowed Chen Su Yang to return home to recuperate.

Wei Jian drove Chen Su Yang home, and before he left, he warned him of the dietary restrictions and reminded him of a publicity event on the weekend in three days.

Chen Su Yang returned to the 40-square-metre studio apartment he rented. There was a sudden feeling of sentiment and nostalgia the moment he opened the door.

Although the compact and warm furnishings fell somewhat short compared to the entire courtyard he’d enjoyed in the book, he didn’t find it hard to adjust from luxury to thrift—even if it was even smaller here, it was still his original home.

It was merely missing someone.

Chen Su Yang turned on the phone and scrolled through the comments and private message he’d earlier left to Qingbo. When he noted no response, he couldn’t help sighing.

He knew that worrying wouldn’t change anything, so he took a bath and prepared for bed.

The moment his head touched the pillow, his phone emitted a ringing sound—he’d received a private Weibo message.

Immortal Qingbo: [What’s the matter? How did you come back here?!]

Immortal Qingbo: [Where are you now?]

Immortal Qingbo: [Wait a moment, add Weixin*.]

(*TN: aka WeChat = China’s messaging app, similar to WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram or KakaoTalk for those who are unfamiliar)

A phone number sequence followed. 

After Chen Su Yang added Qingbo’s Weixin, only then did he learn that the missy’s actual name was Chu Qingbo. She was actually a young lady in her early twenties, around the same age as him.

When they chatted about issues where the system had vanished, both of them were a little confused and weren’t sure if there were some errors with the system.

At that moment, they couldn’t come up with any solution, and Chu Qingbo had something urgent at her end, so she told Chen Su Yang to meet her at the coffee shop tomorrow afternoon to review it thoroughly—at any rate, since the system had been bound to the soul, there shouldn’t be any issues. Perhaps once they’ve met up, Chu Qingbo’s system could help Chen Su Yang figure out something.

There were no further words spoken that night.

Chen Su Yang didn’t have any work the next day, so he spent the whole morning sanitising his home. Seeing that the time for his appointment was soon approaching, he put on a mask and sunglasses and then headed out to the agreed-upon coffee shop.

Right now, he isn’t truly considered a celebrity with a huge devoted fan base in any sense. He did have some fans from his live-streaming dancing, and he’d been included in some announcements with the cast and crew due to his participation in ‘Arch-Rivals’. For the time being, he didn’t have to worry about being chased by people when he went to public places.

Chu Qingbo hadn’t arrived yet by the time Chen Su Yang reached the coffee shop. He first ordered a cup of black tea and selected a nook seat.

After sitting down, he sent Chu Qingbo’s Weixin a picture of the location and then calmly took a sip of his tea.

Half an hour passed before a mysterious lady pushed open the cafe door and walked in. She’d virtually wrapped herself up until only her eyes were visible. She turned and caught sight of Chen Su Yang sitting in the nook. She hurried over and sat facing him.

Chen Su Yang was stunned for a second. “Qingbo? You’re…… even scared of being recognised?”

Chu Qingbo plucked off her sun hat, pulled off her mask, and said in a low voice, “I’m avoiding someone!”

As she spoke, she hooked the necklace chain from around her neck out from her T-shirt and dangled the hummingbird-shaped pendant before Chen Su Yang. “There, take it and try. See if my system can assist you to find out anything?”

Chen Su Yang took the proffered pendant doubtfully. “This is the system? Where’s your little green bird?”

Chu Qingbo rolled her eyes behind the sunglasses and said, “This is modern society. Are there bird keepers bringing their pet birds out in the streets? It probably understands this, so it transformed into jewellery.”

Chen Su Yang was taken aback for a moment after having heard this. He handed the pendant back to Chu Qingbo and said, “There’s no reaction when it’s with me…… You mean to say that the system will transform into jewellery in this world?”

Chu Qingbo nodded and said, “That should be the case. Your system was also a bird in the world of ‘Arch-Rivals’. Do you have any bird-shaped jewellery? You can go back and search for it. Perhaps it’s already attached to it. Aai, why didn’t I remember this last night. If I did, I wouldn’t have had to come out today!”

Chen Su Yang could help laughing: “You’re too homey.” 

Chu Qingbo crumbled slightly: “It’s not that I’m homey; I’m avoiding someone……”

Chen Su Yang was ambivalent: “Avoiding someone? Who are you avoiding? Are you in debt?”

Chu Qingbo sighed and said: “It would be better if I was in debt. The current issue is considerably more severe than debt.”

After speaking, she leaned over to Chen Su Yang and whispered, “An issue also came up on my system fairly recently…… Ak, you might not be aware, I’ve a story of the era of an empress from an imaginary future, although it was also ** ……Oh, you should know what ** means by now. In short, it was just……”

“Initially, the empress in that story was a supporting role villain who broke up the official CP. Because her setting was too formidable, I transmigrated into the story to alter the sadomasochism into a ‘tianchong’*. I manipulated too many things and was discovered by her……”

(*TN: 甜宠 tianchong = heterosexual relationship-based dramas that depict the female character as being “spoiled rotten” by the male love interest.)

Chu Qingbo spread out her hands: “After that, I don’t know how, but she stared at me, and the end battle was rather chaotic. Anyhow, the result is…… I don’t know what triggered when she touched me; she unexpectedly followed me to transmigrate back over here……. Hu, it’s really difficult. Finally, there’s someone who can listen to me vent my grievances!”

Chen Su Yang was dumbstruck for a while and slowly said, “……Therefore, you’ve been nonstop transmigrating into your own stories to alter the storylines?”

Having been questioned like this, Chu Qingbo had nothing to say and supported her forehead in her hand.

“Yes, changing the stories.” She said bitterly, “Originally, I was a sadistic-genre writer, and my stories were as brutal as they come. The usual circumstances are heart-breaking torment of the body, then the torture of the mind, torture of the mind, and then torment of the body. Anyway…… anyway, my protagonists were dreadfully miserable. After that…… one day I received a package from a reader. Once I opened it, I discovered this pendant.”

As she spoke, she dangled the necklace and continued, “I was still rather happy. Who’d have known that this was a biological-mom system aaa? Forcing me to transmigrate into the stories I’ve written and to relentlessly reverse the sadomasochistic storylines in order to extend my life-span……”

Chen Su Yang : ……

Chu Qingbo added: “Initially, the empress story was the final one. Once I’ve altered it, I’ll no longer be afraid that this system will take my life! From now on, I’ll absolutely only write ‘tianchong’ and not sadomasochismus! Unexpectedly, seeing as I was on the verge of success, such a big problem emerged…… I’m having a headache on how to send the empress back. But I can’t use a lot of my abilities in the real world.”

Chen Su Yang gave a light cough and asked, “What does the empress in your story look like?” 

Chu Qingbo was somewhat terrified, “Why are you asking this?”

Chen Su Yang said: “Is her height about 175cm, dressed in a black leather jacket, leather pants, and leather boots, red wavy hair and—“

“Enough, don’t say anymore……” Chu Qingbo lifted a weak, trembling hand and stammered, “She’s…… here……?”

Chen Su Yang glanced behind Chu Qingbo and revealed a friendly and awkward smile.

The empress’ gaze remained on the back of Chu Qingbo’s neck, and she didn’t spare Chen Su Yang a single look.

Ho,” she gave a bitter laugh, “I’m powerless against the enchantment guardians at your residence. But since you’ve ventured out on your own, you still think you can avoid me?”

Chu Qingbo forced a laugh, “I haven’t been avoiding you aaa, when did I avoid you…… Then, Su Su can go home first and search for the jewellery. I’ve got something to do now. Contact me later through Weixin!”

Once she finished speaking, she abruptly bolted up and shoved the empress aside before bolting out of the coffee shop. The empress followed closely on her heels, and the both of them swiftly vanished into the bustling crowd on the street outside the shop.

Chen Su Yang calmly and coolly finished the last of his black tea before calling for the bill.



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