Chapter 94 : Agate and Fire Gu

Title: Did We Agree To Be Arch-Rivals?

Original Title: 说好成为彼此的宿敌呢[穿书]

Author: 轻风白杨 (Qingfeng Baiyang)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

“He truly won’t be impeded as long as he wears this pendant?” Gu Feidi eyed Chi Tong and asked, “I’ve never heard of this sort of remarkable thing.”

Chi Tong shook his head, “I didn’t read the letter, so I don’t know what it is that Shizun gave to shidi…… But since Shizun has said as much, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Su Yang examined the flaming red phoenix pendant in his hand.

He was able to sense the gurgling heat emanating out from this pendant. It didn’t dissipate, instead it lingered slowly all over his body.

As he recalled the multitude of rumours regarding Lesser Jade House’s Immortal Qingbo, Su Yang suddenly felt that their Shizun probably wasn’t an ordinary person. Perhaps, she was an immortal cultivator or…… a special element not within the storyline. Since the character of such an otherworldly master had been set up in the original work, it was unlikely that there would be any trouble with the props she bestowed.

In consideration of that, Su Yang grasped the phoenix pendant, gradually manoeuvred his internal strength, employed his Prized Flower Steps and dashed a circle around everyone.

His movements alarmed Gu Feidi, who hurriedly caught hold of him and asked anxiously, “How do you feel? Any discomfort?”

Su Yang’s eyes closed slightly, detecting the prominent heat from the pendant streaming into his body inhibiting the restless Cold Pond Ice Spirit inside him. He instantly smiled: “It’s efficient! This pendant can suppress the Cold Pond Ice Spirit.”

As he said, he lifted the pendant string and looped it over his head.

Gu Feidi helped Su Yang tidy his hair braid and hung the pendant on properly. He was still somewhat anxious: “Even so, don’t simply manoeuvre your internal strength unless you have no alternative; maintain some reservations. Shizun mentioned that agate can break—who knows…… it may break if you misuse it. If not, Shizun wouldn’t tell me to obtain the White Firework Gu even with such an extraordinary thing.”

What he said made sense and Su Yang nodded: “Mmm, unless I’ve no other choice, I won’t use internal strength.”

Gu Feidi continued to frown, “It seems that Shizun wants us to join the ranks of Tengyun Pavilion and the assembled Central Plains martial world circles to go annihilate the Devil Sect…… But my father used the pretext of driving me out of Tengyun Pavilion in an attempt to disrupt Eluo Ghost Tent’s moves. If we appear in the Central Plains martial arts circles at this time, it might be inopportune.”

Su Yang didn’t know how to handle this situation. He turned his head to ask Luo Yu for assistance.

Luo Yu deliberated for a moment: “Shizun didn’t specifically tell you to follow Tengyun Pavilion to the Devil Sect, merely to head to the Wasteland and then continue on to Eluo Ghost Tent…”

As he spoke, his brows gradually knitted and he became lost in thought.

After a while, he glanced up at Luo Yin and asked, “At this point, are you truly leaving for the sake of returning to the royal court to take revenge?”

Luo Yin nodded: “My royal father, royal concubine mother, didis and meimeis were all killed by Eluojue. Of course, I want to take revenge.”

“You don’t need to hurry back to the Ghost Tent’s royal court.” Luo Yu said, “Ah Yue and I have hypothesised that there may be another hidden objective for Tengyun Pavilion’s annihilation of the Devil Sect. It may be connected to Eluo Ghost Tent. I’m more certain of my hypothesis now that I’ve read Shizun’s letter… but I still need to ask Gu Ruohai in person regarding this matter.”

After pausing, he turned to Gu Feidi, “Therefore, both of you should first follow me to the Wasteland and don’t reveal yourselves before the Central Plains martial arts troops yet. After I clarify all the ins and outs of this annihilation, you two can decide on how you want to proceed.”

Gu Feidi and Su Yang threw each other a look and nodded to Luo Yu.

After solving Gu Feidi’s query, Luo Yu asked Luo Yin again: “From my observation of your breath, you’ve practiced the Black Feather Army, Shadow Camp’s…… stealth assassination skill?”

Luo Yin: “Yes. Before the incident, I was gaining experience in the Shadow Camp and it was also due to the stealth skills that I managed to successfully escape the pursuit to arrive at Lesser Jade House.” 

After a moment’s silence, Luo Yu sighed: “In any rate, this skill is just for killing one person.”

Luo Yin was still expressionless: “It’s sufficient for me to kill him alone.”

Luo Yu said, “Granted that you’ve been specialising on assassination techniques in Lesser Jade House…… Ghost Tent’s royal court is heavily guarded, not to mention having the support of the Black Feather Army and the White Witch Tower. It’ll be difficult for you to sneak close to Eluojue. Instead of you going alone to assassinate him, why don’t you follow me to discreetly contact those in the royal court who aren’t loyal to Eluojue. This way, we can break up the power under his control……But this matter requires careful planning and cannot be rushed.”

“Black Feather Army…… perhaps there’s no need to worry about them.”

Chi Tong cut in just then: “I’ll ask Imperial Father to give me the command seal to mobilise the northwest frontier army. We’ll use the might of the Imperial troops to impede the Black Feather Army. Prior to this, I’ve said that I had no confidence on whether I could convince Imperial Father, but after having met with Sixth shu, this matter ought to be reliable. Besides, before Sixth shu left the palace, he was our court’s singularly exceptional young general. Moreover, Imperial Father trusts him.”

Upon hearing this, Luo Yu turned to look at Qin Jianyue.

Qin Jianyue scrunched his eyebrows and contemplated for a moment before casting a glance at Chi Tong, “So I’ll accompany you back to the capital.”

Luo Yu was worried: “But ultimately, you and he haven’t seen each other in twenty years. He’s sitting atop that position, he’d surely would’ve changed…… what if he doesn’t grant you military power and doesn’t let you leave the capital…”

Qin Jianyue smiled, “If he doesn’t let me leave, I’ll just run away again.”

Listening to the exchange between the two, Chi Tong smiled all of a sudden: “Elder’s relationship with Sixth shu is really good. Look Luo Yin, you don’t have to worry at all that I won’t be able to get out again once I return to the capital!”

Luo Yin eyed Chi Tong silently and said: “It’s better if you don’t come, it’s safer to remain in the capital than deploying troops at the border.”

Chi Tong gave Luo Yin a punch in vexation: “If I don’t lead the troops to meet you, do I wait for the Black Feather Army to carve you up into eight pieces instead? You had the nerve to say that… “

Luo Yu and Qin Jianyue exchanged glances, their expressions were a little unfathomable as they saw how both the juniors quarrelled with each other.

Initially, they believed that the ill-fated relationship between the Imperial court and Eluo Ghost Tent would be fully severed once they both left their respective palaces and withdrew from the world. Neither expected that after twenty years, there would emerge a pair of children among their next generation who were willing to cast off their backgrounds and accompany each other.


After deliberating on a rough plan, all of them headed down the mountain together and decided to temporarily stay in Meizhu Town for half a day. After rigorously scrutinising the plan, they would each set off separately early the next morning.

The inn previously set up by Devil Sect’s Lan Hall was still in operation. It appeared as if there was no concern with regards to the annihilation by Tengyun Pavilion at all. Of course, Su Yang was the only one in the group who knew that this inn was managed by the Devil Sect and he’d no intention of exposing his identity, so he followed Luo Yu back to the other inn they’d stayed in the previous night to rest.

Luo Yu and Qin Jianyue rarely showed themselves in the Jianghu, so they disguised themselves as Jianghu rangers and went out to make enquiries regarding news on the annihilation by Tengyun Pavilion.

Chi Tong hadn’t seen Su Yang for over half a year, so he dragged him to talk about his experiences. He’d remained in Lesser Jade House for several years and never expressed interest about the situation of the Jianghu. Only then did he hear from Su Yang and Gu Feidi about the Dubious Tomb of the Sword Sage and the Sword Sage Legacy. He also learned that Gu Feidi had been infected with Eluo Ghost Tent’s blood Gu and after hearing all causes and effects of Su Yang helping him to detoxify the Gu, he couldn’t help feeling a little crestfallen.

“Now that you mentioned it, you and Luo Yin are biao xiong di*!” Chi Tong straightaway hauled Luo Yin over and smiled, “But you don’t bear the slightest resemblance. So it’s understandable why you didn’t recognise each other in the first place!”

(*TN : maternal cousin brothers)

Luo Yin wasn’t emotionally moved at all. He calmly said: “I was still young then and I didn’t have any memories of my xiao gugu*, so naturally I couldn’t recognise him.”

(*TN : youngest paternal aunt)

Su Yang was embarrassed and didn’t want to call Luo Yin ‘biao ge’* and continued to address him as ‘shixiong’ like he used to.

(*TN : elder maternal cousin brother)

“However, since you‘ve this level of identity…… If you follow us to go to Eluo Ghost Tent, it may be the answer to the problem of the White Witch Tower.”

Luo Yin said: “You possess the Ghost Tent’s royal female bloodline and you’ve practiced Half Withered Red. As such you can be considered as half an Eluo witch. In the first place, when Eluojue started an armed rebellion, he’d colluded with a witch to assassinate the previous Great Witch. Only then was he able to successfully take control of the White Witch Tower. Therefore, the current Great Witch doesn’t have the bloodline of the royal females. If she encounters you, I’m afraid she will lose the ability to suppress the White Firework Gu.”

When he heard this, Su Yang couldn’t help being taken aback.

“But I’m not from Eluo Ghost Tent.” He said, “Half Withered Red is just an excerpt of that whatever-Gu refining technique. How can I compare to the Great Witch?”

Luo Yin shook his head, “I can’t vouch for other types of poisonous Gu, but the King Gu and the White Firework Gu which Eluo Ghost Tent‘s previous Great Witches used to nurture in bodies have always been given blood offerings from the ladies of the royal family’s bloodline. This is exceedingly bizarre and I can’t justify why, but I’m certain that your hold on the White Firework Gu is much more powerful than that of the current Great Witch.”

Su Yang instead became worried after hearing him explain it like that: “But from Shizun’s letter, she means for Feidi to tame the White Firework Gu. He’s not from Eluo Ghost Tent and he hasn’t practiced Half Withered Red…”

“I too, find this matter odd.” Luo Yin said, “Gu Feidi cultivation methods are based on Righteous and Yang schools. Once he obtains the Firework Gu, his internal strength would be extremely fierce. In addition, he doesn’t have the Ghost Tent’s royal female bloodline. It would be terribly hazardous when taming the Firework Gu. But… since Shizun has mentioned that the Firework Gu is his lucky chance, then it must be true.”

Su Yang exchanged a glance with Gu Feidi and both of them caught a slight understanding from each other’s gazes.

——Although Gu Feidi does not have Eluo Ghost Tent‘s royal bloodline, he has Su Yang by his side. Although he has not practiced Half Withered Red, Su Yang has practiced it. Although his techniques are of the Righteous and Yang school, Su Yang’s internal strength is already extremely cold; enough to assist him in inhibiting the fierce internal strength. As long as the both of them don’t separate, Gu Feidi can indeed tame the White Firework Gu with Su Yang’s assistance.

And when he obtains the Fire Gu, Gu Feidi’s internal strength would definitely be infinitely more scalding than it was now——it just happened to be what he needed to dual cultivate with Su Yang.

In that case, once Su Yang leaves, Gu Feidi will suffer harmful effects to his health by the White Firework Gu.

“It’s too dangerous.” Su Yang frowned and said in a low voice, “Why would Shizun think that this thing is your lucky chance?”

Gu Feidi reached to hold Su Yang’s fingers, “The Cold Pond Ice Spirit is also just as dangerous. You used to hang your life by a thread back then for the sake of saving me…”

Su Yang said helplessly: “Don’t always bring that up, alright? Back then, I didn’t know I would obtain the Cold Pond Ice Spirit when I was saving you. In the beginning, it was beneficial for me and didn’t cause much harm. The White Firework Gu doesn’t sound like anything good.”

“Your words are prejudiced.” Luo Yin cut in, “It may be dangerous when he tames the White Firework Gu, but as long as he can successfully tame the Fire Gu, he won’t need to fear any poisons in the future. It also is beneficial and has considerable influence on Yang methodologies.

Su Yang was evidently still immensely worried. When Gu Feidi saw this, he immediately changed the subject to another aspect: “Based on what you said earlier, it sounds like the White Firework Gu is an item peculiar to Eluo Ghost Tent’s Great Witch. What happens to the Great Witch once I obtain it?”

Upon hearing this, Luo Yin remained silent for a while before saying: “If I fail to assassinate him this time, if you captured the White Witch Pagoda and obtained the Fire Gu, it would be counted as crippling Ghost Tent’s strength. If I can successfully seize power, it would be due to your assistance. I think it’s too insubstantial to present the Fire Gu as a token of my gratitude. Anyway, that White Firework Gu is not the only one in the world. You merely need to travel to the extreme north to seek out fresh ones.”

While everyone was talking, there was a sudden knock on the door and a worker called from outside, “The Fifth Month Orchid Wine that Young Sir requested has arrived.”

Everyone in the room looked blankly at each other; unsure of what kind of secret code this was or where it had come from.

Gu Feidi was the most powerful martial artist among them. He threw everyone a look, picked up his Long Cherished Heart sword and went to open the door.

Sure enough, outside the door was an inn worker bearing a wine pot, but he appeared somewhat older. His face was full of smiles as he set foot into the room. His gaze didn’t waver and it landed directly on Su Yang.

Su Yang subconsciously felt that he seemed to have met this person somewhere before. It wasn’t until he noticed the orchid pattern on his clothes that he called out softly in surprise: “Lan Wu?”

Hearing this address, Gu Feidi was also extremely astonished and immediately backhanded the door, closing it.

Lan Wu put down the wine pot he was holding, bent down on one knee and saluted Su Yang: “Subordinate Lan Wu greets Young Saint!”



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