Chapter 9 : Truth Revealed

Title : Gu Ruohai’s & Su Huaizhu’s Story

Author : PurpleLy

THIS IS FAN FICTION!!! Click here to read the full disclaimer.

Gu Ruohai stomped all the way to the martial arts field. It was already past midnight now, and everyone had either gone to bed or were in their courtyards, so he had the whole field to himself. There were a few lamps that hadn’t gone out yet, which provided the area with some scant illumination.

The moment he set foot on the marked ground of the field, Gu Ruohai leapt up with his light footwork and activated his internal strength. Then he swung out his sword and began to brandish his True Hawk Sword technique. His moves were violent and forceful. Each wave of the blade carried a destructive surge of his internal force.

There was a heavy and ferocious air current around him as he swirled and hacked his way around.

Gu Ruohai didn’t want to care. He didn’t want to think.

He continued to slash and stab in a frenzy of wild strikes.

All of a sudden, he caught a glint of a sword out of the corner of his eye. A figure swooped in from the side, and a sword clashed with his move, giving off a loud and resounding “CLANG!”

Gu Ruohai stopped when he realised who it was. “Shixiong?” He managed to utter out between hurried breaths.

Huang shixiong didn’t reply but went on to attack him, twirling his body and swinging his sword at Gu Ruohai’s chest. It was a formidable force, and Gu Ruohai felt the sword’s killing aura permeating the air and forcing him back.

Gu Ruohai whipped himself away to dodge the strike and lunged at Huang shixiong from the left.

With a flip of his footwork, Huang shixiong managed to evade Gu Ruohai’s blade. He sprang out and thrust his sword low, swiping it at Gu Ruohai’s legs, then followed with a succession of hurried strikes.

Gu Ruohai was tired even before he’d come to the martial arts field and even more after he’d lashed out prior to Huang shixiong’s arrival. At the moment, he was already quite drained. He could continue to parry, but he would only be able to hold out for so long. He needed to counterattack, quickly gain an advantage, and defeat Huang shixiong in the shortest possible time.

In a last ditch effort, Gu Ruohai launched himself forward, flipped, and spun in the air while lunging out his sword. It whipped out strike after strike in Huang shixiong’s direction.

Huang shixiong’s eyes widened, and he tried to deflect the strikes, but it was an overbearing task. In a split second, Gu Ruohai saw that Huang shixiong would not be able to ward off his blows and would definitely be injured. He instantly hauled his body’s momentum backwards, dug his feet and the tip of his sword into the ground to halt himself.

His heart hadn’t yet ceased slamming into his chest, and he struggled to calm his disordered breathing. When he looked up, Huang shixiong had stopped on the spot. His breaths were controlled, but he was slightly taken aback.

The fierce auras had dissipated, but when the dust settled, the ground around them bore marks of heavy, savage sword slashes in all directions.

Realising what he’d just done, Gu Ruohai straightened and immediately dropped to his knees, cupping his fists with his sword in one hand. “Begging shixiong’s forgiveness. This disciple has overstepped. Requesting for shixiong to punish me,” he managed to rasp out.

Huang shixiong sheathed his sword and walked slowly towards Gu Ruohai. Once he was directly in front of him, he reached out with one hand and pulled Gu Ruohai to stand up. “Most impressive, Gu shidi. Have you given your technique a name?”

Gu Ruohai blinked at Huang shixiong and replied, “True Hawk Sword.”

Hmm. However, I must emphasise that you cannot overdo martial arts training. Don’t hurt your body in an effort to calm your mind,” Huang shixiong said in a steady voice.

Gu Ruohai cupped his fists again, “Yes, shixiong. Thank you for the lesson.”

Huang shixiong raised an eyebrow and said, “It’s late. Why aren’t you asleep?”

Gu Ruohai wanted to say it, but it sounded too embarrassing. So he kept quiet and looked at his feet.

Huang shixiong patted him on the shoulder and said, “Both of you are still young. There’s plenty of time for that, right?”

Gu Ruohai replied, “Yes, shixiong.”

Huang shixiong nudged him in the direction of the courtyard, “Alright now. I suggest you have a bath after you’ve cooled down. Then go and rest.”

Gu Ruohai turned to leave and Huang shixiong added, “Su Huaizhu will achieve a breakthrough soon. Be patient.”

Gu Ruohai paused in his tracks. Wait. Did he mean……

That wasn’t it, was it? His fists instinctively clenched.

Huang shixiong saw that he wasn’t leaving and called out, “Gu shidi? What’s wrong?”

Gu Ruohai slowly turned and replied with a smile, “You’re right, shixiong…” He pondered for a second, before continuing, “……seeing as I’ve…… waited this long already.”

Huang shixiong returned the smile, “Good.”

Gu Ruohai walked back to Yingyuan courtyard and sat down on the steps leading up to the house to cool down his sweating body. 

His raging thoughts were another matter. He didn’t count himself as a violent person. But somehow, Su Huaizhu had managed to provoke every manner of suppressed emotion inside him, good and bad.

He had a mind to storm into Su Huaizhu’s bedroom and give him a thrashing right now.—No. He shouldn’t.

Gu Ruohai let out a sigh.

Huang shixiong was right: He needed a bath. 

A cold one.


When the sounds of morning stirred Su Huaizhu out of his slumber, the first thing he saw when he blinked open his eyes was Gu Ruohai sitting on the edge of his bed, staring down at him.

“Hai Bo’er?” He mumbled as he rubbed his face and pushed himself to a sitting position.

“Good morning.” Gu Ruohai said, the corners of his lips slowly curling up.

Su Huaizhu moved nearer and took hold of Gu Ruohai’s hand. “What shall we do today?”

Gu Ruohai stared into his eyes for a while as if he was giving something a lot of thought, then he slowly shifted closer.

He leaned in, and seeing as Su Huaizhu didn’t move away, he angled his head and joined their lips.

Su Huaizhu wrapped his arms around Gu Ruohai and pushed in his tongue to part his lips. Gu Ruohai curled one arm around Su Huaizhu and the other behind his head to hold him in place. Their tongues teased and licked, dancing in each other’s mouths. Their breathing had already increased, their bodies rubbing against one another. The hearts were pounding so hard and fast that you could almost hear them.

Gu Ruohai pressed Su Huaizhu back down onto the bed, his hands roaming to the front of his inner shirt and undoing the buttons. Su Huaizhu abruptly caught hold of Gu Ruohai’s wrists, stopping him. His lips were pink, moist, and slightly swollen from their kisses.

“Hai B—”

Gu Ruohai cut him off with his lips as he flung open Su Huaizhu’s shirt and ran his hands up and down his firm chest. When Su Huaizhu tried to seize his hands again, Gu Ruohai deftly twisted away and gripped Su Huaizhu’s wrists, pulling them above his head and locking them there with one of his hands. Then he continued to plunder his mouth.

They were equal in terms of strength, so it wasn’t easy to manoeuvre out from Gu Ruohai’s clutches. Su Huaizhu panted and gasped for breath. The look in Gu Ruohai’s eyes was determined, and when his other hand travelled much lower, Su Huaizhu gathered his wits and managed to summon enough power to shove Gu Ruohai away before scooting out of bed, well beyond Gu Ruohai’s reach.

He was a sight—all disheveled and breathless, visibly aroused, and clutching the open flaps of his shirt together.

Gu Ruohai stood up from the bed and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “Do you have something to say to me?” he asked calmly.

They looked at each other. No one spoke for a while. 

Su Huaizhu pushed his hair away from his face, took a deep breath, and approached Gu Ruohai apprehensively. He stood in front of him and placed his hands on both Gu Ruohai’s arms, giving him a light squeeze. “Hai Bo’er……” he began, looking him in the eyes, “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you.”

Gu Ruohai lowered his crossed arms, then all of a sudden, he thumped Su Huaizhu on the chest.

Su Huaizhu winced as he rubbed the place where Gu Ruohai had hit. He gave a light cough. “I didn’t want you to worry, and then I imagined you’d be upset at me for seducing you in the first place.”

Gu Ruohai pressed his fingers to his temples. “So lying to me was the best option?”

Su Huaizhu: “I didn’t lie.”

Gu Ruohai raised an eyebrow.

“……Merely delayed in telling you……”

Gu Ruohai rolled his eyes.

Su Huaizhu tugged Gu Ruohai to sit down on the bed together and dropped a kiss on his forehead. He embraced him and said in a low voice, “Clearly, it wasn’t a good decision.”

Gu Ruohai pulled away from the embrace and faced Su Huaizhu, “Zhu Zhi’er…”

Su Huaizhu looked down and said, “Do you recall the Winter Solstice when I exited seclusion?”

Gu Ruohai nodded, waiting for him to go on.

Su Huaizhu swallowed and continued, “I’d been cultivating for over two months with little progress. I’d expected to have achieved a breakthrough by then or at least be close to it.”

He cleared his throat, “So I was wondering where I’d gone wrong when I’d exited that day, and later, Huang shixiong informed me through Shizun’s letter.”

Gu Ruohai had an unfathomable expression. “And Shizun said that you’re not allowed to…… before you can breakthrough the exercises? Who created this technique?”

Su Huaizhu frowned and grunted, “My father.”

Gu Ruohai said, “Did he have the same problem?”

Su Huaizhu answered, “I wouldn’t know. I hardly see or speak to him.”

Gu Ruohai regarded him for a while, and it seemed like he’d just realised something. “So that’s why you’ve been doing everything to not sleep with me…… You jerk!” He moved to thump him again, but Su Huaizhu caught his hand this time.

“Do you have any idea what’s been going through my head since then?! I thought I’d turned into this shameless wanton!” Gu Ruohai glared at Su Huaizhu.

Su Huaizhu pinched his chin and drew him in for a kiss. He murmured, “You are a shameless wanton. I can’t control myself whenever I’m with you. That’s why it’s been a complete torture for me to restrain myself every time I’m near you.”

The kiss deepened, and they began to breathe heavily again. Their hands instinctively roamed over each other. Gu Ruohai suddenly pulled back and said, “We can’t continue; not until you’ve achieved your breakthrough, isn’t that right? I assumed as much from Huang shixiong’s words.”

Su Huaizhu closed his eyes and straightened up. He released a long sigh, saying, “Unfortunately, each time counts as another setback, and I’ll have to cultivate for longer.”

Then he paused and asked, “Huang shixiong told you?”

Gu Ruohai sighed. “He found me when I was sword training late last night—” he said as threw a nasty look at Su Huaizhu. “He told me to be patient, as you’ll be achieving a breakthrough soon. It was then that I sort of figured it out.”

He huffed and reached out to caress Su Huaizhu’s face. “You have a bad habit of keeping everything to yourself, you know? We should be able to tell each other everything.”

Su Huaizhu turned and kissed Gu Ruohai’s palm. 

There was a mischievous twinkle in his eyes as he said, “Ng, I know we can’t do ‘that’……”

He tugged open Gu Ruohai’s shirt, pushed him down onto the bed, and started to kiss his neck and chest. “But I can do this……” he whispered as his hands made deft work of Gu Ruohai’s pants and moved lower.

“No… ah…. don’t…”

Shh…… my shameless wanton…”

Ah, ah…… Zhu Zhi’er!”



PurpleLy’s notes:

Alright, this part is for you sleuths out there. In the novel, Gu Ruohai told Gu Feidi in Chapter 72 that he created the True Hawk Sword technique to defeat a shixiong in Lesser Jade House. In my version, he created it of his own volition, but the first person he defeated was Huang shixiong.

The reason I wrote it this way was because, as I considered it from Gu Ruohai’s POV—hear me out.

From his perspective, it sounded better to tell his son that he’d created it to take down a shixiong rather than telling him he created it and first used it to defeat a shixiong who’d interrupted his outburst stemming from prologue sexual frustrations with another man.

I mean, he wasn’t forthright with Gu Feidi about his prior relationship with Su Huaizhu to begin with, right?

There you go. 😂

Thank you for reading my fanfic, and I hope you enjoyed it.



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