Chapter 9 : Plans to Flee & the Promise

Title : Luo Yu’s & Qin Jianyue’s Story

Author : PurpleLy

THIS IS FAN FICTION!!! Click here to read the full disclaimer

Back in the imperial palace, Qin Jianyue was pacing up and down in his room. The servants had delivered his meals, but he wasn’t in any mood to eat. It had been five days now. He knew Luo Yu would be terribly worried and he needed to find a way to send him a message.

There was the sound of the door creaking open, and Qin Jianyue turned to look. To his surprise, he saw a small figure peeking in and immediately recognised who it was.

“Danyang? What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in your courtyard? Where’s your nanny?” Qin Jianyue hurried over, looked around to see if anyone else had spotted her before pulling her inside and closing the doors.

The round-faced girl asked, “Sixth shu*, I heard huang fu** is making you stay here?”

(*address for father’s younger brother, uncle)

(**royal children’s address for their emperor father)

Qin Jianyue gave a wry smile and said, “Yes, I made your huang fu angry, so he punished me.”

Danyang rubbed her nose, “You know better than to do that. So when are you coming out, then? You said you’d bring me horseback riding once you came back from your travels.”

Qin Jianyue rubbed his face, “I don’t know if I can do that now. All I want to do is get out of here as soon as possible. There’s someone important waiting for me outside.”

Danyang held out her hand and smiled, “I’ll bring you out. Huang fu loves me very much. He won’t scold me.”

“Thanks, but I don’t think that’ll work.” Qin Jianyue smiled and patted her on the head.

The little princess frowned. “You mean I can’t help you at all?”

Qin Jianyue looked at her and paused for a moment. Then he raised an eyebrow, “Hmm, maybe…”


The next day, a missive was delivered to Tengyun Pavilion’s branch.

Luo Yu was having tea in his room when Gu Ruohai and Su Huaizhu came bursting in.

Gu Ruohai handed him a letter: “Luo shidi! It’s from Qin shidi! He left the imperial palace and went looking for us at the inn.”

Luo Yu quickly stood up and took the letter, but before he opened it, he looked up and asked, “Where is he now?”

Gu Ruohai: “Gone. My man there said that he intercepted him and introduced himself when he heard his enquiries with the innkeeper. He seemed to be in a hurry and said to deliver this letter to you. Then he left without any further instructions.”

Luo Yu ripped open the letter and scanned its contents.

Just then, Eluojin knocked on the door and walked in, asking, “What’s going on? I heard running and banging.”

Su Huaizhu: “Qin shidi just sent over a letter to your Ge.”

Luo Yu breathed a sigh of relief, “He’s alright. Ah Yue said that he argued with the emperor and was confined to his rooms. He only managed to escape recently with some help. He worries that his departure will soon be noticed, and it wasn’t prudent for him to remain in the capital. He’s returning directly to Yuqiong Peak and will meet me there.”

He put down the letter and rushed to pack his things. “I need to go to him.” Luo Yu said.

Eluojin moved to stop him: “Ge, have you forgotten? Eluo Ghost Tent’s assassins are still on the lookout for you! If you go, you’ll be found and killed!”

Luo Yu shook off her hand, “Ah Yue’s left the capital. There’s no point for me to remain here any longer.”

Gu Ruohai exclaimed, “The timing is perfect! I was thinking about this last night, but I was concerned we wouldn’t be able to help Qin shidi if he needed us. Now that he’s already made his way out, we can go ahead and kill Luo Yu off.”

Everyone’s gaze turned to Gu Ruohai in surprise. Eluojin’s mouth fell open: “What?!”

Su Huaizhu paused for a moment, then smiled knowingly at Gu Ruohai, “Hai Bo’er, you’re a genius!”

Gu Ruohai turned to Luo Yu, “We’ll fake your death and use Tengyun Pavilion’s resources to spread the word. Fortunately, you’re going to return to Yuqiong Peak anyway but you will need to remain there until the situation has abated.”

Eluojin’s face fell. “Do I have to go too?”

Luo Yu considered it for a moment: “Jin’er, you should return to Eluo. Ah Yue and I have already decided to leave the Jianghu because of our mutual situations. But it’s not fair for you to follow us to recluse from the world. Since our king only wants my death, you should go back.”

Eluojin clutched Luo Yu’s arm and said, “Ge, I don’t want to go back. Once I return, surely our king brother will lock me up and have me married off straightaway. I’m not ready for that yet.” She cast pitiful looks at Gu Ruohai’s and Su Huaizhu’s direction.

Luo Yu sighed, “Jin’er, don’t be stubborn—”

Eluojin turned to Su Huaizhu and Gu Ruohai, “Su DaGe! Gu DaGe! Both of you are touring the Jianghu. Why don’t you bring me along? For a little while at least. Then I’ll go stay with Ge on Yuqiong Peak until we figure something out, alright? Please. Please! PLEASE!” 

Su Huaizhu exchanged a look with Gu Ruohai.

Luo Yu shook his head. “Jin’er, you can’t just invite yourself into Hai Ge’s and Zhu Ge’s plans.”

Su Huaizhu cleared his throat, “It’s alright, Luo shidi. Let her follow me and Hai Bo’er for a while. We’d planned to tour the Jianghu, so we won’t remain in the capital either. She shouldn’t be travelling alone with you in any case. You’re on the run, and she’s safer with the two of us protecting her.”

Gu Ruohai nodded. “Once the rumour of your death has taken root, we’ll deliver Luo Jin to you on Yuqiong Peak.”

Eluojin was ecstatic: “Yes, please agree, Ge. Please!”

While Luo Yu was anxious about his sister’s wellbeing, he missed Qin Jianyue terribly and wanted to see him as soon as possible. He knew Gu Ruohai and Su Huaizhu could be trusted, and it was just a temporary separation. So he cupped his fists and bowed, “Luo Yu thanks Hai Ge and Zhu Ge for your help.”

Gu Ruohai and Su Huaizhu moved to lift him. “Luo shidi, there’s no need for such formalities. We’re all good friends. We’ll look after Luo Jin for you.” Su Huaizhu said with a smile.

Gu Ruohai left to discuss his plan with Liang shixiong since he needed to use Tengyun Pavilion’s resources for its implementation. Su Huaizhu, Luo Yu, and Eluojin remained in the room to finalise the details and when would be a good time to set the plan in motion.

Luo Yu wanted to leave without delay, but he knew this sort of thing needed time to arrange and coordinate, so he waited patiently for Gu Ruohai to manage everything and began to pack his belongings.

It didn’t take long for Gu Ruohai and Liang shixiong to sort everything out. They would dress Luo Yu’s clothes on the Eluo Ghost Tent assassin’s body from earlier with some fake documents and have Tengyun Pavilion’s people plant it somewhere in the city that could be easily discovered. Then they would spread the rumours of Luo Yu’s demise at the hands of assassins.

The rest was simple. Luo Yu would disguise himself and depart for Yuqiong Peak at the same time when Gu Ruohai, Su Huaizhu, and Eluojin would leave the capital. Once the matter was settled, the group decided to set off the following day.

That night, the four of them had dinner together.

Luo Yu raised his wine cup and toasted, “This cup is a thank you to Hai Ge. If it wasn’t for your assistance, I would never be able to overcome this on my own.”

Gu Ruohai lifted his cup in acknowledgement, “I’m just doing what I can for you, my friend. I know you’d do the same thing for me.”

After they drank, Luo Yu reached into his robes and took out the jade pendant he’d bought before. He handed it to Gu Ruohai saying, “Your Liang shixiong told me it’s your birthday today. This is just a little something I got for you. Consider it also as a token of my promise to you. If you ever need me for anything, just show it to me and I will do my utmost to fulfil it.”

Gu Ruohai received the pendant with both hands. “Thank you, Luo shidi. It’s a beautiful pendant.”

Su Huaizhu looked on with approval, “Yes, it has a fine colour.”

Eluojin pouted at Luo Yu, “You didn’t tell me it’s Gu DaGe’s birthday. I would’ve gotten him something too!” She turned to Su Huaizhu, “Su DaGe, did you know it was Gu DaGe’s birthday? Did you get him anything?”

Su Huaizhu pulled Gu Ruohai close and put his chin on his shoulder, “Of course I knew. And I’ve already given him his present,” he replied with a smile.

Gu Ruohai blushed and nudged Su Huaizhu gently.

Eluojin rolled her eyes.

They chatted and drank some more before retiring for the night.

The following morning, everything went like clockwork. Luo Yu bade farewell to Eluojin and his friends. Gu Ruohai and Su Huaizhu promised to take good care of her and would escort her to Yuqiong Peak in a few weeks. Luo Yu thanked them again, especially Gu Ruohai. for all he’d done for him. Having said their goodbyes, everyone made their way out of the capital.

At the same time, somewhere within the city, a disfigured body was discovered by some imperial guards on patrol.


After riding for a few days, Luo Yu finally arrived at the foot of Yulian Mountain. Luckily for him, and perhaps mostly due to Tengyun Pavilion’s assistance, his journey all the way was relatively peaceful. Nevertheless, Luo Yu remained in disguise and didn’t take any chances.

Once he’d sold the horse, he made some purchases in the market and donned his hiking boots and a coat for the trek up the mountain. He had to stop several times to shelter from the biting wind and snow, but after a few hours, he managed to arrive at Yuqiong Peak.

He pushed open the courtyard gate and entered. Before he’d even closed the gate, he found himself being embraced and kissed by Qin Jianyue.

“I missed you, Ah Yu.” Qin Jianyue whispered as he held Luo Yu’s chilled cheeks in his hands.

“I did too,” replied Luo Yu, taking his fill of the man he’d not seen in over a week.

When Luo Yu had put away all his luggage, Qin Jianyue brought him into the hot spring pool for a soak.

As he reclined in the safety of his lover’s arms, the heat of the spring water seemed to melt away all his worries and anxieties he’d bottled up for so long.

Qin Jianyue kissed Luo Yu’s forehead and asked him about what had happened in his absence. Luo Yu told him about how they waited for him, the Eluo Ghost Tent assassin, and how Gu Ruohai had helped get them off his trail. He told him about the promise he made, the pendant he’d given, and how Gu Ruohai and Su Huaizhu were travelling the Jianghu with Eluojin in tow at the moment.

Once he’d finished, Qin Jianyue apologised for making him worry and how his conversation with his emperor brother had caused him to be imprisoned in his rooms. Then he mentioned how he’d managed to escape with the help of his niece, who’d distracted some guards long enough for him to flee.

“So it’s just us now.” Qin Jianyue whispered as he dropped more kisses along Luo Yu’s ear and down his neck.

Luo Yu turned in his arms and met his lips, breathing in the male scent he’d become so familiar with.

“Yes…” Luo Yu sighed back in contentment. Right at that moment, he was certain this was where he was meant to be. He was happy and safe with the one he loved. No matter what happens, they would always be together.


PurpleLy’s note :

If you’ve read the novel, you’ll know what tragedy comes after. I’m not brave enough to write those heartbreaking scenes.

Like I’ve told some of my readers. This is me still hanging onto Gu Feidi’s and Su Yang’s wonderful story and the characters inside it.

This fanfic was much harder to write than my first fanfic, Gu Ruohai’s and Su Huaizhu’s story, because of all the different plots and aspects I had to ensure were covered in this timeline. The tricky part was determining what happened when. But I learned not to stress over it, and true enough, all the answers and resolutions I needed revealed themselves in due course.

As always, thank you for reading and for your support!

Continually sending my love out into the world through my words,




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