Chapter 56 : Ice Spirit Gives Doubt

Title: Did We Agree To Be Arch-Rivals?

Original Title: 说好成为彼此的宿敌呢[穿书]

Author: 轻风白杨 (Qingfeng Baiyang)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

“Must nip… nip the tongue to offset… tongues and blood to fuse together, no gaps in the lips…”

Su Yang quietly read the sentences on the engraving. His response was delayed as he wanted to understand what they meant.

The scene described by the sentences unconsciously appeared in his mind. He only felt that his scalp was tingling; there was a fever in his heart and cold sweat started to drip down.

He needed to have a mouth-to-mouth French kiss with Gu Feidi in order to detoxify him?!

And looking at the phrase “Power delivers red, soft red, wither red three cycles,” which meant he needed to maintain the French kiss and perform three different, small, skill cycles. He feared it would last for at least ten minutes!

He shouldn’t have trusted the original author’s moral integrity! F* k!

Even if the author was a lady!

Since the original storyline arranged for the heroine to detoxify the male lead, he should have guessed that this method of detoxification wouldn’t be some ordinary interaction!

But… now the heroine’s gone aaa!

Except for him—the inexplicable and ‘always-ruining-the-storyline’ Devil Sect’s Young Saint—who else was able to detoxify Gu Feidi?!

Having arrived at this thought, Su Yang was a little unexplainably grateful. Fortunately, this missy author was still reserved and hadn’t come up with a more excessive dual cultivation and detoxifying procedure. Otherwise, he might really have to try committing suicide again and let it end with his death.

Su Yang stood in front of the engraving and bit his lower lip, wondering to himself how he was going to explain this matter to Gu Feidi.

It didn’t matter to him. Since he’d already entered the entertainment industry, he’d already prepared himself to film kiss scenes with others. Although Gu Feidi was a man, but… *cough*, actors should have this kind of training. Even if they are men, they must be able to overcome psychological barriers so that they can kiss when they are required to.

What’s more, Gu Feidi was so handsome, he wouldn’t be suffering any losses by kissing him…

That’s wrong! Why was he letting his imagination run wild?!

Su Yang raised his hand to grab his hair and internally cursed himself a few times.

Gu Feidi was a man from the past, born and bred here. He would certainly not be able to accept such intimate contact between men. He recalled the time in the underground cave at Cold Mirror Pond when he’d attempted to save Gu Feidi by using artificial respiration and had received a palm strike from him.

This detoxification required that there were no gaps in the lips, and nipping the tongue to offset…… Gu Feidi would definitely not be able to accept it.

However, the Gu poison must be resolved.

If Gu Feidi was still angry at the time… then just let him strike me again.

Anyway, the skin of this shell was rough, the flesh was thick, and it had endured being slashed before, so I’m not afraid of a thrashing.

With this realisation, Su Yang decided to bring Gu Feidi to take a look at the engraving and let him be psychologically prepared, so as not to put him off and have him agonise over it for a long time.

Back in the stone chamber, Su Yang saw that Gu Feidi was sitting at the table and writing, so he approached and sat down opposite him.

Gu Feidi looked up and asked, “Found it?”

Mmm, found it.” Su Yang nodded. “It states the way to extradite the Gu poison. Looks like it should be feasible.”

Putting down the brush he was holding, Gu Feidi looked at Su Yang seriously and asked, “Is it difficult to train? If it’s difficult, why not copy it down? Then we can bring it back to Iris Island and slowly study it together.”

“It’s not difficult. There are only three levels; it’s all minor circulation skills,” Su Yang said. “However, we cannot have sunlight or light from fires during training of the technique. If we bring it back to Iris Island, I’m afraid we can only practise at night. I’m worried that I won’t complete the training within a month and it’ll delay your detoxification; therefore it’s more convenient to stay here. “

After hearing the words, Gu Feidi said, “Fine, I’ll accompany you to stay here.”

Su Yang nodded, raised his eyes to look at Gu Feidi, and hesitated, “Mmm, there’s something concerning the detoxification that I want to tell you in advance…”

Gu Feidi was puzzled: “What is it?”

Su Yang said, “Are you feeling better? If you can move around, I’ll take you to see the engraving. I’m truly not fooling you, it’s… stated in the methodology appendix.”

Gu Feidi enjoyed looking at Su Yang’s nervous appearance and smiled, “It’s all right; just tell me; I trust you.”



Mmm… then you have to be mentally prepared.”

“It’s fine; tell me.”

Su Yang composed himself and spoke slowly in a calm voice: “The engraving states that… when extracting the Gu poison, we both need to nip our tongue tips, ‘must nip the tongue to offset, tongues and blood to fuse together’, mmm, ‘no gaps in the lips’.”

Gu Feidi was startled.

He looked straight at Su Yang; his pupils were dark, and the emotion in them couldn’t be seen.

“I know you might not be able to accept it.” Su Yang immediately raised his hands and motioned for Gu Feidi to be patient while he explained, “But this is for the sake of detoxification, to save your life. Just treat it as ‘good medicine tastes bitter’. Mmm, ‘scraping poison off the bone’*? If you don’t believe me, I’ll bring you to read the engraving.”

(*TN: To endure discomfort for the greater good.)

Gu Feidi’s throat moved slightly, and he remained silent.

Su Yang gritted his teeth: “After detoxification, if you feel I’ve offended you, I’ll let you strike me, but you mustn’t avoid this method of detoxification, alright?”

Gu Feidi stared at Su Yang for a while, the tip of his tongue moving to wet his lips. He thinned his lips and lowered his eyelashes. “…Alright.”

Su Yang breathed a sigh of relief and combed his hair awkwardly.

Gu Feidi suddenly asked, “You… even so, you are still willing to detoxify me?”

Su Yang raised the corner of his mouth and displayed the Devil Sect’s Young Saint’s iconic wicked smile: “Why would I be unwilling? You’re so handsome, I’m not losing.”

Gu Feidi laughed lightly.

Su Yang felt a bit embarrassed by his laugh and muttered in a low voice, “Besides, I said that I would detoxify you, so it must be done.”

In the dim candlelight of the stone chamber, Gu Feidi stared at Su Yang for a moment and noticed that he was getting more and more uncomfortable. He could not help but laugh again.

“Although it’s for the sake of detoxification…” Gu Feidi hesitated for a moment and finally made up his mind. He licked his lower lip and then continued, “…I have never been so intimate with anyone before. I wouldn’t know how to respond.”

Su Yang stunned: “Just… just respond like that aaa.”

Gu Feidi looked at him: “How to ‘respond like that’?”

In both lifetimes, Su Yang had never been in a romantic relationship, so of course he couldn’t answer.

Gu Feidi said, “Well, let’s—mmm… practice in advance?”

Once he realised the meaning in Gu Feidi’s words, Su Yang felt that his scalp was about to explode.

He immediately vetoed: “No practising!”

After speaking, he straightened his neck and exclaimed, “What’s there to practice aaa? Gu Feidi, I didn’t expect you to be like this, Gu Feidi! So you’ve been fantasising about my beauty for a long time? Mmm?!”

Gu Feidi rested his cheek on his hand. He just smiled at Su Yang and didn’t reply.

Su Yang felt that this kind of enclosed space and dim candlelight really rendered the atmosphere too ambiguous and dangerous.

He swallowed subconsciously, got up and said, “I’m going to study the technique.”

Seeing Su Yang almost flee in defeat, the joy in Gu Feidi’s eyes flourished even more.

He raised his hand to stroke his lips with his fingertips, and it wasn’t apparent what he was thinking. He chuckled lightly and said, “So this is the way to tackle you…”

After staring for a long time at the archway that Su Yang had gone through, Gu Feidi frowned slightly, raised his hand to cover his lips,and coughed twice.

When the pain in the body subsided, he sighed, got up, and went to the well with a handkerchief. He soaked it with water, wiped off the blood on his palm and sat back at the couch table, dipped the brush in ink and continued with the page he hadn’t finished writing.

Su Yang held a torch and came to the room where the Half Withered Red stone block was located. Casting aside the abstract anxieties in his mind, he carefully studied the methodology’s first-level principle.

After reading it over and over repeatedly, reciting and understanding the principle, he extinguished the torch, sat cross-legged in the darkness and began to drive the internal strength, running it along the route mentioned in the technique.

The Cold Pond Ice Spirit in his body was awakened by his internal strength, emitting bursts of coolness and gradually dyeing all the meridians of his body with the exercises.

Su Yang was very familiar with this feeling. When he was practicing Nine Cold Surging Shoots martial art, Cold Pond Ice Spirit also soaked his meridians this way, making the internal strength flow unimpeded and the practice of exercises was more effective while using half the effort.

However, this time the Cold Pond Ice Spirit seemed a little different.

As soon as the Cold Pond Ice Spirit had passed through four or five meridian points, Su Yang felt that the cold inside his body was so strong that he almost shivered. He forcibly performed the half of the exercises and felt bone-piercing chills all over—even his blood was almost frozen.

Lamenting that this Half Withered Red’s extreme-cold-extreme-Yin was indeed different, Su Yang had to switch to the Six Underworlds Inter Flower technique to regulate himself.

After a huge cycle of the Six Underworlds Inter Flower and Nine Cold Surging Shoots, Su Yang paused for a moment and began to urge the internal strength again, following the Half Withered Red exercise technique.

This time he forced his internal strength movement by half, gritted his teeth and continued to push through a number of meridian points.

Suddenly, an extremely domineering icy air rose from the tail end of his spine like a sharp sword, traveling up his spine and piercing into his heart.

Su Yang only felt a sharp pain in his heart and immediately lost consciousness.

In his hazy state, recalled a familiar female voice in his ear.

It was Di Ling who had once sat by his bed and calmly warned him: “… Just remember, after breaking through the Nine Cold Surging Shoots arts, you can’t practice more cold methodologies, otherwise the Ice Spirit will take root more deeply. I’m afraid it will hinder your lifespan…”

An unknown amount of time passed before Su Yang opened his eyes.

He rolled over and sat up from the ground. In the darkness where he couldn’t even see his own fingers, he was still in a daze.

It’s been so long that he’d even forgotten the Cold Pond Ice Spirit in his body had always been a double-edged sword.

It could help him get twice the result with half the effort in cold exercises, but it would also harm his body at the same time. The colder the internal strength, the more powerful the Ice Spirit. If the internal force was too cold, the Ice Spirit that would originally moisturise and care for his meridians would start to destroy his meridians instead. Unless he stops his training, this problem can’t be solved.

However, he needs Half Withered Red to detoxify Gu Feidi.

And only the Half Withered Red could extract and freeze all kinds of Gu poisons.

Su Yang knows that this was the only solution given in the storyline and in this world.

The technique was correct; he was the one who was wrong. He’d hijacked Xu Yunzhan’s scenes and obtained the Cold Pond Ice Spirit. He’d also hijacked Pu Lingyun’s scenes and had to practise these three levels of cold exercises to detoxify Gu Feidi.

……Mmm? Hang on a minute.

Su Yang suddenly frowned, reached out for the torch, took out the fire stick, and lit it again. He then went to reread the general chapter of methodology stated on the engraving once more.

After carefully reading the engraving again, Su Yang confirmed that the Half Withered Red was an extreme cold and extreme Yin methodology. It couldn’t be used as a foundation methodology and must be practiced with a foundation of cold or Yin methodologies.

But this wasn’t right.

Pu Lingyun’s ‘Folding Feather Sutra’ and her advanced methodology, ‘Peregrine Falcons Three Ends’, were both pure and upright methodologies aaa! How could she have learned the Half Withered Red technique to detoxify Gu Feidi?

The storyline… had produced a BUG?!

Su Yang was certain that of those at Gu Feidi’s side, including Fan Xi, he was the only one who practiced methodologies of the Qinghan School*.

(*TN: Clear and cold methodologies)

In addition, the Six Underworlds Inter Flower technique and the Nine Cold Surging Shoots technique complemented each other; therefore, his foundation of the cold methodology was extremely solid, and as if the Half Withered Red technique was simply tailor-made for him, as if…

——As if it was almost like the one meant to detoxify Gu Feidi was him, the Devil Sect’s Young Saint.



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