Chapter 54 : Mysterious Man in White

Title: Did We Agree To Be Arch-Rivals?

Original Title: 说好成为彼此的宿敌呢[穿书]

Author: 轻风白杨 (Qingfeng Baiyang)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

Hearing him calling himself ‘This One’, Gu Feidi immediately trembled all over and subconsciously activated his internal strength to be on guard. He raised his hand and drew his sword.

Unfortunately he triggered the poison, his face instantly turned pale and he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Su Yang hurriedly supported him and said anxiously: “Don’t manoeuvre your internal strength! Why are you doing this—“

Gu Feidi suddenly grabbed Su Yang’s hand: “Su Yang, he’s—”

Before Gu Feidi could finish his sentence, a white figure flashed past. He was hit by a huge force in his chest which flung him out and he slammed heavily onto the cave wall.

He slid down, crumbled to his knees and wasn’t able to get up for a long time. After struggling for a while, he spit out a big mouthful of blood.

Su Yang was in shock.

When he saw that Gu Feidi was seriously injured after facing that man, he instinctively rushed over to save him.

However before he could turn around, his neck was caught in a pincer-like grip and he was flung onto the top of a tall stalagmite.

Su Yang activated his internal strength and swung his sword. He used one of the Blooming Lotus Sword technique moves: ‘Clearing Thorns’ and aimed at the chest of the man in white.

The man in white bore no expression. He released the hand that was gripping Su Yang’s neck and evaded the blow.

Su Yang started his Prized Flower Steps and performed three moves ‘Rinsing Ripples’, ‘Unfurling Emeralds’ and ‘Pouring Red’ in succession. However, the man in white seemed to be very familiar with the Blooming Lotus Sword technique and avoided all these moves effortlessly.

This person was very strong.

Su Yang’s heart tightened slightly. He moved to alter the sword technique and executed Flying Flower Art ‘Cinnamon Fall’, followed by the ‘Jade Peony’ and ‘Prized Cold Plum’ moves.

——Flying Flower Art was the sword technique from Lesser Jade House. This man in white was from the Devil Sect, so he could easily deal with the Blooming Lotus Sword technique, but he may not be able to deal with the Flying Flower Art technique.

Unexpectedly, when the man in white saw Su Yang’s strikes, his figure swiftly swerved and he dodged all three closely-aligned-and-seamlessly-connected moves. At this point, he still hadn’t delivered any attacks.

The man in white easily evaded both the Blooming Lotus Sword technique and the Flying Flower Art. Su Yang gritted his teeth and changed his move from Flying Flower Art’s ‘Prized Cold Plums’ to immediately connect with his own self-made Drunk Slashing Red Plums.

With all his internal strength pouring out, Su Yang’s figure was like lightning. His sword moves were swift and fierce, sealing all the escape routes of the man in white.

At last the man in white could no longer escape, but his expression remained the same as he raised his hand and fended off Su Yang’s sword.

Gold and metal clashed. Su Yang realised that the other party didn’t receive his strikes bare-handed.

The man wielded a very thin needle between his fingers. It was only two-inches-long but it skillfully blocked the thin sword completely which Su Yang had infused with 100% of his internal strength.

Su Yang felt a little chilly in his heart.

On hindsight, he realised that the strength of the man before him was probably comparable to that of Di Ling shijie.

Throughout the fight, his opponent had yet to make a move but he’d already exhausted all of Su Yang’s skills. He feared that even with Gu Feidi in prime condition, both of them together may not be able to beat the man in white.

What should he do?


But… if he escaped, how were they going to deal with the Gu poison in Gu Feidi’s body?

Su Yang increased his internal strength and dispensed out a few sword strikes, but he still wasn’t able to inflict any injuries. The man never attacked and seemed to be holding back.

Su Yang gnashed his teeth and returned his sword into the scabbard.

Wei, who the heck are you?” He forcibly displayed the demeanour of the Devil Sect’s Young Saint, raising his chin and deepening his voice, “Having seen this Young Saint, why didn’t you pay your respects?”

The man in white stared at Su Yang quietly without moving or speaking.

Su Yang held on assertively for a while, he slowly retreated two steps and said: “Since the Sect Leader has instructed you to guard this place, this Young Saint… needs to enter to consult on a technique. You can leave for now.”

The man in white remained motionless.

After a while, he asked: “Who are you?”

Su Yang performed the character: “I am the Young Saint of this Sect! You actually don’t recognise me?” 

The man in white asked again: “Since you’re the Young Saint of this Sect, how can you not recognise me?” 

Gu Feidi stared unbelievably at Su Yang as he struggled to stand up in the corner.

At the moment, he couldn’t speak. As soon as he tried, he would vomit a mouthful of blood.

The man in white took a step closer to Su Yang and spoke in a low voice: “You’ve the guts to speak to me like this.”

Su Yang was consumed by his aura and he felt that all his hairs on his whole body were standing upright. A chill rushed from his heels all the way upwards making him practically frozen on the spot.

The man in white raised his hand to undo Su Yang’s collar.

Su Yang turned around abruptly to escape, but was held down by the man from behind. He pressed him against the stone pillar and quickly dislocated his arms.

The heart-wrenching pain came and Su Yang suddenly broke out in a cold sweat. He couldn’t hold back a miserable cry as he exhaled and he began to struggle with all his might.

Gu Feidi clenched his lapels tightly together and used all his effort to try and stand up, but he suffered the pain of the Gu poison wreaking havoc throughout his body. It made him incapable of straightening his legs. He staggered and fell back to the ground.

The man in white’s hands were extremely strong, clamping onto Su Yang, making him unable to move. He spread open Su Yang’s coat all the way down to his abdomen. The sleeve cuffs were wrapped around Su Yang’s dislocated arms. The pain made him tremble and his eyesight turned black. The man in white showed no mercy and flipped him over with a sudden flick of his hand. He stroked the Queen of the Night tattoo that burned like flames on his back.

His fingertips were ice-cold.

His intimate caresses were gentle.

This situation made Su Yang terror-stricken for no reason.

He couldn’t stop trembling all over and he couldn’t tell whether it was due to the pain or his fear. He only knew that his throat was tight and his legs were stiff. He wanted to speak but he couldn’t even utter a sound. He wanted to run away, but couldn’t even take a step.

The man in white touched the tattoo on Su Yang’s back for a long time, then he turned him back over and pinched his chin as he leaned closer.

Su Yang was bursting with anger, he raised his leg and kicked the man.

The man in white punched Su Yang’s abdomen, causing him to bowl over onto his knees and retch.

Immediately, the man in white pulled Su Yang’s hair, forcing him to raise his face. He used a little strength in his other hand to dislocate Su Yang’s jaw.

Su Yang exhaled in pain, his tears fell unconsciously and his breathing was chaotic. He didn’t even have the energy to struggle.

In the corner nearby, Gu Feidi collapsed, his bloodshot eyes were filled with hatred as he glared at the man in white. He clenched the corner of his clothes tightly and tried desperately to get up from the ground.

The man in white felt around Su Yang’s mouth, touching all his teeth. After a moment of silence, he raised his hand to reset Su Yang’s jaw.

Su Yang groaned as he shed tears.

“It’s really you…” The man in white raised Su Yang’s chin and eyed him blankly for a long while, “…If you weren’t switched, is it possible… there really is such a thing as soul-swapping and rebirth in this world?”

Su Yang felt that his scalp was about to explode when he heard these words.

He shrank back abruptly, his back slamming against the stone pillar as he trembled in silence.

The man in white asked, “Who sent you here?”

Su Yang’s lips were closed tight and he didn’t speak.

The man in white didn’t wait for his answer and said to himself: “Never mind, in your state you’re probably not even aware of where you came from. According to Mei Shisan, you seem to have changed ever since you came out from seclusion after achieving a breakthrough in the Six Underworlds Inter Flower technique. Look at you—reckless and disorderly. I fear you’re some lonely ghost that has wormed your way in.”

Su Yang inwardly gave a bitter smile: Mei Shisan… wasn’t loyal to him as Gu Feidi had said!

Ever since he transmigrated here, he assumed that the flower aide couldn’t see his flaws. Only then did he realise it wasn’t that Mei Shisan did not notice his peculiarities, but had always been pretending to be ignorant with him!

Su Yang almost wanted to cry stupidly by himself.

Seeing Su Yang with his gaze downcast and taciturn, the man in white asked, “You brought Gu Feidi here to extradite the blood Gu in his body for him?”

Su Yang was startled. How did this person know?

As his thoughts whirled, Su Yang recalled that Mei Shisan had witnessed Gu Feidi being infected by the Gu and had already acknowledged it in his heart.

He discerned that this man before him didn’t want to kill him at the moment, Su Yang immediately showed his weakness: “Yes… yes, he has a good relationship with me, but he was accidentally infected with Gu… I came here because I want to save him.”

The man in white said: “If you save him, you will die.”

Gu Feidi, who wasn’t far away, suddenly raised his head and looked at Su Yang.

Su Yang was silent and pondered: Extradition of the Gu poison was indeed dangerous, but the later story arc of seeking the doctor at Snow Mountain was used to completely solve the Gu poison. This man in white couldn’t predict the plot and naturally wouldn’t know this.

So he stared directly at the man in white and spoke slowly but firmly, “Even if I die, I will save him.”

Gu Feidi clenched his shirt tightly, his eyes were red as fixed his gaze at Su Yang. A layer of moisture gradually condensed in his eyes, converging in the bottom and glinting a little in the firelight of the cave.

The man in white asked again: “Why do you risk your life?”

Su Yang couldn’t say that it was for the sake of retaining the protagonist and he couldn’t use classmates’ friendship as a vague answer. The feelings of classmates were obviously not enough to make one sacrifice their life. Aside from close relatives, the only thing that would make one unafraid of life and death was…

“I love him.”

Su Yang said.

The man in white did not move for a long time, nor did he speak.

The silence between the three continued until Su Yang thought that the sun would begin to rise. The man in white finally flashed past and reached out his hand to draw out the thin sword from Su Yang’s waist.

“My Yin Tan Divine Sect doesn’t need a Young Saint who is trapped in love.” He stood up silently, raised his hand to place the sword on the side of Su Yang’s neck, “If you insist on saving him, I will have to kill you here.”

Su Yang couldn’t help being taken aback.

But the man in white didn’t want to give him any chance to repent. He flipped his hand, waved the sword, manoeuvred the limitless internal strength and slashed straight at Su Yang!

Up until now, Su Yang still couldn’t use his arms at any rate, coupled with the restraint of his clothes and the suppression by the man in white, he couldn’t move in the slightest.

The sword blade came in an instant.

A figure flew over from the side and hugged Su Yang tightly into his arms, trying to block the fatal blow of the sword for him with his back.

Gu Feidi endured the severe pain of the Gu poison effect. He lowered his eyelashes, his lips were deeply imprinted on the top of Su Yang crown as he silently waited for death.

The sword stopped abruptly.

The tip of the sword was hanging less than a finger’s width away from Gu Feidi and trembling slightly.

It was a long while before Gu Feidi dared to open his eyes and look back.

The man in white stared blankly at Gu Feidi, whose eyes were red and was glaring unyieldingly, stubbornly at him.

After a long time, he slowly released his grip of the handle and let the thin sword fall to the ground.

“The mental cultivation technique you’re looking for is called Half Withered Red.” 

The man in white said calmly: “It’s not difficult to practice. There are ways to extradite all kinds of poisonous Gu in the appendix of the mental cultivation technique.”

After he finished speaking, he didn’t linger but turned around and left the cave. Su Yang and Gu Feidi hadn’t moved; their hearts were still pounding.

Walking slowly to the entrance of the cave, Su Huaizhu, who was dressed in white, observed the water in front of him. He leaned forward and supported himself on the stone wall at the entrance before coughing a few times.

There was blood splattered on his veil. He tore it off indifferently, wiped his mouth with it and held it in his palm.

“Gu Ruohai ……” he murmured in a low voice, “……I couldn’t bear to kill you then, and now…… I couldn’t bear to kill your son…… I really owe you in my past life…… *cough cough* ……”

“Sect Leader!”

A cry of alarm sounded from the side.

Mei Shisan leapt swiftly, landing in front of Su Huaizhu and asked in concern: “The Gu poison was triggered?”

Su Huaizhu’s eyes closed slightly: “Go and inform Lu Rong Palace, command Ju Rui to serve me.”

Mei Shisan whispered: ” Ju Rui, he… has reached the limit for the number of times. Please head to Lian Hall.”

Su Huaizhu frowned: “Then change to Ju Si instead. Go. I shall rest for a moment longer.”

Mei Shisan: “Yes.”

Mei Shisan dispatched the order and returned to stand in front of Su Huaizhu. He wanted to say something, then hesitated.

Su Huaizhu raised his head and glanced at him, “Don’t worry, I didn’t kill him.”

Seeing Mei Shisan release a breath, Su Huaizhu raised his eyebrows: “He is indeed capable. After getting to know him for only a few months, he has been able to make you so concerned for him.”

Mei Shisan immediately cupped his fists: “This subordinate was only following Sect Leader’s orders.”

Su Huaizhu narrowed his eyes and chuckled, “Fortunately, I left seclusion early and came here specially to see that kid… he’s somewhat interesting.”

He didn’t explain further. He paused, then said, “I haven’t been in the Sect for the past two years. I really let a lot of people take advantage of it. It’s time to clean it up.” 

Hearing this, Mei Shisan frowned and said worriedly: “But, Sect Leader, your body…”

Su Huaizhu smiled, “No matter.”



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