Chapter 5 : You Are A Good Person

Title: Did We Agree To Be Arch-Rivals?

Original Title: 说好成为彼此的宿敌呢[穿书]

Author: 轻风白杨 (Qingfeng Baiyang)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

Gu Feidi had an exceedingly serious expression when he spoke the words; it didn’t sound like he was expressing his thanks. On the contrary, it gave the impression that he was swearing an oath.

Previously, when Su Yang was in possession of the script, it had not provided any detailed description of the Lianxiang Rejuvenating Pill; only stating that it was a miracle drug. Therefore, he genuinely could not figure out where Gu Feidi’s anger towards him had stemmed from. As such, when he heard Gu Feidi’s words, he presumed that Gu Feidi was indeed thanking him for sparing his life and gifting him with the medicine.

Consequently, he raised the corners of his mouth and gave a faint smile, saying, “There’s no need for you to repay anything. So long as you do not forget this Young Saint, I shall be content.”

——These last few words had been randomly thrown in by Su Yang based completely on the Devil Sect’s Young Saint’s character.

There was no way Su Yang could have imagined that once his words fell upon Gu Feidi’s ears, it had promptly affirmed his suspicions regarding the former’s disgraceful intentions.

After all, Gu Feidi was still young and had grown up in a pure and simple environment. It was his first time coming across someone like Su Yang, and his words had annoyed him to the point that he was well and truly enraged. His entire face and ears flushed red, and it looked as if he would spew blood at any moment.

Pu Lingyun burst out: “You—you… dream on! There’s no way my xiao shixiong will fall for your tricks!”

Su Yang: ……

Go ahead. You are the female lead; you have the final say.

Su Yang pursed his lips and refused to talk anymore. He leaned against the mountainside with his arms crossed and yawned, overcome with boredom.

Not long after, the young martial artists who had obtained jade bells in the forest arrived at the gate of Lesser Jade House, one after another. Each came upon their comrades or familial acquaintances and began to engage in conversation.

Gu Feidi had always been respected by groups of talented young martial artists. Aside from the fact that his father was the current leader of the Martial Alliance, it was said that he had already completed training the third stage of Tengyun Pavilion’s Restoration Scripture at a young age, and everyone was more than willing to befriend him.

As a result, most of the young martial artists would first greet Gu Feidi after arriving at the gate. Some would linger by his side for an extended period, hoping to be able to have a longer conversation with him.

In contrast to Gu Feidi’s spot outside the gate, where it was as bustling as a marketplace, Su Yang’s space was completely devoid of visitors.

It was almost as if an empty area had appeared around him, rather like he had set up an invisible, unapproachable boundary.

You could tell that there was an obvious disparity between the righteous young martial artist and the Devil Sect’s Young Saint just by observing how well they were received.

Ever so often, the other young martial artists would take quick, surreptitious glances at Su Yang and took pleasure in seeing him in a solitary state. They turned their heads back and gossiped amongst themselves in hushed tones.

“Let me say that there are some fools from the Jianghu who compare Young Hero Gu with the Devil Sect’s evil demon. How can they even be mentioned in the same breath? Simply absurd!”

“Exactly! Tengyun Pavilion’s Restoration Scripture is known throughout the martial world as being extremely difficult to learn, yet Young Hero Gu had already accomplished the third stage by the time he was sixteen; it’s beyond amazing.”

“Some say that that Devil Sect fellow practices the mental cultivation method of Sinking Flowers, In-earth Flowers; you can tell it’s not something decent just by the name alone. We shouldn’t mention it, but his internal strength has advanced so rapidly probably because he absorbs the essences of human lives, drinks human blood, and eats human flesh…”

“Is that really true?”

“Even if internal force is quickly achieved, those are unorthodox skills, and I’m afraid they would have somewhat damaging effects. Only those from the Devil Sect would regard them so highly…”

“The Devil Sect has always behaved strangely. I can’t say whether these rumours are true or not, but he—allegedly he’s had countless bedwarmers by his side, not to mention the numerous incidents of absorbing human life essences. In my opinion, everyone should be careful so as to not to be targeted by this rogue.”

The young martial artists thought that their voices were already extremely low, but they didn’t expect that Su Yang had already advanced through to the last stage of the Six Underworld Inter Flower technique at that time and successfully mastered it. Not only had his internal strength advanced by leaps and bounds, but his hearing ability had enhanced as well, and all that chattering did not escape his ears.

As for being angry, Su Yang was, in fact, not angry. After all, he knew he was playing the villain and it stood to reason that he was disliked.

Su Yang was completely fed up having to face all those malicious accusations—what kind of offensive, irrational garbage were those people talking about?! Bedwarmer? Absorbing human life essences? Why focus on negative aspects?

In both Su Yang’s previous and current lives combined, he had never been on a date—not even once. He still was—without a doubt—a confirmed virgin through and through!

But upon careful reflection, Su Yang wasn’t so sure:

He’d only transmigrated into the script a few days ago. During his time in the Devil Sect, he was still in a state of confusion and had neglected to survey the surroundings properly. Furthermore, when the show was being filmed, Su Yang was merely a supporting cast member. Apart from the rivalry scenes with the protagonist’s faction, there weren’t any scenes involving his character’s private life.

Truth be told, he didn’t have any idea what kind of person this Devil Sect’s Young Saint was really like apart from the storylines he’d read from the script.

So Su Yang leaned closer to the flower aide beside him and spoke in a low voice: “Hey, let me ask you; I left in a hurry a few days ago and forgot to make the necessary arrangements. How will the sect manage that group of bedwarmers?”

The flower aide was caught off guard for a while. He pondered for a moment and answered, “Young Saint, due to the achievements in your martial techniques, you are no longer required to remain chaste. Prior to this, you captured many beauties from the Martial World’s Central Plains to serve by your side. Presumably, the elders will take advantage of your long trip away to select a few docile ones and instruct them properly. They will arrange all matters thoroughly for you. “

Su Yang: “Oh……”

At this moment something felt ‘off’. He gaped and asked: “Hey? Hang on a minute—‘remain chaste’?”

The flower aide nodded: “Yes.”

Su Yang slapped his forehead, and said, “What the hell was that? Who am I remaining chaste for?”

After having undergone the past few days’ events, the flower aide realised that ever since his Young Saint had successfully advanced through his cultivation method, he had also been experiencing some memory lapses. That’s why he wasn’t surprised when he heard Su Yang ask this question and continued to patiently explain:

“Not even the slightest amount of semen is allowed to be released from the body before achieving a breakthrough in the Six Underworlds Inter Flower technique. Back then, the Sect Leader practiced this technique and failed to achieve a breakthrough for that exact reason.”

Su Yang: ……

What kind of demonic sect cultivation technique is this?

Couldn’t the screenwriter come up with some serious plot points?

However in any case, Su Yang had already achieved a breakthrough for this technique, so he didn’t have to bother about it anymore, and it would save him a lot of hassle.

Safe in the knowledge that his body had not been defiled, Su Yang’s emotional state improved.

Since he felt better, he couldn’t help wanting to show off and gloat for a bit.

A mischievous smile tugged at the corners of Su Yang’s mouth. He narrowed his eyes and turned to look at the group of people who had been badmouthing him behind his back. He languidly raised his arms to stretch, and the large sleeves slid down to his elbows to reveal his smooth white arms. The string of bright red coral beads wrapped around his delicate wrist bones further accentuated his elegant features.

“It’s not good to talk about other people’s secrets behind their backs.”

Su Yang continued with a long, haughty drawl: “This Young’s Saint’s tastes run high; not just anyone can be my bedwarmer. You can all relax; I won’t consider you… bunch of idiots.”

His fundamental acting skills were average and he couldn’t come up with any four-character idioms at that moment, so he improvised. In any case, his delivery of those lines were close enough to what he wanted to express.

Su Yang thought he was brilliant, and his eyes drifted over to Gu Feidi again, wanting to see how the protagonist of the story would react to his performance.

But in the eyes of others, his words took on a different meaning, as if to say, ‘I won’t consider you bunch of idiots. Only Gu Feidi is worthy in my eyes.’

The expressions of Gu Feidi and those in his group immediately changed.

Even many of the other young martial artists around him sported tense looks. They stepped in front of Gu Feidi to protect him while glowering at Su Yang.

Su Yang: ……

This display made him resemble a lecherous seducer.

“Naturally, those idiots do not deserve this Young Saint’s attention.”

All of a sudden, an amused voice came out from somewhere above everyone’s heads: “Young Saint, what do you think of me?”

Su Yang had long heard that a new martial artist had arrived, but he hadn’t expected such a person——sadly, anyone from the Jianghu who respectfully addressed him as ‘Young Saint’ was not someone from a righteous sect.

He glanced up in amazement at the direction of the cliff edge. Behind him, hanging upside down from a small tree branch protruding from the cliff, was a young martial artist dressed in an emerald green outfit embroidered with a peacock pattern. He was smiling radiantly.

Su Yang was maintaining his persona and had not yet spoken, but the other man had already somersaulted off from the cliff edge before landing lightly and skilfully onto the ground.

His hair was adorned with jewelled beads. As he flicked his little, beaded braid over his shoulder, he cheerfully said to Su Yang: “It’s an honour to finally meet you! I am Fan Xi of Qinglian Sect. I’m seventeen this year. I heard that you’d made great advancements in your cultivation method a few days ago. Congrats, congrats!”

A string of rhyming words.

Su Yang understood immediately: It turns out he was the Devil Sect Young Saint’s number-one lackey.

Also known as Fan Er* in the Jianghu, Fan Xi was the second son of Qinglian Sect’s leader.

(TN : Er = the number two (2) )

Fan Er in the script was a downright clown with only a few scenes. In order to save on budget, the crew had randomly picked an average-looking person from the group of extras to fill the role.

This tanned-skinned, bright-eyed young punk before him was much more refined and cuter than the original actor. He had a bit of wit in his cleverness and a hint of scorn in his cunning, which was not disagreeable.

Having said that, it seems there was no such scene with Fan Xi in the Lesser Jade House candidate selection storyline.

Su Yang couldn’t help frowning as he tried carefully to remember.

He remembered that Fan Er’s part only came in later ,when he joined him in the Wasteland story arc. There were only a few characters in Lesser Jade House, with the focus on Gu Feidi, Pu Lingyun and Xu Yunzhan. Even he, the Devil Sect’s Young Saint, was there to just show his face since he would later be eliminated during the selection process.

So… the few days since he had transmigrated over, what kind of foul wind had he stirred up that made the plot collapse?!

Su Yang felt that it seemed necessary for him to re-examine this transmigration.

Could it be that he didn’t transmigrate into the script but into the original novel before it was adapted into a web drama?

He suddenly regretted that he hadn’t read the original work at the time; otherwise, he would at least know what the screenwriter had omitted and altered…

“Uh, Young Saint?”

Fan Xi leaned forward cautiously and asked. He couldn’t help feeling a little bit awkward since Su Yang hadn’t responded in a long time.

Su Yang regained his senses after being stunned for a moment. He stretched out his hand to pat Fan Xi on the shoulder, “Oh, you’re not bad; you’re a good guy.”

Fan Xi: ……



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