Chapter 5 : Choosing The One You Love

Title : Luo Yu’s & Qin Jianyue’s Story

Author : PurpleLy

THIS IS FAN FICTION!!! Click here to read the full disclaimer

Qin Jianyue had a restful sleep the previous night and had a huge smile on his face when he woke up.

After he’d finally confessed his feelings to Luo Yu, it was like an immense weight had been lifted from his chest. He acknowledged that there would be some hurdles in order for them to be together, but he was confident they would be able to deal with them when the time arrived.

He washed up, got dressed, and left his room to meet up with Luo Yu to have breakfast. To his delight, Luo Yu was already waiting for him in his courtyard. He hurried over to take Luo Yu’s hand, bringing it to his lips for a kiss. He saw that Luo Yu appeared rather worn out.

Qin Jianyue cupped his cheek tenderly and asked, “Ah Yu, did you not sleep well?”

Before Luo Yu could reply, Old Qi walked in through the round archway, bearing a bowl of steaming medicine.

He handed it to Qin Jianyue and said, “Here you go. Freshly decocted. Make sure to drink it all. Don’t waste Luo shidi’s effort in procuring the ‘chuan bei mu’ flower.” He frowned at Luo Yu as he spoke and Luo Yu dropped his head.

Qin Jianyue smiled at Luo Yu as he received the bowl and obediently downed the black concoction. 

Old Qi took back the bowl and said, “You’ll need to drink this twice a day for five days. I’ll perform a session of acupuncture for you everyday. Your meridians should be healed by then. No internal strength exercises until then, yes?” Then he returned to his courtyard.

Luo Yu looked up and asked, “Does it taste horrible?”

Qin Jianyue tugged Luo Yu over and kissed him. After he released him, he asked, “What do you think?”

Luo Yu steadied himself and gathered his wits about him. Then, he took a step backward. “Qin Jianyue, I’ve been giving it a lot of thought, and I believe we cannot continue…… this…… association with each other.”

Qin Jianyue didn’t understand and approached him, but Luo Yu stepped back again.

“Ah Yu, what’s going on?” Qin Jianyue reached out and held both of Luo Yu’s arms, so he couldn’t retreat anymore.

Luo Yu looked up at his handsome, confused features. He’d known it would be hard, but facing the man right now in broad daylight was tearing his insides apart.

He felt his heart aching as he said, “There’s no future for us. We must accept it and stop before we go any further.”

Qin Jianyue’s expression hardened. “Ah Yu, you don’t know that.”

“I do. You can’t bring me to the imperial palace anymore than I can bring you back to Eluo. The Jianghu will not accept us.”

“Then we’ll leave the Jianghu.”

“You’re a prince! How can you give up your title?”

“I don’t care about being a prince! I care about you!”

Qin Jianyue pulled Luo Yu into his arms and embraced him tightly.

He stroked Luo Yu’s hair and back as he pleaded, “Ah Yu, don’t give up on us so soon. We’ve barely had a chance.”

Luo Yu held Qin Jianyue firmly and buried his face on his shoulder.

Qin Jianyue continued: “If my emperor brother wishes to withdraw my title, so be it. If we have to leave the Jianghu, so be it. I cannot choose my family, but I can choose who I love.”

He pulled Luo Yu to face him, “Ah Yu, I choose you to love you. I choose us and that’s enough for me. Nothing else matters. Now, let me ask you: Will you choose me?”

Luo Yu blinked back the tears that had formed in his eyes, “Qin Jianyue, I choose you. I love you.”

Qin Jianyue smiled and dabbed the wetness from Luo Yu’s eyes, then leaned in to kiss him. Luo Yu welcomed his kiss and breathed in his scent deeply.

When the kiss ended, Qin Jianyue pushed a lock of Luo Yu’s hair away from his face and said gently, “I know you’re scared, but I’m with you now. We’ve to trust each other and tell each other if there’s anything.”

Luo Yu nodded and hugged him again.


In the days that followed, Qin Jianyue was only intimate with Luo Yu when they were alone. He knew of Luo Yu’s apprehensions and didn’t want him to fret unnecessarily.

However when Su Huaizhu and Gu Ruohai made their relationship public, it encouraged Qin Jianyue and gave some assurance to Luo Yu that they were not alone in facing these sorts of matters. Subsequently, Qin Jianyue managed to convince Luo Yu, and they also revealed their relationship to the group.

Su Huaizhu had opted to go into seclusion and would be away for most of winter months. During this time Luo Yu and Gu Ruohai would often meet each other in Wanjuan Pavilion and became very close due to the similarities of their circumstances. They would have long chats, and were incredibly supportive of each other.

Qin Jianyue and Luo Yu continued to make use of the hot spring pool during winter. It had become their private space, where they would bathe and sit together while enjoying the tranquil snowfall. Naturally, all of their sessions would gravitate to kisses and intimate caresses. Each time, Luo Yu felt that the heated passions he shared with Qin Jianyue were so potent that they could steal his soul away.

Their kisses became hungrier and hungrier; they ached for each other’s touches, and gentle caresses slowly evolved into heavy petting and fondling.

One evening, they were getting physical with each other in the pool. Qin Jianyue moaned when Luo Yu stroked him a certain way. After a while, he stopped Luo Yu.

“Ah Yu, I want to make love to you. Will you let me?” He breathed huskily.

Luo Yu gazed dazedly up at him. He’d known that his time would come sooner or later, and his lack of experience in this regard made him hesitate.

Their constant kisses and touching had only inflamed Qin Jianyue’s lust, and he longed to completely possess the man in his arms. All this while, he’d done his utmost in order to accommodate Luo Yu’s feelings. That was why he’d never coerced or pressured him. If Luo Yu denied him now, he would accept his decision gracefully.

Luo Yu was honestly a little frightened, but he also desired to give Qin Jianyue all of himself. There was an ache he couldn’t quell, a craving for something more he couldn’t explain, and he wanted to see it through until the end.

He hadn’t said anything for a long time. Qin Jianyue had just put away his selfish thoughts when Luo Yu said softly, “Not out here.”

Qin Jianyue immediately got out of the pool. Before he knew it, Luo Yu had been impatiently tugged ashore, casually wrapped in a robe, before being picked up horizontally and carried hastily into Qin Jianyue’s room. After he’d placed Luo Yu slowly down on the bed, he quickly dried them both using his internal strength.

Qin Jianyue then went around blowing out all the lamps in the room. There was still a charcoal brazier emanating heat and casting a dull reddish glow inside, so the room wasn’t totally dark. He wanted to make Luo Yu as comfortable as possible, and perhaps the dim environment would be more calming.

Nevertheless, Luo Yu was terribly nervous. He watched as Qin Jianyue moved steadily around and clutched the robe around himself tighter. Although they’d been naked with each other many times, Luo Yu was aware whatever was going to happen tonight was different, but it would take their relationship further.

His heart was already pounding, his body anticipating, and his mouth became dry. He wasn’t totally sure what to expect, although he had a vague idea. He’d been too embarrassed to ask Qin Jianyue about it. In his mind, he surmised that it shouldn’t be something that was too difficult to learn.

When Qin Jianyue turned and slowly approached the bed, Luo Yu blushed and looked down. Qin Jianyue sat next to him and tilted Luo Yu’s chin up. “Ah Yu, tell me what you’re thinking of now.”

Luo Yu cleared his throat anxiously, “I… I’ve never done this before…”

Qin Jianyue smiled warmly. “Then I’m happy to be your first—” he leaned in to whisper in Luo Yu’s ear, “Your last…… your only one.”

Hearing that caused Luo Yu to shudder with thrill and excitement. He reached over to hold Qin Jianyue’s hand and gave it a squeeze.  

Qin Jianyue moved to kiss Luo Yu’s lips. His hands divested Luo Yu of his robe and lay him down in the bed, all the while continuing to kiss him. He touched and stroked all over Luo Yu’s body. Once he reached that place, he began to knead it until it gradually relaxed beneath his ministrations.

Luo Yu couldn’t withhold his moans of pleasure. Hearing them made Qin Jianyue even more aroused.

In the dimness of the room, two bodies became one. They settled into each other’s rhythms; their heartbeats and hurried breaths merged into a passionate entwining of minds and souls.

Both of them were oblivious to the light snow falling outside. The steam from the hot spring vaporised the snowflakes even before they reached the surface, causing them to turn into little drops that rained onto the pool.

Sometime later inside the room, the fire in the charcoal brazier gave off a soft crackling sound. Two people in the bed cuddled together, enjoying each other’s body heat and the peaceful night.

Luo Yu was tired. A dull, throbbing ache had yet to subside somewhere on his body, evidence of their joining earlier. He was distractedly running his fingers over Qin Jianyue, tracing his eyebrows down to his cheek and then to his chin, all the way down his throat and over his Adam’s apple. Then he moved over his collarbone and further down his firm chest.

Qin Jianyue caught Luo Yu’s hand because he was feeling ticklish and brought it to his lips for a kiss. He asked gently, “How are you feeling?”

Luo Yu looked into his eyes and gave a little smile. “Sleepy,” he said with a yawn.

Qin Jianyue pulled the blanket over both of them and dropped a kiss on Luo Yu’s lips. “Go to sleep then.”

The next morning, Luo Yu was the first to wake. He was still somewhat disoriented as he blinked his eyes open. The sight that greeted him was Qin Jianyue’s sleeping face. In an instant, the previous night’s events came back to him.

He could now affirm that this man in the bed with him was the most important person in his life. Of course, the question constantly niggling at the back of his mind was what would happen to them once they left Lesser Jade House. He sighed inwardly as he considered that he may never get to see his home in Eluo or his royal family again, but he was beginning to accept that maybe that part of his life was in the past. Qin Jianyue was his future.

Luo Yu got up as slowly as he could. Qin Jianyue looked so peaceful when he was sleeping, he didn’t want to wake him. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked around to see where his robe was. Just then a pair of strong arms encircled him from behind, and a warm breath caressed his ear.

“Ah Yu.” Qin Jianyue said as he kissed Luo Yu’s shoulder.

Luo Yu turned and met his lips. “Why don’t you sleep a bit longer? It’s still early.” He said.

Qin Jianyue turned him around and deepened the kiss. Then he began kissing his neck, his collarbone, his chest…

Luo Yu blushed and gave him a light shove. “Not again. We have training today.”

He pushed Qin Jianyue away and got out of bed. Qin Jianyue followed him and stood up. He hugged Luo Yu from behind.

“Let’s wash up together, then we’ll have breakfast.” He said.

It was still snowing when they stepped outside. They quickly made their way to the hot spring and cleaned themselves up before returning into the warm room.

Qin Jianyue helped Luo Yu dry his body. He lifted Luo Yu’s chin and kissed him deeply.

“Ah Yu, I want us to be like this for the rest of our lives.” Qin Jianyue whispered.

Luo Yu replied, “Me too.”

Once they had gotten dressed, Qin Jianyue hugged Luo Yu and said, “Once we’ve completed our discipleships here, will you follow me to the capital? I want to tell my emperor brother about us. Whether or not he approves, at least I have done my part.”

Luo Yu pondered for a moment and then agreed, “Yes, I’ll go with you.”

They kissed again, then put on their coats and made their way to the dining hall to have breakfast.



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