Chapter 47 : Thank you, Young Saint, for the Reward

Title: Did We Agree To Be Arch-Rivals?

Original Title: 说好成为彼此的宿敌呢[穿书]

Author: 轻风白杨 (Qingfeng Baiyang)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

The night was dark, and the moonlight was like water.

The horse team tread silently in the Gobi Wasteland.

Having just spoken with Fan Xi, Su Yang was in a state of confusion. He hung his head low and was so depressed that he refused to talk.

The relationship between Fan Xi and Pu Lingyun seemed like something had unexpectedly fallen from the sky, completely disrupting the follow-up plot he was familiar with.

Previously, Gu Feidi said that Pu Lingyun was waiting for Fan Xi to complete their discipleship together. Su Yang assumed that both of them were just closer compared to others, surpassing classmates and becoming dear friends. But now, having suddenly heard that the two had a mutual affinity for each other, how was the follow-up storyline to proceed? It was a bit problematic.

If there was no heroine to carry out the detoxification in the storyline, then the Gu poison currently in Gu Feidi’s body—what should he do?

In the subsequent storylines, the heroine was by the protagonist’s side at every turn, so what should he do?

While he brooded on this, Su Yang turned his head and stole a glance at Pu Lingyun and Fan Xi. They had been trussed up onto the backs of the horses by the flower aides. He couldn’t help frowning and grumbling irritably to himself.

Gu Feidi caught Su Yang’s gaze from the back and looked at his drooping eyelashes. He seemed to feel his depression, sighed, and placed his chin gently on his shoulder.

Su Yang tilted his head slightly and didn’t respond.

Gu Feidi closed his eyes and stayed quiet for a moment then whispered: “Su Yang.”

Mmm,” Su Yang responded vaguely.

After a long silence, Gu Feidi leaned near Su Yang’s ear and asked softly, “Have you ever had a crush on anyone?” 

The hair on his temples fluttered in the breeze, gently scraping against Su Yang’s neck, making him a bit ticklish.

Gu Feidi’s voice was very soft, like a feather. When that sentence fell in Su Yang’s ears, it caused a continuous tremor in his heart.

Su Yang avoided the question and nudged Gu Feidi away with his elbow without answering him.

Now that he’d heard the question of whether he had a crush or not, he became irritated.

Gu Feidi was silent, then asked: “You’re so obsessed with Lingyun; do you… like her?”

Su Yang listened to the words and only felt that his heart couldn’t be more upset.

He’d finally found an opening where he could explode and shouted ferociously, “Can’t you guess? I’ve no intentions on that girl! I just… I… it’s not that you’re not aware that this Young Saint likes men! MEN!”

Gu Feidi: …

Gu Feidi flipped the half-opened little purse back into his hands and said to himself: Why don’t you shout louder?

After a while, Gu Feidi asked again: “Then why are you so persistent in capturing Lingyun?”

Su Yang looked down and said nothing.

Gu Feidi couldn’t wait for the answer, he hesitated for a moment and surmised: “Your capture of Ling Yun, is it related to my detoxification?”

Su Yang was startled. He didn’t expect Gu Feidi to have guessed it so quickly.

Seeing his reaction, Gu Feidi felt the certainty in his heart: “It’s truly related to that?”

Su Yang released a breath; he didn’t nod but didn’t deny it either.

Gu Feidi frowned and said, “Your method of detoxification is to extradite the Gu worm into another person’s body? You intend for Lingyun to bear it on my behalf?”

Truth be told, Su Yang wasn’t aware of the specific detoxification process in the script.

In the storyline, the role he played was responsible for pursuing and obstructing the protagonist and the heroine. However, from the script lines of the subsequent plot, he could infer that there should be some kind of technique hidden in the Forbidden Area of the Devil Sect that could help Pu Lingyun draw the blood Gu in Gu Feidi’s body into her own body to suppress it. That would achieve his intention of assisting in Gu Feidi’s temporary detoxification.

Su Yang wasn’t actually sure on the process of executing it, but he thought it should be mentioned in the technique, and it wasn’t necessary for him to know.

Be that as it may, the point about extraditing the Gu worm should be right.

At the end of the day, the protagonist and heroine’s lives wouldn’t be endangered, and it was also obvious—the follow-up story arc in Snow Mountain was intended to solve the Gu poison once and for all.

Therefore, Su Yang said, “Don’t worry, even if she introduces the blood Gu into her body, eventually both of you will be fine. This Gu poison will be completely resolved in the end.”

Gu Feidi laughed cynically: “Since the one who detoxifies me won’t be affected, why do you need to bully a lady like Lingyun? With so many guards and servants around, why not just randomly pick someone to draw out the Gu poison for me?”

Su Yang was stunned.

Seems… seems like it does make sense?

But was that technique really something anyone could practise? Did it have to be female?

After waiting for a while and seeing Su Yang not respond, Gu Feidi closed his eyes. When he opened them again, he spied the outline of Devil City in the night over Su Yang’s shoulder. They were getting closer.

He breathed in slightly, and with his hands tied behind him, he dextrously flipped open the little purse with his fingers and located a pair of extremely delicate scissors. When traveling around the Jianghu, Pu Lingyun had always been accustomed to carrying needle, thread, and scissors to facilitate the repair of torn clothing. Right now, they really come in handy.

The scissors weren’t even the size of a thumb, but the blade was sharp enough, and soon a cut was made in the rope that bound Gu Feidi’s hands.

Feeling the sudden loosening of his wrists, Gu Feidi gritted his teeth and whispered in Su Yang’s ear: “If you want to involve the xiao shimei, then I’d rather not be detoxified of the Gu poison……”

Su Yang was still in a dazed state when Gu Feidi activated his boundless internal strength, severed the rope around his body through the cut, immediately leapt off and rolled to the ground.

Without stopping, he flipped over, sprung up, knocked down a Devil Sect flower aide who’d come to help Su Yang, and grabbed the scimitar in his hand. In two strides, he reached Fan Xi and cut the ropes binding his body.

It wasn’t until then that Su Yang’s expression turned white with fright. He reined in the horse to turn around and shouted, “Are you CRAZY?! Don’t use your internal strength! STOP!”

The Gu poison in Gu Feidi’s body had been triggered long ago, and his face was deathly pale, but he clenched his teeth and didn’t reveal the slightest bit of pain.

“Go and save Lingyun; I’ll obstruct Su Yang.” He blurted to Fan Xi, “Take her and run; don’t bother about me.”

As he spoke, he stuffed a scimitar, a token, with a few odds and ends into Fan Xi’s hands: “Deliver them to Tengyun Pavilion.”

Fan Xi took the token and the scimitar, and knowing that the situation was urgent, he immediately did as instructed.

The Devil Sect’s flower aides were quick to respond, and when the hostages were about to flee, they swarmed around Fan Xi.

Fan Xi’s moves were dexterous, but after all, there were many Devil Sect flower aides. He only had time to cut the ropes on Pu Lingyun’s body before he was surrounded by several people, making it difficult for him to resist.

Pu Lingyun had no weapons. She cooperated with Fan Xi, but they could barely protect themselves from being recaptured. They wanted to escape, but it was almost impossible.

Su Yang was already considering whether his approach was improper, but now he was incited by this change and instead became furious.

He raised his sword to help the flower aides take down Fan Xi and Pu Lingyun. Unexpectedly, Gu Feidi repelled a flower aide, dodged, and stood in front to block him.

Su Yang brandished his sword and roared, “GU FEIDI!”

Gu Feidi had no weapons in his hand, so he could only grab onto the blade of the thin sword with his bare hand. Blood immediately flowed out.

Su Yang was so panicked that he straightaway recalled the internal power contained in the sword. He was anxious and fuming: “Do you know what the heck you’re doing?!”

Gu Feidi said nothing, his eyes fixed on Su Yang.

He gripped the edge of the sword so tightly that Su Yang didn’t even dare to withdraw his sword. He could only stand in place, seething with rage, glaring at Gu Feidi while Gu Feidi stared back at him.

This scene was awkward and somewhat abnormal. Gu Feidi’s eyes suddenly showed a trace of confusion and alarm. It seemed that he hadn’t expected Su Yang to react like this and his heart pounded for some time.

When he saw this, Mei Shisan broke away from the circle besieging Fan Xi and Pu Lingyun, turned around, and waved his sword, thrusting towards Gu Feidi.

Su Yang instinctively released the hilt of the sword and reached out to haul Gu Feidi up by his wrist to help him avoid Mei Shisan’s attack.

“Mei Shisan!” Su Yang said threateningly, “You—”

But before he could say the next sentence, he saw Gu Feidi fling away his sword, activate his internal strength, and dodge Mei Shisan. He leapt into the encirclement of flower aides to try and help Fan Xi and Pu Lingyun out of the situation.

The flower aides had seen their Young Saint’s regard for Gu Feidi and exchanged glances. They didn’t dare to be heavy-handed.

But after a short while, there was an opening in the encirclement. Under the cover of Gu Feidi, Fan Xi quickly retreated with Pu Lingyun and finally escaped.

Mei Shisan was about to give chase, but he heard Su Yang’s order: “No need to chase; come back. Stop, all of you.”

The flower aides followed the order, silently retracted their weapons, and turned around. They gathered back to Su Yang’s side to await their Young Saint’s instructions.

Su Yang turned around and picked up the thin sword from the ground. He stared at the blood stains on it. After a long while, he swivelled back and saw Gu Feidi had returned alone.

“You’ve released Pu Lingyun and Fan Xi; why didn’t you leave? You can break the rope; why didn’t you escape earlier?” The more he thought, the angrier he became; his tone was prickly, “Oh, because the Gu poison on you hasn’t been solved yet, so you returned to wait for me to detoxify it, neh?”

Gu Feidi’s face was ghostly pale; his eyes fell on Su Yang’s sword-holding hand and for a moment, he looked up into his eyes again.

“Su Yang…” He whispered, “You…”

Before he could finish speaking, he suddenly bowed over, coughing violently.

The blood spit spattered from his mouth and sprayed onto the ground, appearing a faint black-red colour in the night.

Su Yang immediately became anxious.

He rushed forward to support Gu Feidi and said worriedly, “How are you?”

Gu Feidi coughed so violently that he could hardly breathe and finally had to kneel on the ground, leaning against Su Yang’s arms. He clutched his chest and couldn’t help shaking.

Su Yang looked at him; his expression changed several times, and he finally exclaimed, “You brought this onto yourself! I told you not to use your internal strength. You’re grand; you can still take the initiative to cause trouble! Don’t you think you’ve brought this onto yourself?!”

After a long while, the Gu poison finally stopped. Gu Feidi wiped the sweat from his forehead and his breathing gradually calmed down.

Gu Feidi closed his eyes and stood up from Su Yang’s arms.

He stared at Su Yang for a moment and asked, “Earlier you… why did you pull back?” 

Su Yang was stunned for a while before he realised what Gu Feidi was asking.

At that time, he had been horrified to death when he saw Gu Feidi receive his sword with his bare hand; how could he possibly continue to fight him?

What the hell was this kid thinking, grabbing the sword with his hand—doesn’t it hurt?

Su Yang released a long, pent-up breath and chastised him angrily: “You’re poisoned, and you shouldn’t be using your internal strength in the first place. How could I fight you! You’re the one making trouble from start to finish. You’re going to infuriate me to death!”

Gu Feidi did not speak. He just stared at Su Yang.

Su Yang was inexplicably nervous when he saw him staring like that, so he cleared his throat and said, “Forget it. Anyway, the heroi—Pu Lingyun—has been released by you. I’ll find another way to detoxify you.”

Hearing these words, a smile tugged at the corners of Gu Feidi’s mouth. “You still want to detoxify me?”

Su Yang asked, “If not, what should I do? Really let you go and die?”

Gu Feidi looked at Su Yang and didn’t say anything.

After a moment of silence, Su Yang stretched out his hand to grab Gu Feidi’s wrist, wanting to examine at the wound in his palm.

Gu Feidi clenched his palm tightly, folded his hand in his arms, and whispered, “Don’t touch it.”

Su Yang laughed angrily. “I can’t even help you take a look at the injury?”

Gu Feidi said helplessly, “I’ve been affected by the blood Gu; we don’t know if the blood is poisoned, so it’s better if you don’t touch it. If you’re worried, why don’t you… give me some wound medicine?”

Su Yang stood up angrily and said, “Who’s worried about you?! Suffer the pain yourself!”

He left without a backward glance.

Gu Feidi couldn’t help but chuckle.

After a while, Su Yang returned and flung a packet of wound medicine powder at Gu Feidi’s face.

Gu Feidi reached out, caught the medicine packet, and said with a smile, “Thank you, Young Saint, for the reward.”

Su Yang: …

Su Yang wanted to die.

He was now sure that this Gu Feidi must have been sent by the Great Transmigration God to subdue him.

If not, why were there unpredictable changes to everything that had happened to him?!



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