Chapter 45 : Willing to Be Your Prisoner

Title: Did We Agree To Be Arch-Rivals?

Original Title: 说好成为彼此的宿敌呢[穿书]

Author: 轻风白杨 (Qingfeng Baiyang)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

Su Yang swallowed helplessly.

This was the world of martial arts and there were thousands of types of poisonous Gu. Perhaps the Gu that had infected Gu Feidi at this time may not be one he’d contracted in the Devil Sect in the storyline?

Holding onto expectations, Su Yang tentatively asked: “If this blood Gu poison isn’t removed in time, what will happen?”

Mei Shisan frowned and pondered for a moment: “This subordinate has heard that this blood Gu poison isn’t the type that can cause death within a short period. However, a person infected with the child Gu must rush to the person carrying the mother Gu within one month, use it on himself then only can his life be saved. Otherwise, in the period of one month, the one who’s infected with the child Gu will die.”

Yup. This was indeed the kind of Gu poison in the storyline.

Su Yang’s heart gradually sank, but he wasn’t completely incapacitated to the collapse of the plot. Also owing to the fact that he knew this poisonous Gu had a cure and that Gu Feidi wouldn’t die because of it was why he was quite resolute in his heart.

He turned to Gu Feidi and asked: “Can you detect the location of the mother Gu now?”

If he was to send someone to track down the mother Gu, he must first determine where it was.

Gu Feidi had obviously considered this too. He frowned and muttered for a moment, activated his internal strength and instantly there was a layer of white on his complexion.

He panted and said: “…Northern Icefield, it is indeed the signature tactic of Eluo Ghost Tent.”

Seeing Gu Feidi’s ashen face, Su Yang knew that after being infected with the Gu poison, every time he used his internal force, he would suffer from pain as if his heart was being bitten by ten thousand ants. He only felt that his own heart seemed to be aching too.

He reached out to grab Gu Feidi’s wrist and said in a low voice, “Don’t manoeuvre your internal strength in the meantime and come with me back to the Devil Sect. I’ll definitely think of a way to remove the Gu poison!”

Gu Feidi laughed bitterly twice: “If the blood Gu of Eluo Ghost Tent could be solved, it wouldn’t intimidate the Central Plains Martial Arts and the imperial court.”

Su Yang was firm: “I can solve it, trust me! Follow me back to the Devil Sect!”

Gu Feidi shook his head and said in a muffled voice: “I must return to Tengyun Pavilion and inform my father about the possible conspiracy by Eluo Ghost Tent. As for this Gu poison… even if it means death, it’s just my fate. I’ll never stoop to beg for mercy from the Eluo Ghost Tent!”

Su Yang said angrily: “You’re nuts! I said I can solve it which means I’ll certainly be able to solve it!”

Gu Feidi stared at Su Yang with a sparkling gaze for a long time, then laughed out loud without warning.

He said: “Don’t worry, I’m not afraid of death. I only regret now why I promised Shizun to remain in the Veiled Pearl Pavilion and failed to spend those two years with you in Zhichun Garden.”

Su Yang: …

What kind of ancient-romantic-style dialogue was this?

Those who knew understood that you were lamenting the friendship of classmates, but those who didn’t know would think that you were confessing!

Su Yang didn’t really make a fuss.

He knew that Gu Feidi was just pretending to be strong, but in fact he must be on the verge of despair in his heart—only then would he utter such self-defeating words.

At this time, it was best to just go along with what he wanted to say, so that it was less likely to arouse his negative mentality. Then after that, he would slowly guide him and let him follow obediently back to the Devil Sect.

Su Yang grabbed Gu Feidi’s wrist, flattened his mouth and said in a hushed tone, “If you regret it, why don’t you just follow me back home, we can live together on my Iris Island for at least a month.”

Gu Feidi gazed at Su Yang and smiled: “Iris Island… sounds beautiful.”

Su Yang nodded quickly: “Yes, my island is very beautiful and the scenery at our headquarters is also stunning; it won’t lose out to that of Lesser Jade House. Don’t you want to accompany me back to enjoy the gorgeous scenery together?”

Gu Feidi raised his hand as if he wished to touch Su Yang’s cheek.

But in the end he withdrew his hand and shook his head, “No, I have my responsibilities, so how can I be headstrong?”

When he finished speaking, he took a half step back, cupped his fist and said, “Farewell.”

Seeing Gu Feidi’s desperate demeanour, Su Yang almost became unhinged.

He was so furious that he gritted his teeth and resolved to see it through, no matter what. He immediately grabbed Gu Feidi’s wrist and forced him to the ground.

“Mei Shisan!” He ordered, “Tie him up for me!”

Gu Feidi was stunned: “—You!”

Su Yang snorted and said, “Don’t talk about living and dying in front of me! This Young Saint says I want to save you but you dare to die before me! Am I not able to cure you? What responsibility… only a month and the Central Plains martial arts circles aren’t able to revolve without you? Let me tell you, this earth…… this world will still turn regardless of who is or isn’t around! Can’t you live for yourself for once?”

While he spoke, Mei Shisan, who had been waiting for this moment for a long time, quickly teamed up with another flower aide to tie Gu Feidi up sturdily.

Not only did he tie him up, Mei Shisan also fastened a loop of rope around Gu Feidi’s neck and respectfully handed the towing end to Su Yang.

Su Yang looked at the tow rope in his hand and fell silent.

This tow method was similar to leading a dog which was really too humiliating for Gu Feidi.

With a sigh, he stepped forward to help Gu Feidi untie the rope loop around his neck, then tied it around his waist and tested the tightness. He then grinned at Gu Feidi and said, “You can’t escape, so you’ll just have to follow me then!”

Gu Feidi didn’t speak the whole time.

His eyes fell on Su Yang’s person, staring unwaveringly. For a moment, it seemed as if he didn’t want to leave.

Upon hearing Su Yang’s words, he was silent for a long while before he finally smiled: “…Alright.”

Su Yang: …

The child was so pitiful, being poisoned has made him lose his mind.

Su Yang hopelessly shook his head, then turned to Mei Shisan: “When you get out of this cave, send a team to Tengyun Pavilion and Lesser Jade House to enquire about Pu Lingyun’s whereabouts. No matter what method you use, she must be brought back to our headquarters for me!”

According to the subsequent storyline, Pu Lingyun’s ability to detoxify Feidi seemed to have something to do with a special technique. Although the specific process of detoxification was still unclear, it was always better to capture her first and be prepared.

Unexpectedly, Gu Feidi, who’d allowed himself to be tied up without resistance, violently rose up abruptly and used his shoulder to shove Su Yang up against the wall of the stone chamber. He pinned his full body weight on his chest to hold him down.

Because his arms were tied behind his back, he could only use his body to bear down on Su Yang. Both their cheeks were almost touching. Gu Feidi’s angry breath sprayed on Su Yang’s face.

His eyes were filled with rage as he gritted his teeth: “You still dare to covet Lingyun——?! You—you’re simply unreasonable!”

Mei Shisan and flower aide stepped forward hastily to haul Gu Feidi away from Su Yang using whichever way they could, even kicking his knees to knock him down.

Gu Feidi absolutely refused to concede and used his internal force to resist, but he accidentally stirred up the poison in his body, his face turning pale. He gritted his teeth, coughed twice and he was about to be pushed to his knees.

Aai, aai, don’t bully him, you all!”

Su Yang stepped in front and took the Gu Feidi into his arms. He said fiercely: “I asked you to tie him up. I wasn’t giving you permission to humiliate——OW! Crap! Gu Feidi, are you a DOG?!”

Gu Feidi bit the side of Su Yang’s neck, relentlessly venting his anger and leaving behind a row of teeth marks.

Su Yang shoved him away, glaring at him.

Gu Feidi appeared to be angrier than him, his nostrils were flaring and he scowled at him ferociously, as if he was about to spew fire.

He clutched his neck and inwardly rolled his eyes.

Okay, you are an invalid, invalids are number one.

He patiently persuaded: “Fine, fine, fine, we won’t capture Pu Lingyun…” He would coax him first and when he was out of hearing range, he would give Mei Shisan the order.

While he was coaxing, Su Yang stepped forward to hold the rope.

Gu Feidi raised his leg and stepped on the rope without pulling it.

Su Yang smiled and went to pull Gu Feidi’s arm directly.

Gu Feidi struggled for a while and Su Yang enveloped his arms around Gu Feidi’s arm, half-pulling and half-dragging him out the door of the stone room.

Su Yang smiled happily and said, “Let’s go home!”

The crowd of Devil Sect onlookers: …

…suddenly wanted to quit the Sect.

This Young Saint was simply too—they couldn’t bear to look……


After leaving two guards from Mei Hall in the stone room to study the sword marks left by the elder, the Devil Sect’s troops gathered around Su Yang and advanced along the edge of the domed cave.

The vipers along the way had been completely cleaned up and everyone walked for less than an hour before they came to the place where they’d lowered the ropes—here you could already see the sealed cave wall in the distance. This was the end of the magical cave. If there was no one to lower a rope from above, it was truly difficult to find a way out from there.

There were some Devil Sect troops that had been ordered to remain here. Seeing that Mei Shisan had not only caught Gu Feidi, but also welcomed back their Young Saint, each and everyone of them were excited and immediately kneeled to make their salutations.

The flower aide at the top of the cave lowered the rope ladder and everyone climbed up and left the cave.

Back in the Wasteland, the Devil Sect troops quickly brought horses and Su Yang discovered that not only did they have Devil Sect’s selectively cultivated group of black horses, but also a divine colt with white colouring.

The white horse tilted his head back as if smelling something. It snorted its nose in the direction of Su Yang and Gu Feidi while trying to break free from the flower aide holding it.

Gu Feidi was surprised: “You all actually found Fei Lian.”

Without the flower aide attending to him, Su Yang said: “Oh? It’s called ‘Fei Lian’?”

Gu Feidi nodded.

Su Yang drew back the corners of his mouth and smiled wickedly: “How do I remember someone saying that they would send it to me?”

Gu Feidi said, “Mmm, I’ll give it to you.”

The flower aide leading the horse heard the two of them talking and quickly loosened the rein in his hand.

Fei Lian trotted over to stand before Gu Feidi and used his nose to nuzzle Gu Feidi’s face. Gu Feidi’s hands were tied and he couldn’t touch it, so he could only tilt his head and let Fei Lian rub against him. After the owner and horse had been affectionate with each other for a while, Fei Lian seemed to detect a familiar scent next to him and sniffed at Su Yang’s shoulder tentatively.

Su Yang looked at Gu Feidi’s inner shirt which he was wearing and fell silent.

“Fei Lian is extraordinarily brave, he can travel thousands of miles a day even with two people on his back.” Gu Feidi said, “Why don’t you and I ride him together?”

Su Yang curled his lips and said, “Why does this Young Saint have to ride with a prisoner? I want to ride the precious horse by myself!” 

As he said, he turned and mounted himself atop Fei Lian’s back. Seemingly pleased with himself, he turned to Mei Shisan: “Take him and keep an eye on him, don’t let him escape!”

Mei Shisan took the lead and was about to drag Gu Feidi away using the rope at his waist.

Gu Feidi staggered two steps and was almost dragged down. He turned to look at Su Yang, opened his mouth as if he was about to say something.

Su Yang met his gaze and suddenly recalled that in the stone room, Mei Shisan and the flower aide wanted to press Gu Feidi down and force him to kneel.

“Wait a moment!” he shouted unthinkingly.

Mei Shisan turned around: “Young Saint?”

Su Yang raised his hand to touch his nose and spoke in awe-inspiring manner: “He has a strong martial arts, if he breaks the rope, you can’t control him. In that case, I’ll escort him personally.”

Mei Shisan: …

The flower aides: …

Young Saint, don’t think we can’t see that you just want to use your position for your own interests!

Mei Shisan brought Gu Feidi back. Su Yang stretched out his hand and hauled him onto the horse.

He originally wanted to hold Gu Feidi in front of him, but considering that Gu Feidi’s hands were tied back, it wasn’t convenient, so he let Gu Feidi sit behind him. He also feared that once the horse began to gallop, Gu Feidi had nowhere to support himself to sit steadily. Su Yang casually fastened the rope around Gu Feidi’s waist to his own waist, tied a knot and patted it with satisfaction.

Seeing Su Yang’s actions, Gu Feidi finally couldn’t help releasing a sigh.

He rested his chin on Su Yang’s shoulder from behind and said in a subdued voice: “One month or half a month… even if you can’t find a way to solve the Gu, I’m willing to be your prisoner.”



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