Chapter 41 : A Profound Love

Title: Infinite Power Over The World

Original title: 权倾天下[重生]

Author: 叶默凉(Ye Moliang)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

Ever since all the enmity had been resolved, Murong Heng clearly discerned that Shen Ci had been laughing more and more. He’d become a completely different person compared to when they’d first met, and even the aura around him was brighter.

Murong Heng is naturally the happiest with regards to this change in him. Every day, he holds Shen Ci in his arms, stroking and caressing him. He is even more delighted to see that Shen Ci no longer mildly resists like he used to.

Therefore, he is extremely grateful to the heavens for giving him a chance to be reborn and for having the opportunity to meet such a good Ah Ci at the right time. If Murong Heng had failed to meet him in this life, it would have been a huge disappointment for him.

It was night, and Murong Heng was dealing with other matters in the palace. Shen Ci was sitting alone on the bed, just idling his time away. Ever since Feng Nan left, he didn’t even have a single person to chat with. Murong Heng was busy, so he was even more listless. He often remained alone in the main hall for most of the day, and he was only able to see Murong Heng during lunch and dinner times.

After sitting for a while, Shen Ci got up and asked the palace attendants to prepare clean clothes for him. He had nothing to do anyway, so he simply went to take a bath. This way, he would be more comfortable before going to sleep.

Shen CI instructed the palace attendant to put the clothes within reach before supporting himself with the wall of the bath and walking into the pool. His whole body was enveloped by hot water. He sighed comfortably, leaning against the wall of the pool, and closed his eyes a little.

He began to recall the days when he met Murong Heng, from their initial resistance to their current mutual affection. He couldn’t remember how long it had taken for him to comfortably accept Murong Heng. However, he remembers in his heart every single instance that Murong Heng had been kind to him.

Shen Ci also recalled that the two met for the first time and that his house had been on fire. He thought he was going to die in the house, but Murong Heng had charged in and rescued him. His thoughts then turned to the time when Murong Heng had helped him look for a new residence. He’d been injured, and Murong Heng had hugged and comforted him. When he’d recovered from his injury, Murong Heng had also allowed him to live in the prince’s mansion for his safety. He remembers all of these events clearly.

Just when he was in deep thought, there was a very soft sound of the door being pushed. Doubtful, Shen Ci straightened up from the water, opened his eyes, and called out, “Murong?”

There was no answer.

The person who’d entered was indeed Murong Heng. When he hushed his footsteps and walked into the bathroom, he could vaguely make out Shen Ci’s whole body soaking in the hot water through the hazy mist. His fair skin was like fine jade. Just then, he didn’t want to respond to Shen Ci’s call so quickly, but he stood still and admired him sufficiently before making a sound and walking forward.

Murong Heng walked to the edge of the bathing pool and removed his outer clothes without saying a word. Then he stepped into the water and pulled Shen Ci into an embrace. As he held him, he said softly, “Ah Ci, I will take a bath with you.”

Shen Ci didn’t speak, but when he heard Murong Heng’s voice, he felt relieved. Earlier, he hadn’t made any sound since he thought it was some unruly person who’d entered and had been startled just then.

As Shen Ci felt Murong Heng’s warm breath at the side of his neck, an idea suddenly emerged. He wanted to play a prank, so he turned to face Murong Heng and forcefully slapped the water’s surface without warning. That caused the water to splash everywhere, sloshing water onto Murong Heng’s head and face.

Shen Ci laughed without any reservations. Although he couldn’t see Murong Heng’s flummoxed expression, just listening to his yelping was enough to satisfy him. He continued to slap the water a few more times until both their heads and hair were soaked.

Damp strands of hair stuck to Shen Ci’s cheeks, making him a little uncomfortable. As such, he wanted to go up and change into clean clothes. He didn’t expect Murong Heng to reach out suddenly and pull him into his arms, bend down, and seal his lips with his own.

After the kiss, Murong Heng moved to brush the hair on Shen Ci’s cheeks behind his ears before kissing his forehead. He gave a wicked smile and said, “Ah Ci, you’ve learned some bad behaviours.”

Shen Ci lowered his head, not saying anything, but the raised corners of his lips clearly indicated that he was in a good mood.

Upon seeing how seductive he looked, Murong Heng couldn’t resist giving him several passion-filled kisses. Then he hugged him close and said seriously, “Ah Ci, I feel really happy. It’s true.” Compared to the present, he couldn’t be happier. His enemies have been eliminated, and the one he loves is by his side day and night. Murong Heng wishes he could look up to the sky and howl with laughter.

Initially, Shen Ci wanted to respond likewise, but after thinking about it, he still didn’t say it aloud. Instead, he directly expressed it with his actions. He reached out and hooked Murong Heng’s neck, raised his head, and kissed the corner of his lips. In the end, he smiled and said, “Me too.”

Murong Heng was caught off guard by Shen Ci’s rare proactiveness. Murong Heng fiercely hugged Shen Ci, letting his head rest on his broad shoulders. He spoke in a deep voice, “Ah Ci, you are the best.”

It was indeed Murong Heng’s lifelong luck to be able to have him.

After some time, Murong Heng led Shen Ci to put on his clothes and walk out of the bathroom. Upon arriving in the bedroom, Murong Heng eyed the huge dragon bed in the centre before tugging Shen Ci over and letting him sit on it. He took a clean cloth and dried Shen Ci’s hair himself. He glanced down and noticed Shen Ci staring ahead with an empty gaze. All of a sudden, Murong Heng remembered his promise to Ah Ci; it was time to fulfil it.

As such, he ordered the palace staff to invite over all the imperial doctors from the imperial hospital. He draped a coat on Shen Ci and let him sit on the dragon bed. Murong Heng had promised to help him heal his eyes, and it was definitely not said in jest.

Within a quarter of an hour, all the imperial doctors arrived one after another. They sequentially took turns to examine Shen Ci’s pulse, look into his eyes, and inevitably shook their heads together.

“So many of you imperial doctors, but you can’t cure a single person like him?” Murong Heng was a little angry; he held Shen Ci’s hand tightly. He clearly felt a lot of sweat in the warm palm; therefore, he must be extremely nervous.

“Replying to the emperor, we servants are incompetent. Gentlemen Shen’s eye sickness has been going on for several years and is truly a chronic issue. Us servants are really powerless.” The head of the imperial doctors shook uncontrollably and was the first to kneel down. He heard that the methods employed by this new emperor to deal with the previous empress were extremely cruel. At the moment, he couldn’t figure out the emperor’s thoughts, and he didn’t dare to lie, so it was best that he told the truth.

“Outrageous! What’s the point of retaining the lot of you?” For the first time in many days, Murong Heng was genuinely furious. He was about to continue talking when he abruptly felt his sleeve being pulled. When he looked back, Shen Ci had just removed his hand. He couldn’t help but ask, “Ah Ci, what’s the matter?”

“Murong, don’t blame them.” Shen Ci said softly. He’d already surmised that his eyes might not be able to be cured. After all, it’s not that he hasn’t tried treating his eyes for so many years, but he received too many negative responses. With that, the last glimmer of hope in his heart was about to be shattered.

Seeing that the imperial doctors at his feet were trembling all over—and putting a damper on the scene—he simply told them all to scram outside. He was on the edge of the bed, pulled Shen Ci close, and said softly, “No, I shall immediately order for an imperial notice to be published to search for a doctor throughout the country. We’ll definitely find someone who can cure your eyes.”

“You…” When Shen Ci heard what he said, he was quite surprised. He thought that, like himself, Murong Heng would give up. But he didn’t expect him to implement such monumental moves for him. It was immensely heartwarming.

“Aren’t you very touched?” Murong Heng caught sight of his expression and guessed what he was thinking. So he moved his face closer, held Shen Ci’s hand, and stroked it. He smiled and said, “Since Ah Ci is touched, how about giving me a kiss?”

When Shen Ci heard the words, his brows, which had been in a frown earlier, instantly relaxed. He ‘hmm’-ed and took the initiative to lean over to kiss Murong Heng’s cheek with a soft smile on his lips.

Upon being kissed by him, Murong Heng suddenly threw him on the dragon bed. Then, he buried his face in Shen Ci’s neck and gently nuzzled, pawing at him like a big dog and refusing to get off. His voice was muted. “Ah Ci, if it was because your eyes have yet to be healed, I honestly want to have you.”

“I…” Shen Ci was taken aback for a moment, and his face flushed slightly.

Just when he thought Murong Heng would make some moves, he suddenly heard him utter, “Just sleep.” Shen Ci was a little taken aback, then he lay down on the bed with him.

The two lay facing each other without saying a word. In the dark, Murong Heng beheld the vacant eyes of the man in his arms, and there was nothing but distress in his heart. He couldn’t bear to make him sad, so he simply chose up a happy topic and said, “Ah Ci, the first month of spring is coming soon, and the scenery in Jiangnan is very beautiful at that time. Once your eyes are cured, I’ll bring you to Jiangnan. What do you think?”

As soon as these words were spoken, Shen Ci’s heart warmed up. As he listened to Murong Heng earnestly introduce him to the beautiful scenery of Jiangnan, a picture had already emerged in his mind, and he couldn’t help longing for it.

“I’ll definitely cure your eyes, trust me.” After Murong Heng finished speaking, he dropped a kiss on Shen Ci’s forehead. He would bring him to admire thousands of miles of landscapes together.

“I trust you.” These simple words made Murong Heng feel a surge of emotion. He tightened his arms to cuddle Shen Ci and placed his chin on his forehead. His breaths were even.

Early next morning, Murong Heng got off the bed as quietly as he could. The palace staff member named Ming De, who attended to him, was extremely smart. He lit a candle, helped Murong Heng put on his court clothes, then blew out the candle. He then followed in Murong Heng’s wake to the main hall of the imperial palace.

Murong Heng sat atop the dragon throne, looked around at the court officials below the platform, and listened carefully to their petitions. Without warning, someone stood out and said loudly, “Your Majesty, this subordinate believes that Your Majesty has reached a marriageable age. Why not select some beautiful girls to expand the harem?”

Murong Heng frowned upon hearing his words and raised his eyes to look at the man who was lobbying. He was young but had a beard. It was Li Shi, the Minister of Rites. Murong Heng threw him an annoyed glance and said in a deep voice, “This Emperor has no intention of marrying a concubine.”

“But Your Majesty, without an empress and concubines, there would be no harem. How could the emperor be without a harem? This subordinate…” Li Shi took a step forward and continued to remonstrate. Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Murong Heng.

“Enough, no buts.” Murong Heng shot him another look; his gaze was slightly chilly. He stood up and walked down the platform, eyed the court officials for a while, and said seriously, “If you have to ask for a reason, it is that This Emperor already has a beloved. He is my only empress, and apart from him, This Emperor shall never marry again in this life.” After speaking, Murong Heng threw Ming De a look, and with a resounding “court is adjourned”, the morning court came to an end.

All the court officials remained standing in place. It wasn’t that they weren’t aware of what Murong Heng was implying. When they thought of the blind gentleman and recalled the efforts and contributions he’d made for the kingdom’s peace, all the officials fell silent for a moment.

Never mind, as long as the emperor is happy.


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