Chapter 36 : Melee and Misfortune

Title: Did We Agree To Be Arch-Rivals?

Original Title: 说好成为彼此的宿敌呢[穿书]

Author: 轻风白杨 (Qingfeng Baiyang)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

This rocky plain was very close to the rift valley at Eluo Ghost Tent’s border.

Su Yang had just studied the map not long ago and knew that after continuing north, he would reach the edge of the rift valley soon. It was close to noon, and the position of the sun was perfect for him to determine his location.

As such, Su Yang decided to leave the Devil Sect’s team of flower aides at the moment and lead Gu Feidi to the rift valley by himself.

And in order for Gu Feidi to have a reason to pursue him, Su Yang decided to carry off Pu Lingyun!

This not only guaranteed that Gu Feidi would chase after him but also ensured that Pu Lingyun wouldn’t be abandoned. It would be more convenient to force the both of them down the cliff together.

Just then, Su Yang instantly felt amazingly resourceful to have come up with this idea!

While Su Yang was being hostile to Gu Feidi, he manoeuvred closer to the side where Xu Yunzhan and the woman whose face was still covered were looking on.

The Devil Sect’s Prized Flower Steps had always been regarded as the strongest light footwork skill in martial arts because, so far, there was no more superior skill that could compare to it or even be on par with it. In addition, Su Yang’s internal strength was profound, and he’d painstakingly practiced the Prized Flower Steps, so his body skills had become even more exceptionally exquisite. If he wasn’t waiting for Gu Feidi, he would’ve already broken through the encirclement with the Devil Sect flower aide and arrived in the Rift Valley earlier.

At that moment, he saw Gu Feidi and immediately stopped evading.

Without warning, Su Yang dashed behind the masked woman riding the tan horse next to Xu Yunzhan, rendered her unconscious with a strategic hand chop to the back of her neck before hoisting her onto his shoulders and securing her with his arm around her waist.

“Su Yang! What are you doing?!”

Xu Yunzhan was stunned, drew out his sword, and leapt swiftly forward shouting angrily, “You let her go!”

Su Yang said in his heart: Oops, I forgot that Xu Yunzhan still has preposterous desires towards the heroine! We must definitely block this guy!

So he shouted loudly: “Mei Shisan! I’m handing Xu Yunzhan over to you! Don’t let him chase over!”

After he’d spoken, he had already escaped three or four feet away with his Prized Flower Steps.

Though Mei Shisan didn’t understand the reason for it, he still instinctively listened to the order and turned around to join forces with another flower aide to confront Xu Yunzhan.

Xu Yunzhan wanted to bypass him and catch up, but he had to oppose the martial arts of these two Devil Sect flower aides and couldn’t break through them at the moment.

Gu Feidi’s face turned dark as well, and he shouted, “Leave it to me; I’ll chase him!”

Without waiting for Xu Yunzhan to reply, he sped ahead to pursue in the direction Su Yang had escaped.

When Gu Feidi and Su Yang had completed their Lesser Jade House discipleship, their martial arts were beyond the reach of others. The few that had teamed up to fight against Su Yang earlier saw that they couldn’t catch up to them, so they turned around to obstruct the Devil Sect’s troops, who were trying to leave with Su Yang seeking to prevent them from going to the rescue.

During the fight, one of the Wujiangmen men quietly withdrew from the battle and sneaked behind a huge boulder to do something in secret.

On a high stone cliff in the distance, the small white ghost owl suddenly opened its eyes, turned his neck round half a circle, and took off spreading his wings out into the sky.


“Su Yang! Put her down!”

Gu Feidi’s voice was low and deep, but it was extremely piercing, and his tone was filled with anger which suffused into the air: “Put her down, and I’ll let you go.”

Su Yang snorted and thought to himself: There’s no way I’m letting her go after hearing you say that!

He steadied Pu Lingyun on his shoulders. The wind was rushing beneath his feet. He spotted the position of the sun and hastened towards the north.

Gu Feidi ‘tsk’-ed in irritation and followed Su Yang closely, his expression downcast.

The pursuit continued for some time. Su Yang had just veered around a huge boulder when all of a sudden his footwork was interrupted by a silent arrow whizzing out from nowhere.

He swiftly changed his footwork so as to avoid the arrow piercing his chest, but was also thrown into disarray.

Gu Feidi broke out in a cold sweat. He quickly bolted in front to protect Su Yang from the shooter.

There was more than one person on the other side.

The leader was a middle-aged man of forty holding a crossbow, squinting at Su Yang and Gu Feidi.

The dozen-or-so guards behind the middle-aged man immediately stepped forward to confront Su Yang. After all, Su Yang was still carrying a person on him, and it made it difficult for him to break through the attack for a while.

Gu Feidi gritted his teeth: “Unexpectedly, the Master of Wujiangmen would come here in person.” 

The middle-aged man snorted and sneered back: “Neither did I expect that the Martial World’s Tiger and Righteous Young Eagle, Young Hero Gu, would actually protect a Devil Sect demon spawn!”

Gu Feidi tightened his grip on the sword with the hilt in his hand and didn’t reply.

This middle-aged man was the current sect master of Wujiangmen. Although Wujiangmen wasn’t strong, they engaged in the business of selling information; therefore, many sects in the Jianghu were willing to give him face, and he’d gathered a group of masters around him.

This actually wasn’t difficult to comprehend. Throughout the ages, whether it was shopping malls, battlefields or bureaucracies, information mismatches determined success or failure. Therefore, those smaller forces in the Jianghu who were unable to train their own spies could only buy and sell information through Wujiangmen.

And although Tengyun Pavilion possessed its own channels for inquiring about information, they dared not directly offend Wujiangmen.

After all, no one wants to be spied on by others all the time and have all their matters—good and bad—made public within the martial arts circles.

Surrounded by the guards, the Master of Wujiangmen stared at Gu Feidi and said, “Since Young Hero Gu wants to follow his classmate, it’ll be better for you to cease intervening in this matter and leave the demon spawn to me to pursue. Young Hero Gu is still the future of martial arts circles. Why don’t you concentrate on finding the Sword Sage legacy instead?”

Gu Feidi said, “He captured Xu Yunzhan’s female partner; naturally, I can’t let him go.”

Wujiangmen Master: “Coincidentally, I have a good relationship with the Huo family and will definitely rescue and return her to Young Hero Xu.”

Su Yang : ???

Wait a minute, why is Pu Lingyun Xu Yunzhan’s female partner?

And what does this have to do with that nuisance dude’s Huo family connections?

Su Yang suddenly had an ominous premonition in his heart.

He flipped the woman down from his shoulder and held her before him, pulling off her veil.

Huo Ying was completely unconscious and had still not awoken at this time. Her eyes were closed tightly, but her eyebrows were full of vigour—completely different from Pu Lingyun’s delicate face.

Did he capture the wrong person?!

Su Yang: !!!

While avoiding Wujiangmen’s attacks, Su Yang screamed frantically at Gu Feidi: “What’s going on?! Where’s Pu Lingyun?!”

Gu Feidi’s breath got stuck in his throat.

He frowned, “…The one you intended to capture was Lingyun?”

Before Su Yang could answer, he turned to the Wujiangmen Master, cupped his fists, and said with a serious expression, “The Devil Sect demon spawn dares to covet my Tengyun Pavilion master’s direct disciple. Apologies, but I cannot stay out of this matter!”

As he spoke, he turned back, jumped into the crowd with his sword, and struck straight at Su Yang’s face!

Su Yang immediately tossed the Huo Ying in his arms to Gu Feidi and said angrily, “DEMON SPAWN YOUR SISTER AAA——!”

Gu Feidi caught Huo Ying and handed her over to Wujiangmen Master, saying: “Since Elder’s relationship with the Huo family is good, I’ll leave Yingniang with you. Please take care of her. I’ll go capture that Devil Sect demon spawn!”

Without the burden of carrying Huo Ying, Su Yang’s Prized Flower Steps picked up, and using the Flying Flower Art technique, he rushed from the left to the right, managing to break through Wujiangmen’s dozen-or-so human barrier.

Gu Feidi followed closely behind and chased after him.

The Master of Wujiangmen handed Huo Ying to his men and calmly ordered, “Chase!”

At this moment, Xu Yunzhan had led the troops from Tengyun Pavilion and Qianfeng Villa to arrive followed by the Devil Sect troops and others from Tongyun Temple and Xuanji Temple, who had been trailing them all the way.

Xu Yunzhan retrieved Huo Ying from the Wujiangmen fighter and checked that her breathing and pulse were steady. Confirming that there should be no problem, he was finally relieved and let out a breath he had been holding.

Su Yang fled to a rift valley cliff in the Gobi Desert. Before he rushed off the cliff, he stopped moving forward.

He glanced down the cliff and saw that there was no stone shore at the bottom, only the deep blue water, which was ten feet high from the cliff edge. The flow of the river was extremely fast, but perhaps because of the depth of the water and the two straight banks, there was no surge of water in the middle of the river.

Gu Feidi soon chased after him.

Holding the sword, he stopped about two feet away from Su Yang, frowning, and asked, “Why did you deliberately lead me here?”

Su Yang did not answer, he grasped his thin sword and lunged forward with his Drunk Slashing Red Plums, catching Gu Feidi off guard.

Gu Feidi immediately responded with a move, with a surprised expression on his face.

Su Yang struck sharply, pushing Gu Feidi towards the cliff of the Rift Valley.

At the moment Pu Lingyun was not in the Wasteland and Su Yang couldn’t retrieve the heroine’s storyline. But fortunately, Gu Feidi still chased him over here as usual. At least, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get Gu Feidi to fall off the cliff.

In that instant, he was suddenly a little unsure… Without Pu Lingyun’s assistance, would Gu Feidi still be able to find the Sword Sage’s Tomb after falling off the cliff?

Both of them traded blows for a while and the people who were chasing them followed the sounds of clashing gold and iron.

Although the people of the Devil Sect generally had high martial arts skills, in the end, they were fewer in number, and when surrounded by the masses of several forces, it was really difficult for them to deal with. Thanks to the subtlety of Prized Flower Steps, they wouldn’t fall into a disadvantage too quickly.

With so many more joining the battle, it wasn’t known when the original duel between Gu Feidi and Su Yang had gradually turned into a melee of several forces.

The Devil Sect troops wanted to help their Young Saint block the attacks, but they knew that their Young Saint fancied Tengyun Pavilion’s Young Hero Gu, so they couldn’t hurt him.

The Tengyun Pavilion troops wanted to suppress the Devil Sect flower aides, but they couldn’t figure out whether their Young Pavilion Master had a classmate relationship with Su Yang and didn’t dare be too heavy-handed.

Although Wujiangmen, Tongyun Temple, and Xuanji Temple had joined forces to besiege the Devil Sect, they actually wanted to see the battle between the Devil Sect and Tengyun Pavilion and take advantage when they had the opportunity. In addition, they were actually competing with each other and were fighting seriously.

In the midst of the battle, Su Yang was concentrating on trying to drive Gu Feidi off the cliff, but didn’t want to hurt him with his sword.

Gu Feidi fought back, but he had to secretly guard against someone who might shoot a stray arrow at Su Yang. After all, this person was the target of public criticism.

Each person had their own agenda in this fight.

A fist-sized white ghost owl quietly landed on a rock at the edge of the cliff. There was a bright red ribbon tied to its ankle, fluttering and tossing with the wind.

Suddenly, one of the men from Wujiangmen’s team narrowed his eyes and glanced at the white bird.

The ghost owl quickly flew away. The man searched himself and retrieved a bone flute from his person, swiftly blowing on it.

At that moment, the situation abruptly changed!

A Tongyun Temple disciple was fighting a Devil Sect flower aide with his back towards Gu Feidi. In an instant, he turned around, picked up a scimitar in his hand and slashed at Gu Feidi’s back!

Su Yang’s pupils shrank, and he instinctively shouted, “Behind!”

Believing him, Gu Feidi swung around and blocked the scimitar using a blade unexpectedly handed to him from a friendly party.

Just then, another person from Xuanji Temple rose violently from the side and lashed his sword towards Gu Feidi’s neck!

Su Yang rushed forward without even thinking about it, flipped his thin sword in his hand to block all the person’s attacks.

Unexpectedly, another Wujiangmen disciple quietly rose to attack and slashed at Gu Feidi!

Gu Feidi’s sword was being restrained by a scimitar, and he had no time to turn around.

The Wujiangmen’s martial skills were extremely fast, and the way they handled the scimitars were extremely strange. In the blink of an eye, the blade’s edge had almost reached the top of Gu Feidi’s head!

Su Yang gritted his teeth, activated his Prized Flower Steps to intervene between the two, and sent a backhand of strong internal force into his thin sword to stab into the Wujiangmen disciple’s heart.

However, the man’s sword still latently sliced downward.

Su Yang turned and pulled Gu Feidi into his arms to protect him, letting the blade slash on his back, opening a bloody gash from his right shoulder down to the left side of his waist.

Gu Feidi’s eyes turned red.



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