Chapter 26 : Humiliated Into A Rage

Title: Infinite Power Over The World

Original title: 权倾天下[重生]

Author: 叶默凉(Ye Moliang)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

The death of the prince caused Empress Xu to suffer a great blow. In the past few months, she has spent every day on tenterhooks. She always experienced nightmares at night of Murong Cheng clutching her leg as he wailed about his grievances and beseeched her to avenge him.

Today was a day of national mourning for the crown prince. Empress Xu was on the platform without saying a word. She resembled a walking corpse. When she returned to the palace, she could no longer control her grief and began to bawl.

“What are you crying for?” Emperor Chongde became even more annoyed when he saw her lose her composure.

“Your Majesty, Cheng’er died unjustly!” Empress Xu wailed in Emperor Chongde’s arms, tears continuously streaming down her face. She couldn’t be at ease the entire day when she recalled the crown prince’s miserable appearance in her dream.

“Nonsense, Cheng’er died for the country; it was an honourable death!” Emperor Chongde couldn’t help but feel bereaved when he heard her say that. Murong Cheng was his most beloved and promising prince and the heir apparent to the throne. But to have died for no reason on the battlefield this time was truly such a pity.

Just as the two were talking, a palace attendant came to report that the fifth prince had arrived. Emperor Chongde made a gesture with his hand to let him in. No one expected that when Empress Xu, who was in his arms, saw Murong Chong, her eyes widened, almost resembling copper bells. Immediately after that, her body trembled violently. She stretched out a slender, shaky finger and pointed at the fifth prince, who wasn’t far away.

Her vision was obscured, and it seemed as if she saw Murong Cheng standing before her. But when she looked closely, it was Murong Chong again. Without warning, she began to wail miserably, as if she were possessed by a demon. She pointed at Murong Chong and cried loudly: “You traitor, return my son’s life! You killed Cheng’er; it was you!” The more Empress Xu cried, the more wretched she became. She kept charging towards Murong Chong. Even Emperor Chongde couldn’t control her, so he was forced to tap her soundly at the back of the neck to knock her out. Then he had her sent into the palace to rest and invited the imperial doctor over to take a look at her.

At that moment, Murong Chong couldn’t help but be incredibly vexed when he witnessed Empress Xu slandering him like that. He shook all over with anger and righteously stated in a stern manner, “Imperial Father, Er Chen is also very saddened due to imperial elder brother’s death, but this is not Er Chen’s doing. Imperial elder brother died for the country. This matter is common knowledge. Requesting for Madam Empress to restrain her grief and accept the loss, so as not to censure innocent people.”

“Alright, you may leave first. This Emperor knows what to do.” Emperor Chongde was so terribly perturbed that he didn’t have time to pay attention to him. He followed the imperial doctor into the palace, but he didn’t notice Murong Chong’s resentful gaze nearby.

After Murong Chong left and returned to his own residence, he gave a cold snort and looked outside with disdain. After this battle had ended, his purpose was to make Emperor Chongde establish him as the crown prince. Therefore, he must not allow this Empress Xu to ruin his success!

Two hours later, Empress Xu finally fell soundly asleep. Emperor Chongde released a deep sigh and exited the palace. Wen Lin followed in his wake, and the two of them walked out to arrive in the imperial gardens. Their pace gradually slowed down.

“Wen Lin, now that the crown prince has passed away, there are only three princes left. Tell me, what should This Emperor do?” Emperor Chongde stopped in his tracks and glanced back at Wen Lin, who was following him. He could only select one of the remaining three to be the future crown prince. However, Murong Heng lacked talent, and he didn’t feel that he had the potential to be an emperor at all. Murong Chong wasn’t suitable either since he was such an exhibitionist. Needless to say, the final remaining Murong Yu was weak and cowardly, utterly unable to bear the great responsibility of the crown prince.

At that moment, he couldn’t find someone more suitable than Murong Cheng to be the crown prince. Deep down, Emperor Chongde felt even more depressed. Since he couldn’t get a satisfactory answer, he had no choice but to continue walking forward. Unbeknownst to him, all his words had been perceived by someone.

After he departed, Murong Yu came out from behind a tree, pretending to be casually passing by. He deliberated inwardly, a sneer appearing at the corner of his lips. Slowly, he clenched his fists with a cold look in his eyes.

At night, Murong Chong was drinking tea in the palace, but he was feeling more impatient on the inside. It had now been several months since the crown prince’s death, yet Emperor Chongde had no impetus at all to appoint another crown prince. Could it be that he simply didn’t want to do this?

No, he couldn’t continue to wait like this. Murong Chong immediately decided to seek out Emperor Chongde and sound him out. It would be good even if all he could get was a sliver of news.

He left almost instantly and arrived at the imperial study room. He waited for a while before he received Emperor Chongde’s summons to enter and strode into the room. Murong Chong raised his eyes to meet Emperor Chongde’s probing gaze and clenched his fists beneath his sleeves.

Emperor Chongde put down the brush in his hand, stood up and walked to stand front of him. He asked in a deep voice. “Chong’er, it’s already late. Why have you come here?”

Murong Chong thought for a moment, and replied tactfully. “Imperial Father, Er Chen knows that the death of imperial elder brother has made you distressed, so I came to see you. I pray that Imperial Father’s grief is kept in check and reconcile yourself to his passing.” He feared what he said would be too blunt and would irk Emperor Chongde, but——

Emperor Chongde smiled when he heard what he said, and didn’t answer right away. He had already guessed what this son of his was thinking, so he said directly: “Imperial Father has no plans to appoint another crown prince yet. You may go back.” In his heart, there was no one more suitable to be the crown prince than Murong Cheng.

A burst of anger emerged within Murong Chong when he heard what was said. Since his imperial father knew for a long time that he had such ambitions, why doesn’t he accommodate him? When he thought of this, he couldn’t help but say it aloud, bluntly: “Imperial Father, imperial elder brother has already passed away. The country cannot be without a crown prince forever. That’s true; Er Chen wishes to inherit the position of crown prince, and I promise to do a thoroughly good job. I won’t fall short compared to imperial elder brother at all!”

“Enough!” Not only was Emperor Chongde unable to be persuaded by him; on the contrary, he frowned in annoyance. He glared at Murong Chong in front of him and, after a while, shook his head, saying, “Go back. This Emperor has my own idea about this matter.”

“Imperial Father! Aside from Er Chen, who else is capable?! What else is there for you to consider?” Murong Chong roared angrily but was ruthlessly driven out by Emperor Chongde. He glowered resentfully at the study room door, as if he could burn a hole through it.

Fine, if he doesn’t want to give it to him, then he will seize it himself!

Hastening back to his own residence, Murong Chong picked up a brush and wrote a letter to all the vassal kings. As long as he has their assistance in addition to some of the power he held in the imperial court, he will surely achieve great things. Emperor Chongde didn’t recognise him and was unwilling to appoint him as the crown prince. Fine, he doesn’t care. In that case, let him outright relinquish the emperor’s position!

He has no foresight and isn’t suitable to be an emperor. Only he, Murong Chong, is the most suitable!

Deep in the night, the spy that Murong Heng planted in the imperial palace brought back news that Murong Chong had rushed to the imperial study and then returned in a rage. It seemed that he had decided to rebel.

Murong Heng let out a chilly laugh in response to this; he truly couldn’t sit still anymore. This was good too. It saves him from thinking about how to instigate him into rebelling. With this in mind, Murong Heng arrived outside the room, went in, and told Shen Ci the news.

Now that the two of them felt the same about each other, Shen Ci had officially moved into Murong Heng’s rooms from next door. Everyone in the mansion understands the prince’s feelings, and aside from wishing blessings on them, they wouldn’t casually gossip.

After hearing what Murong Heng said, Shen Ci lowered his eyebrows and pondered. Then he said seriously, “Leave him be; let him seize the throne.” All they have to do is watch them kill each other and then sit back to reap the spoils.

“I understand.” Murong Heng lightly nodded. His and Shen Ci’s thoughts were the same. Now that Murong Chong had been shamed into anger and decided to rebel, he would pretend not to know and let him amass forces by himself. Once the war begins, Murong Chong will definitely be eager for quick success for the sake of seizing the throne. When that time comes, his chance will appear.

The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. This principle has remained unchanged throughout the ages. He won’t fight with them. He would wait for them to drop the fruits of victory for him to pick up. At that time, he would eliminate them one by one. The ultimate victory will be his.

Once the two had completed their discussion, Shen Ci prepared to take a bath. Unexpectedly, as soon as he entered the bathroom, Murong Heng followed him in and said that he wanted to wash with him. Shen Ci’s face immediately turned red.

After removing their outerwear, the two of them stepped into the bath in their inner clothes. Murong Heng sighed in comfort and couldn’t help pulling Shen Ci into his arms. He scooped up water with his hand to pour over the long, soft hair of the man in his embrace, helping him wash it.

Murong Heng removed the hairpin, took the soap locust at the side, and carefully rubbed it all over Shen Ci’s black hair. He exerted an acceptable amount of pressure to help him wash. As he scrubbed away, his mind automatically began to wander. All of a sudden, Shen Ci let out a low cry. He then realised that he’d absentmindedly swiped foam into Shen Ci’s eyes.

Hastily helping him wash off the foam, Murong Heng lowered his head in shame. He hugged Shen Ci tightly in his arms and said apologetically, “Ah Ci, I’m sorry.”

Shen Ci shook his head. Although it had been cleared off, his eyes were still smarting. He knew what Murong Heng was thinking, so he didn’t blame him.

Shortly after, Murong Heng took off his clothes and began to wash. Shen Ci could clearly sense the hot skin of the person behind him. Just then, he was glad that he couldn’t see and could avoid being embarrassed.

After they finished their bath, both of them sat at the side of the bed together. Murong Heng held a soft towel and assisted Shen Ci in his arms to dry his long, wet hair. He couldn’t resist lowering his head to kiss him on the forehead; his gaze was filled with tenderness.

“Murong.” Shen Ci, who’d been leaning in his arms, had remained silent. In his mind, he recalled the dream he had of Murong Heng when he left for battle a few months ago. All of a sudden, he reached out and held Murong Heng’s palm and said seriously, “No matter what happens in the future, you have to take me with you, alright?”

He didn’t want to wait for news in the prince’s mansion anymore. He hoped to be someone who stood side by side with him and accompanied him to the highest position. Whether he succeeded or failed, he hoped to be able to remain by his side.

Murong Heng naturally understood what he meant, but he didn’t want him to follow him into dangerous situations. He knew that Murong Chong was going to rebel, so there would be a war soon. As the third prince, he might need to go to the battlefield again. The conditions on the battlefield are unpredictable, and he understands Shen Ci’s worries.

“Promise me.” Seeing that he didn’t answer, Shen Ci moved his body to nudge Murong Heng’s chest. He wasn’t a woman, and he didn’t wish to endure the experience of waiting again. He wants to stand with him and face all challenges together.

Unable to argue with him, Murong Heng had no choice but to agree in a low voice. Although he agreed to his request, he would never let him accompany him into perilous conditions. With this in mind, Murong Heng squeezed his arms and embraced the person in his arms even tighter.

Shen Ci rested his face on Murong Heng’s shoulder as he pressed his lips tightly. No matter what he was about to face next, he would remain by his side and not leave.


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