Chapter 25 : Mutual Feelings

Title: Infinite Power Over The World

Original title: 权倾天下[重生]

Author: 叶默凉(Ye Moliang)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

Although autumn had just begun, nights at the border were much colder than in the capital. In the quiet military camp, Murong Chong was sitting at the table with his face propped up and deep in thought.

Now that the battle was over, they would set off back to the capital in a few days. When they arrived in the capital, they would be bestowed with rewards. Murong Chong’s expression was downcast as he recalled that their victory was due to Murong Heng taking the lead in destroying the enemy’s provisions.

If Emperor Chongde knew about Murong Heng’s achievements, he would definitely look at him differently. Now that the crown prince was dead, the only ones who were qualified to fight for the throne were him and this unassuming Murong Heng. If he couldn’t execute any moves to impede Murong Heng before returning to the capital, his plan would surely be affected by him once they reached the imperial palace.

Therefore, he must do something… If Murong Heng was able to be killed here, that would be ideal. When Emperor Chongde inquired about it, he would find a random reason to sidestep it. The battlefield was unpredictable, and it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary that there were some deaths involved.

Murong Chong thought this way and formulated a plan in his heart.

The following night, Murong Heng washed up and entered the tent. He sat under the lamp resembling a stemmed cup and read the military book in his hands. Shen Ci’s gentle face appeared in his thoughts, and he couldn’t help longing for him.

It had been several months since he last saw him, and he didn’t know if he was doing well. Before leaving, he’d specifically instructed Feng Nan to take good care of him, but since he wasn’t able to see him in person, he was always worried.

He suddenly remembered again the words Shen Ci had said to him, and his eyes automatically narrowed. Since the beginning of the war until now, Murong Chong has been cooperating extremely well with him without any irregularities. But it was precisely this that made him even more suspicious. Petty moves always emerged towards the end, so he predicted that Murong Chong would definitely make a move within these few days.

Just as the thought crossed his mind, several dark shadows abruptly darted past the outside of the tent. Murong Heng’s gaze turned cold, and he instantly shouted, “Who is it?” Immediately after that, he dashed out after them.

He arrived in the forest outside the military camp. It was pitch black, and he couldn’t see his fingers in front of him. Deep down, Murong Heng knew that Murong Chong couldn’t wait any longer and wanted to purposely lure him out in order to kill him. With that in mind, he grasped the sword at his waist firmly and took each step with extreme care.

In the blink of an eye, several black shadows sprang out from all around. Murong Heng raised his sword to meet them. He couldn’t see his attackers in the dark and could only rely on his senses to determine the opponents’ position.

His nose detected the stench of blood, and the sword made a peculiar sound when it slashed flesh. Murong Heng knew that he had injured someone. He closed his eyes and calmed his breathing, and his strikes simultaneously grew more ruthless and vicious.

Not long after, the black shadows slowly lessened. After the attack, everyone aside from Murong Heng had collapsed on the ground. To avoid being threatened, the wounded men in black all bit their tongues to kill themselves.

Murong Heng leaned against a tree, and his eyes gradually adapted to the darkness. Only then did he manage to see the people on the ground. Once he’d confirmed that they were all dead, he straightened up and walked towards the barracks.

Murong Chong, who’d been waiting anxiously in the tent, couldn’t resist coming out to take a look. He just happened to catch sight of Murong Heng’s outline as he returned. His gaze altered ever so slightly, and he feigned concern as he asked, “Third Elder Imperial Brother? Are you injured?”

This person actually didn’t die?

“No big deal.” Only then did Murong Heng realise that his arm had also been hurt. He glanced at the bleeding wound and then turned to look at the person in front of him. Seeing the concern in Murong Chong’s eyes, Murong Heng stared at him with a partial smile, his gaze filled with scrutiny.

If he hadn’t been reborn before, there was no way he would have doubted that his fifth imperial brother would seize this opportunity to send assassins after him to have him killed. But since this was his second life, he had already prepared well.

When Murong Chong met his gaze, he panicked for no reason, but he quickly calmed down and said a few words of concern before going back into his tent. In his tent, he learned that all the people he’d originally dispatched had died at Murong Heng’s hands.

In that instant, Murong Chong pounded the table and frowned. He didn’t expect to underestimate him. It seems that this matter shouldn’t be rushed, and he needed to give it further thought and discussion. Murong Chong clenched his fists tightly as he thought of this and began to deliberate on a new strategy.

A few days later, the army set forth on their return journey to the capital. After several days of gruelling travel, they finally arrived. Murong Heng and Murong Chong couldn’t wait to wash off the dust and change their attire before entering the palace to meet Emperor Chongde.

From his view of the platform, Murong Heng noted that Emperor Chongde had likely been listening to someone, for he wholeheartedly believed that the battle had been won due to Murong Chong’s unparalleled wit. Consequently, he bestowed him with numerous rewards and praised him profusely.

Murong Heng didn’t say anything and put on a careless appearance as he threw a glance at Murong Chong. When he saw his smug expression, Murong Heng couldn’t help inwardly sneering at him. Just let him gloat away. It’s still hasn’t been determined yet who will gain supremacy in the future.

After the presentations were over, Murong Heng departed for his mansion. When he arrived outside, he jumped off the carriage and inhaled deeply. After several months away, he’s finally back!

Upon entering the courtyard, he saw Shen Ci standing not far away. Once he heard his footsteps, Shen Ci’s face revealed a joyful expression. Murong Heng’s heart stirred, and he strode over to him.

Murong Heng endured the excitement in his heart as he stood before Shen Ci and said in a low voice: “Ah Ci, I’ve returned.” For innumerable nights in the barracks, he’d lost count of how much he’d missed the man in front of him. He’d wished he could end the war immediately and return to him.

When he heard this familiar voice again, Shen Ci felt an upsurge of emotion. At that moment, he didn’t know what to say. He followed Murong Heng into the room. Upon enquiring in detail, he learned that Murong Chong had indeed sent someone to kill Murong Heng, and he instantly became anxious. He raised his hand to stroke Murong Heng’s arm and asked urgently, “Are you alright?”

His sensitive nose detected an unusual smell. Seeing him like this, Murong Heng knew that he had been found out. The stab wound inflicted by those men in black that day hadn’t fully healed yet, and it had torn open somewhat due to being jolted around today. Blood was seeping out, and its faint metallic odour permeated the room.

Shen Ci scrambled to locate the medicine box and got Murong Heng to remove his clothes. He bandaged him up himself. When his fingers touched the hot skin, he was slightly disconcerted before he suddenly realised what he was doing.

Murong Heng watched as Shen Ci’s face gradually reddened, but still, his hands didn’t stop bandaging him. He stared intently at Shen Ci’s earnest appearance. Without warning, a blaze erupted from his chest, and his breathing grew rapid. Just as Shen Ci withdrew his hand, he suddenly lunged forward and pushed him down onto the bed.

“Da Ge?” This action startled Shen Ci. He lay on the bed, and his fingers inadvertently came into contact with Murong Heng’s hot body. He immediately removed his hand, as if he had been scalded.

Murong Heng gazed at the slightly vulnerable appearance of the person beneath him. The emotions that had been bottled up in his heart for several months suddenly surged up like a tide, submerging him. He didn’t want to wait any longer. Today, he will definitely reveal all his feelings to him!

With this thought, Murong Heng slowly leaned down and held Shen Ci’s hand. He pressed a soft kiss on his cheek, as if he were trying to ascertain something. He wasn’t surprised to see that Shen Ci was stunned; his expression was wide-eyed and somewhat bewildered.

“Ah Ci, I miss you very much.” The gentle kiss moved from his cheek to his forehead. Murong Heng scattered kisses over his face, not wanting to stop for a moment. He observed Shen Ci’s repeated panting breaths beneath him and his face began turning even redder. Pressing against his forehead, he knew that his Ah Ci would definitely understand what he meant.

Of course, Shen Ci understood the meaning of Murong Heng’s words. After Murong Heng departed for the mission, Shen Ci had that nightmare. Therefore, he’d decided to confess his feelings to him immediately after his return. He never expected that before he was able to say it, Murong Heng had said it first, dispelling his apprehensions.

Unsure of what to say, Shen Ci instead decided to respond with action. As such, he held Murong Heng’s hand back and slowly touched his face with his other hand. Once he found the position of his lips, he moved gradually towards him and lightly brushed his own lips over them before quickly withdrawing and turning his head away, his cheeks burning.

Murong Heng would be most idiotic if he still didn’t understand Shen Ci’s feelings! He gazed at the person beneath him with elation, and he knew that his Ah Ci wasn’t indifferent to him! In this regard, his gaze gradually deepened. Then Murong Heng lowered his head and kissed those warm, soft lips. Little by little, from gentle kisses to deeply passionate ones, he detailed the graceful contours of Shen Ci’s lips beneath him.

There was no need for superfluous words. Both of them understood each other’s feelings. Murong Heng kissed Shen Ci tenderly and wrapped his arms around his waist to hold him close in his embrace. Their clothes gradually became dishevelled. Murong Heng was wholly absorbed in passionately kissing the person under him, fervently wishing he could tear him apart and devour him completely. He wanted to announce to everyone that his Shen Ci belonged to him, Murong Heng!

“Call me Murong.” After kissing, Murong Heng released the man in his arms and tidied both their clothes. He lay on the bed, cuddling Shen Ci, who had turned on his side to nestle atop Murong Heng’s chest, his head resting on Murong Heng’s wide shoulders. Murong Heng’s large palm stroked the long, supple hair of the person in his embrace over and over.

“Murong.” Shen Ci blinked and voiced in earnest.

Murong Heng’s hot-blooded passions arose all of a sudden. He lowered his head and kissed Shen Ci’s soft lips again. Although he genuinely wished he could entwine their bodies and make love to him, he knew now was not yet the time. He needed to restrain himself until all who opposed him were eradicated.

“Ah Ci, you are mine.” Murong Heng domineeringly staked his claim. He blew out the candles, lowered the bed curtains, and hugged the warm person in his arms. For the first time in several months, he slept so peacefully. The corners of his lips were slightly raised. He closed his eyes and had a good night’s sleep.

It was the same for Shen Ci, who was lying on his chest. During the first few days after Murong Heng set off for the war, he suffered from insomnia almost every night. Now that they were both sleeping together, their feelings reciprocated, and their hearts connected, there was no way for them not to be overjoyed. But they couldn’t slacken just yet. They must join forces to eliminate all those who deserved to die before they could truly live together without any impediments.

He was looking forward to it.


Since the war was completely over, everyone’s attention naturally shifted to Crown Prince Murong Cheng’s state funeral. On this day, Murong Heng arrived at the imperial palace in white mourning attire. On the other side, an expressionless Murong Chong showed up. His gaze changed slightly as he observed him in secret.

Under Shen Ci’s meticulous care these days, the wound on his arm had completely healed without any trace of scarring. Although his wound had healed, he would absolutely not let go of the person who caused it.

Just let Murong Chong be cocky for a while. Wait and see; he would definitely make him pay the price he deserves!


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