Chapter 122 (Extra 2/2)

Title: Did We Agree To Be Arch-Rivals?

Original Title: 说好成为彼此的宿敌呢[穿书]

Author: 轻风白杨 (Qingfeng Baiyang)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

When he returned to his apartment, the first thing Chen Su Yang did was to retrieve his boxes where he stored his accessories, including the street vendor items that he’d retained from his junior high years, which had long been gathering dust beneath his bed for ages.

Because he’d originated from a dancing background and he’d performed live broadcasting on a platform before, he had quite a number of accessories, and couldn’t recall whether there were any bird-shaped trinkets, so he had to pour out everything and sort them out one by one.

After digging around for a long while, he ultimately discovered a jumble of metal baubles in the cardboard box from his college days and succeeded in extricating a hummingbird ring from the tangle of a few chains……

The instant he attained the ring, the voice in Chen Su Yang’s head finally spoke again: [Welcome back.]

At last, Chen Su Yang let out a sigh of relief and purposely asked aloud, [Has Gu Feidi’s soul already arrived in this world?]

The system replied almost right away: [Yes, he has arrived in this world.]

Chen Su Yang asked again, [Where is he?]

System: [Unable to detect. Connection to his soul in this world has not yet been established. Host is required to make continuous eye contact with him for one minute to establish the connection.]

Chen Su Yang: ……

Okay, at least he ascertained for now that Gu Feidi had already arrived in this world. At any rate, he shouldn’t have gotten lost. At this moment, what he needed to figure out was how to locate Gu Feidi’s actual body in this world.

Gu Feidi should have also transmigrated his soul over, so he could be anyone, age and gender notwithstanding, or ……he might not even be in China.

Chen Su Yang gave a light ‘tsk’ and realised that this matter was rather problematic.

He just hoped that Gu Feidi would not be overly panicked and possibly cause any trouble to the extent that he would have to be admitted into a mental hospital or something like that.

As for how to find someone…… Chen Su Yang could only give it more thought. After all, he is merely a newbie in the entertainment industry right now. He didn’t have the prominence to engage the people around him to help search for someone. He wasn’t even sure what Gu Feidi looked like.

Chen Su Yang toyed with the hummingbird ring and contemplated it for a long time.

After that, his eyes brightened. He picked up his mobile phone and sent his agent a Weixin message: [Wei ge, I need work, no matter the pay. As long as I can appear on screen and am able to increase the site traffic, I’ll take them all. Even black-red methods* are alright.]

(*TN: This refers to causing bad publicity in order to gain awareness and then whitewashing once popularity is obtained.)

A moment later, Wei Jian replied with some news.


[Think positive thoughts!]

Chen Su Yang: [……]

Wei Jian: [Young man, you need to steady your mind; don’t be so anxious. Your show hasn’t been aired yet. You don’t know which way it’s going to go, and you’re rushing to be black red, black red. Aren’t you afraid you’ll regret it in the future?]

Chen Su Yang pondered, then said: [I remember you handed me a job relating to traditional culture, and I rejected it. Is there still time if I want to take it up now?]

Wei Jian: [There’s still time aaa, but didn’t you say that you’re culturally illiterate? When you join this kind of program, you’re there to serve as a contrast, and won’t advance in the competition. Would you still want to go?]

Chen Su Yang thought. Back then he was culturally illiterate, but it doesn’t mean that he still is now!

After all, he’d spent so many years in ancient society. He normally didn’t have any entertainment projects. Aside from practicing martial arts, he learned calligraphy, Chinese painting, Go chess, and tea brewing from Gu Feidi. Once in a while, they would go touring to scenic spots, and there would be storytelling and operas in the tea houses……. He’d managed to subtly learn through seeing and hearing, and although he wasn’t any great expert, he still comprehended many common-sense matters.

A variety show wouldn’t make him more well-known, but if he participated in this kind of directional variety show and received good results, he could imagine that in the future, it might follow with some talent search, and subsequently he might get a screen test for some costume drama.

He’d joined the entertainment industry through a grassroots talent competition, and naturally, his acting skills couldn’t be compared to those with professional training…… but based on his years of ancient life experience, costume dramas were easier to tackle.

Since he had a rough plan for his upcoming advancement, Chen Su Yang right away messaged Wei Jian: [I feel that I still need to strive for it. Wei ge, help me schedule the time.]

Wei Jian quickly responded: [Okay, since you’re willing to make an effort, I’ll go back and get some info for you. Let’s intensify the training.]

So the matter was settled.

Chen Su Yang took a deep breath and sat cross-legged beside the bed. He started to inhale and exhale slowly, practicing the most basic exercises.

His body in this world didn’t yet have internal strength, but it didn’t affect his daily life. Nevertheless, practising internal exercises would assist him to preserve a better physical state for the future, so it was necessary to practise.

Wei Jian was very efficient in handling things. Early the next morning, he called and told Chen Su Yang to make a trip to a company.

Just as Chen Su Yang arrived, Wei Jian stuffed a thick pile of printed documents into his arms.

“The variety show has already registered your name for you.” Wei Jian said, “Here are the rules and the process for the open audition. There’s also some information I obtained for you which might be useful. The first round of the audition is a written test, and the second round has interview questions and answers. It begins next month. You have to step up on your reciting. You’re already slower than everyone else. “

Chen Su Yang was extremely grateful and thanked him before going to greet the seniors who were practising in the company. Then he carried the documents home and began reviewing them.

It was a hellish experience having to memorise a month’s worth of information. Chen Su Yang’s audition did not encounter any obstacles, and he entered into the top hundred without a hitch.

The selected artists from the top hundred would need to record programmes at the television broadcasting station. It was also this moment that Chen Su Yang would truly be able to gain exposure in this programme.

The top hundred selected artists, coming from brokerage companies all over the country, finally assembled in closed training camps in the suburbs of Yan City. What followed was mentor grading and then divisions into training and group competitions.

Chen Su Yang had also seen this type of variety show before, and its audition process was about the same as the talent competition he’d joined when he debuted.

Chen Su Yang arrived at the training camp right on time. He followed the staff who was receiving the artists and showed them into the dormitory where they would be staying.

The numbers of the dormitories were allotted according to the results that everyone had obtained in the preliminary round of the auditions. After tomorrow’s first programme recording had been completed, the mentors’ grading would be released, and their dormitories would be revised for the first time.

Three out of his four housemates had already arrived. Chen Su Yang didn’t care who they were. They all welcomed each other with a smile.

Everyone was about the same age; all had artistic temperaments and were relatively extroverted. After introducing themselves, the few of them quickly got to chatting with each other.

“I heard that there are underhanded actions in this audition; do you know? Di Fei Yang, who’s the number one of our top hundred list, is actually the son and heir of the Di Family Group’s boss.”

Aai? Didn’t that heir say his health wasn’t good and was sent abroad by his father for treatment? Roughly the same name……”

“Shouldn’t be; I was in the same venue as him in the preliminary round. I saw him…… he drove a Bentley to take part in this type of modest programme. I can’t think of another Di Fei Yang with the same name except for the Di Family’s heir.”

Sss…… That dude’s moves were so eye-catching! You don’t suppose he’ll be unofficially deemed as the champion, right?”

“I don’t know about that…… With my talent, I don’t want to vie for that winning spot. The program will record a number of episodes, and I’m good as long as there’s exposure.”

The scale of Di Family Group was enormous, and Chen Su Yang had also heard of them before, but he seldom paid much attention to this news, so he didn’t know that the Di Family Group’s heir was named Di Fei Yang.

But…… this type of action, such as driving a Bentley over to take part in an audition, was enough to indicate that the heir did not wish to be low-key or conceal his identity. However, even if these types of people wanted to enter the entertainment industry to join the ballot selection, they wouldn’t be considering this type of network variety show…… They could just casually fling out some pocket money, and it shouldn’t be problematic for them to shoot a film or a TV drama.

He could only say was that it was truly baffling to understand how rich people’s brains worked.

After chatting for a long while, it was finally time for lunch, and the fourth housemate had also just arrived, so everyone went downstairs to eat in the dining hall prepared by the programme.

Just as the group of them reached the main hall of the dormitory, they saw a group of people crowding in from the gate.

In the centre of the flock was a young man with a pale, sickly complexion. He was tall and dressed in a pure white silk Taichi outfit. The swaying of the loose hems of his trousers in the wake of his movements made him appear even thinner.

The young man swiftly reached in front of them. Seeing this display, Chen Su Yang instantly tugged his housemate’s arm to clear the path to the elevator.

Unexpectedly, the young man in the Taichi outfit headed straight towards them and stopped in front of a few people.  A pair of slightly pale eyes stared at Chen Su Yang’s face for a moment.

Chen Su Yang was puzzled, when all of a sudden, heard a very familiar call:

“……Xiao Xiao.”

This extremely soft call sounded like the ring of a bell crossing from the past into the present and slamming into Chen Su Yang ears, startling him then and there.

The young man’s light brown eyes glistened with an irrepressible joy as he gazed at him in silence, as if he was waiting for Chen Su Yang’s response.

Just then, the young man’s assistant cut in and said, “Ak, Young Master, let’s move into the dormitory first. They’re all contestants. If you want to get to know them, you’ll have the opportunity in the future.

The young man swept a look at the people behind him, then looked at Chen Su Yang again and smiled: “It’s inconvenient right now; later……I’ll come to look for you.”

After he’d spoken, he seemed quite reluctant to go, but he still brought the group of people behind him to leave.

Chen Su Yang hadn’t returned to his senses yet. He was abruptly patted on the shoulder by his housemate beside him.

“Crap!” The housemate had an expression like he’d just seen a ghost: “Chen Su Yang, that was Di Fei Yang aaa! You know him? Why didn’t you tell us?”

Chen Su Yang was taken aback for a moment, then subconsciously said: “I don’t know Di Fei Yang aaa……”

……But he would have to wait until later to verify it before he could ascertain whether or not he knew the soul currently within that shell.

Unfortunately, the system wasn’t able to issue a confirmation since the earlier eye contact was less than a minute.

“You don’t know him? Then just now… what was that? He even said he’ll look for you later…… Dang! It shouldn’t be……!”

As the housemate spoke, he suddenly lowered his voice: “……That Di Family’s heir shouldn’t be into men, right? Has he taken a fancy to you?!”

Chen Su Yang: ……

There was no way to explain this. At the moment…… it was better to feign being in a dumbfounded state.

After finishing lunch with his new, long-winded housemates, Chen Su Yang used the excuse of wanting to walk around by himself and went to a small park behind the training camp. His housemates assumed that he wanted to evade Di Family’s heir, so he didn’t drag him back to the dormitory.

Chen Su Yang’s plan was completely opposite of what they’d thought—the Di Family’s influence is massive, and if Di Fei Yang intended to find him, he would certainly know that he’d come to the small park alone. The view here was vast, and it wasn’t easy for anyone to conceal themselves; therefore, it was most suitable for conversing.

As expected, Di Fei Yang arrived in less than ten minutes, still wearing that elegant Taichi outfit. He came to the small park by himself and rushed directly over to Chen Su Yang.

“Xiao Xiao,” he gave a thin smile, “You’re exactly the same as before.”

Chen Su Yang raised an eyebrow: “You’ve changed a lot. How did you become the Di Family’s Young Master?”

“Wasn’t this arranged by you? Yet you’re asking me?” Di Fei Yang asked with a smile, “Do you know how terrified I was when I opened my eyes and saw that everyone around me had red hair and blue eyes?”

Chen Su Yang was speechless for a while, then he muttered, “You’re currently adjusting quite well. You can even take part in the audition?”

Di Fei Yang said, “This…… it’s a long story.”

Chen Su Yang curled his lips and said, “In a nutshell.”

Di Fei Yang smiled faintly. “Initially this body was intellectually disabled, and perhaps its original soul was incomplete. Now that I’ve arrived, the doctor believes that the healing effect is showing and permitted me to return home to recuperate. After that, I asked my family if there was any way that the world could see me and know me. Then, my father arranged for me to take part in this competition because the Di Family has investments here.”

Chen Su Yang: ……

Okay, it was more convenient for this heir to do what he wants compared to him.

When he thought about that, Chen Su Yang suddenly felt something wasn’t right.

“No. How did you figure out that it was I who brought you here? Besides, your appearance isn’t the same as last time. How can I be sure to recognise you when you become famous?”

Di Fei Yang said, “I know that you come from the great world. This sort of unusual thing happening to me must have something to do with you. Seeing that you’ve never come to look for me, I guessed that you may not know where my soul had gone to. As for how to make you recognise me……”

As he spoke, the corners of his mouth lifted to show a proud smile: “You’re very familiar with my swordsmanship, right? If I become famous because of that, how would you not recognise me?”

This also coincided with Chen Su Yang’s thoughts.

Although his face looks exactly like the one in the book world, to be on the safe side, he’d prepared two sets of sword dances for the programme—literally originating from the Blooming Lotus Sword and Flying Flower Art.

“Now that I’ve found you, I don’t have to continue taking part in this competition,” Di Fei Yang said. “Once I get back, I’ll tell them that I’ll quit it.”

Aai? Wait a minute……” Chen Su Yang gave a laugh. “What are you quitting for? Take part together with me aaa! In the future, perhaps we can still be able to debut as a group. After that, we can do everything together. What do you think?”

Di Fei Yang smiled and asked, “Why? You’ve been with me for so many years, aren’t you fed up yet?”

Chen Su Yang said, “What about you? Are you fed up being with me for so many years?”

Di Fei Yang: “How could I be fed up? You’re already a part of my life. Besides…… now that you and I have arrived in this great world, our identities have somewhat changed, it’s not bad to get reacquainted again after reincarnating.”

Having said that, he took half a step backwards and cupped his fists in salutation at Chen Su Yang, “I’m Di Fei Yang. Pleased to meet you.”

Chen Su Yang also grinned seeing him like this.

He pondered for a moment, then stretched out a hand to Di Fei Yang and said, “My name is Chen Su Yang. Very pleased to meet you.”

Both of them grasped each other’s hands and smiled at each other; their tacit understanding remained.


The translator has something to say:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this novel. It has been a heartfelt project for me which I’m rather sad to see end. This was my first translation work and the experience has been an eye-opener, to say the least. I’m so grateful for all you lovely readers for your support. The response has been amazing and beyond anything I would’ve expected. Thank you so much, everyone!

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