Chapter 112 : Everything That Follows is Proper

Title: Did We Agree To Be Arch-Rivals?

Original Title: 说好成为彼此的宿敌呢[穿书]

Author: 轻风白杨 (Qingfeng Baiyang)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

Inside the side hall near Eluo Ghost Tent’s White Witch Tower, Su Huaizhu leaned on Gu Ruohai’s shoulder and released a faint sigh.

“You shouldn’t have come to find me.” He said, “I also…… shouldn’t have been so unrestrained.”

Gu Ruohai toyed with their hair that had tangled at a spot. After a moment, he spoke with his usual husky tone: “If I didn’t come, would you have casually found someone to help you suppress the Love Gu?”

Su Huaizhu said: “With Half Withered Red, as long as I don’t continue to manoeuvre my internal strength, I can bear with it for some time even if I couldn’t do this…… But you’re still able to……. make me……. unable to restrain my emotions.”

Gu Ruohai gave a light laugh: “You don’t mind that I’m an old man now?”

Su Huaizhu said, “We’re both the same age. Who was the better-looking one when we were younger?”

Both of them exchanged some shameless words lightly, then got up and straightened out their clothing.

Su Huaizhu helped Gu Ruohai tie up his hair, coiled it into a bun at the top of his head, and then fastened on a jade crown.

“Su Yang……” Gu Ruohai suddenly said, “He’s about to be crowned, right?”

Su Huaizhu’s fingers paused for a moment. “Ng,” he said, “Soon.”

After a moment’s silence, Gu Ruohai asked again: “He’s…… truly Luo Jin’s and your child?”

Su Huaizhu adjusted the crown properly for him and emitted a light laugh: “Of course it’s true. Don’t tell me you’re still holding onto some kind of hope because you don’t believe that I’m such an evil person.”

Gu Ruohai shook his head: “Luo Yu told me that his body bears a Ghost Blood Life Curse, and it was possibly Luo Jin herself who cast it. Is this true?”

Su Huaizhu’s brows sank a little, and he said in a disgruntled tone, “Why did he even tell you this……”

“You think everyone’s like you, who doesn’t let me know anything?”

Gu Ruohai got up and tugged Su Huaizhu’s hand to make him sit down at the edge of the bed. Then he helped him comb his long hair.

At the same time, he said, “Su Yang and…… my son. Perhaps, they’ll become life partners. Shouldn’t I be aware of this matter?”

Su Huaizhu didn’t say anymore.

After a moment, Gu Ruohai said again: “Why did you permit Luo Jin to bear your child? And why couldn’t you protect him?”

After a long pause, Su Huaizhu let out another sigh.

“Don’t always sigh,” Gu Ruohai said. “You’ll become even more of an old man.”

Su Huaizhu ignored his quip. He spoke about what had happened all those years ago in a low voice.

“Back then, although I’d captured and imprisoned Luo Jin in the Wasteland, I was merely keeping a strict watch over her initially.” His eyelashes lowered as he spoke: “Subsequently, she became more amenable and consented to cooperate with me to subdue the Love Gu, so I removed her shackles and let her move into a comfortable courtyard to recuperate.”

“Later, I managed to practice Half Withered Red and could finally be rid of her…… but then I learned she was pregnant. At that time, I didn’t want this accidental child to be born, so I instructed the attendant to administer medicine to her meals…… When she found out about it, she cried for me to let her keep the child. For a time, I felt sorry for her and agreed.

“Unexpectedly, after less than two days, she plotted with the flower aide guard and fled from Devil City……” 

Gu Ruohai was astounded: “She fled?”

Su Huaizhu nodded. “She fled together with that flower aide.”

He paused before continuing: “That happened just when my father was seriously ill and I had to gradually take over Yin Tan Divine Sect. So I only instructed others to find her and didn’t go capture her myself. Then, over half a year later……”

Su Huaizhu sighed: “She returned to the Devil City with the infant Su Yang. In a fit of insanity, she used the flower hairpin to etch the curse phrase on the infant’s back before taking her own life as the sacrifice.”

Gu Ruohai pondered for a while and asked, “Don’t you suspect that she was bedding the flower aide?”

After hearing this, Su Huaizhu smirked: “Even if she was, what about it? You’ve also seen what Su Yang looks like. How could he not be my child? It’s precisely because he’s mine and not the flower aide’s that she became so frenzied to curse Su Yang herself and deliver him before me. That was her attempt to hurt me as deeply as possible. It was then that I realised her hatred for me had never diminished in the slightest.”

Gu Ruohai fell silent.

Su Huaizhu exhaled: “Although I originally didn’t want this child to be born, but…… when such a vibrant life connected with my own blood appeared before me, how could I bear to harden my heart? You’re also a father; you ought to know that. After almost twenty years of nurturing, watching him slowly grow up, it’s of course impossible to say that there’s no father-son affection with him…… Luo Jin’s won this bet.”

As he spoke, he emitted another light laugh: “And the flower aide who escaped with her had already died long ago in the hands of the one I sent to track them down. This time, my Sect had elders who mutinied. After investigating, I discovered that the flower aide was actually one of Ju Hall elder’s most outstandingly talented nephews of his generation…… You could say that the upheaval in the Devil City was brought about by Luo Jin.”

“Su Yang…… is a pitiful child.” Gu Ruohai said.

Su Huaizhu was silent for a moment. Then he smiled: “In fact, I’m not at all sure whether the current ‘him’ will still suffer the effects of the curse.”

Hmm?” Gu Ruohai was bewildered. “What does that mean?”

Su Huaizhu clarified: “Su Yang’s initial temperament resembled Luo Jin’s—radically extreme. And due to the prevalence of this curse, he knew that he wouldn’t live long, so he behaved however he liked. He ignored whether it was good or evil and possessed no compassion; he took pleasure in blood and was addicted to tormenting others……”

Gu Ruohai frowned. “But I don’t see him as a bloodthirsty person.”

Su Huaizhu nodded. “Fortunately, he was dedicated to martial arts, and they were capable of retaining the last vestiges of his humanity. Almost three years ago, he was about to breakthrough the Six Underworlds Inter Flower technique, so he went into seclusion to cultivate it. But the day he accomplished it and exited seclusion, he’d completely changed…… Not only was his temperament vastly different from his original one, he couldn’t even recall anything from his past.”

Upon hearing this, Gu Ruohai’s expression altered somewhat: “Is it possible…… that there’s truly such a thing as soul possession in this world? If that’s true, then wouldn’t your son already be……”

“He bears the Ghost Blood Life Curse on his body. I actually prepared for his passing a long time ago and am quite apathetic about it.” Su Huaizhu said, “As for now, I’m incapable of guessing whether this soul would still be impacted by the curse’s effect.”

Gu Ruohai didn’t say anything. He embraced Su Huaizhu from behind.

Su Huaizhu sensed his feelings and his attempts to reassure him. He smiled and said, “Don’t worry. Such a cold person like me won’t be aggrieved by this.”

Gu Ruohai still held Su Huaizhu for a long time.

Then he asked, “What will you do after this?”

Su Huaizhu held Gu Ruohai’s hand, which was curled around him, and intertwined their fingers: “I plan to convert the Yin Tan Divine Sect to engage in commercial business and then hand it over to Mei Shisan and Lian Jiu for them to manage it together.”

Gu Ruohai: “What about you?”

Su Huaizhu smiled, “It’s inadvisable for me to stimulate my internal strength. I’ll probably enter some remote mountain forest and cultivate through meditation.”

Gu Ruohai pondered for a while and said, “Tengyun Pavilion’s courtyards have countless mountain villas. I’m sure we’ll be able to find somewhere tranquil……”


Scattered trivial matters persisted for a whole day until the sky darkened again. Just then, all those from Eluo Ghost Tent who’d assist the uncle-nephew duo of Luo Yu and Luo Yin to seize power finally assembled together.

Luo Yin instructed food to be prepared, which could scarcely be considered a celebratory banquet.

At the banquet, Luo Yu informed Su Huaizhu and Gu Ruohai on the matter where the Love Gu could be resolved by combining the White Firework Gu with the royal court’s bloodline. Both were a little astonished and turned to look at their sons, who were sitting side by side.

Once they’d speculated about the elders’ relationship, Su Yang and Gu Feidi were a little uneasy when facing their fathers again. Su Yang was fortunate. Truthfully, he didn’t feel too strongly about the fact that Su Huaizhu was his father. On the other hand, Gu Feidi was somewhat incapable of meeting the gaze of his stern father, who’d raised him.

“So following this, the both of you intend to seek out the fat and thin bandits and obtain the technique?” Gu Ruohai asked.

Ng, yes.” Su Yang nodded. “And return to Lesser Jade House after that to practise it…… to see it can help Sect Leader to extricate the poison.”

Hearing him say this, Su Huaizhu smiled and said, “Why would you want to help me?”

Su Yang blinked, wavered for a moment, and said, “Just that…… I think I should help you aaa. “

—The formidable storyline overlord had already thrust the Gu resolving method right in front of his eyes. This was obviously arranged precisely for him to intervene and help the Devil Sect Leader regain happiness!

Luo Yu and the others weren’t aware of the soul possession theory. After hearing the conversation between the two, they were rather confused.

Su Huaizhu didn’t explain. He gave a light laugh, lifted his cup, and sipped his tea. “We’ll discuss this matter again once you’ve performed the crown ceremony.”

This inferred that if Su Yang couldn’t survive the crowning, it was meaningless to say anything now.

Gu Feidi threw his father a glance and said, “The fat and thin bandits appear to be wandering vigilantes and don’t belong to any martial arts factions. I fear it will take some effort if we want to track them down.”

“I’ll order someone to look into it.” Gu Ruohai said, “With Tengyun Pavilion’s and Qianfeng Villa’s dominance, it’s not hard to locate two people.” This matter was pertinent to saving Su Huaizhu, and naturally, he wouldn’t stand idle.

Although this surprise attack managed to be concluded in just one day, and Luo Yin and Luo Yu had succeeded in controlling Ghost Tent’s royal court, Eluo Ghost Tent’s territory was extensive. There were generals in the Black Feather Army that had been dispatched to the southern front who weren’t amenable and were leading troops to revolt. Therefore, follow-ups were still needed to deal with these cumbersome and inconvenient affairs.

Ultimately, Luo Yu and Qin Jianyue decided to remain and assist Luo Yin to secure his position as Eluo’s new king, while Chi Tong had to return to the Central Plains with the letter of alliance and to debrief the Imperial court.

Everyone stayed in Ghost Tent’s royal court to rest for a night and parted ways early the next morning.

“Don’t worry, I’ll request Fu Huang* to issue a marriage certificate and approve my marriage into Eluo. When the time comes, you’ll need to come to the Central Plains in person to receive me.”

(*TN: Fu = Father, Huang = Emperor)

Just before parting, Chi Tong looked at Luo Yin with a smile and said, “You have yet to see what I look like when I’m all dressed up as a princess. At that time, don’t be so shocked that you’d fall off your horse.”

Luo Yin was silent for a moment and said, “Since the time you and I woke up drunk, nothing else can scare me.”

Chi Tong: ……

Chi Tong silently placed his hand on his forehead and asked, “Can you not be so expressionless and use such a serious tone to speak about this kind of thing? I truly give up……”

Su Yang and Gu Feidi walked out of the palace hand in hand, just as Luo Yu was bringing over a horse.

“There aren’t many horses available since they are needed for the war. Both of you can share one horse.” Luo Yu said, handing the reins over to Gu Feidi, “Be careful on the road.”

Gu Feidi took the reins and gave his thanks. Then he brought Su Yang over and mounted the horse.

Su Yang leaned into Gu Feidi’s embrace when he suddenly recalled something and asked, “That’s right, where is your Fei Lian? Where did it go?”

Gu Feidi flicked the reins, urged the horse forward, and smiled: “Didn’t you leave it in the Devil Sect? Why? Did it only cross your mind now?”

Su Yang said, “Aaa, the Devil Sect was chaotic; there was fighting, killings, and fires. I don’t know if it’s alright or not…… Shouldn’t we take a trip back there and bring it back to Tengyun Pavilion?”

“No need.” said Gu Ruohai who was riding nearby just then, “This time, I’ll first head to Devil City with Huaizhu to deal with the Divine Sect’s matters. Leave the matter of the horse to me. Both of you can just return to the Central Plains and locate the fat and thin bandits.”

Gu Feidi was taken aback: “Father is going to the Devil Sect? If the Central Plains martial arts circles become aware of this matter……”

“It’s alright. “Gu Ruohai said, “Next year is the martial arts circles’ general assembly. It’s time for someone else to take the place of Alliance Leader.”



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