Chapter 102 : The Secret of the Love Gu

Title: Did We Agree To Be Arch-Rivals?

Original Title: 说好成为彼此的宿敌呢[穿书]

Author: 轻风白杨 (Qingfeng Baiyang)

Translated by: ~PurpleLy~

Su Huaizhu led the Devil Sect elite squad to Jun Hua Island. There, they finally caught up with the Tengyun Pavilion troops led by Gu Ruohai.

The suspension bridge in the distance was still where most of the battles were at a stalemate. The only ones who’d set foot on Jun Hua Island were Gu Ruohai, Feng Lin, two elite fighters from Qianfeng Villa, and two Wujiangmen light footwork experts.

Su Huaizhu’s gaze fell on the Wujiangmen fighters for a split second before shifting to Gu Ruohai. The corners of his mouth curled upwards to reveal a sarcastic smile.

“There’s to be a battle between you and me after all.” He said calmly, “Everything that happened in the past has transposed into the present…… Let’s fight to the death.”

As he finished speaking, he unsheathed a whip-like soft sword from his waist and flew directly to strike at Gu Ruohai.

Gu Ruohai raised his sword to block the blow, but frowned all of a sudden and glanced at Su Huaizhu uncertainly.

Su Huaizhu didn’t give him any opportunity to ask questions, and brandished the thin sword fiercely. The blade was like a cluster of embroidered flowers that very nearly engulfed Gu Ruohai.

Gu Ruohai had no other alternative but to wave his sword to receive the attacks.

On one side, Mei Shisan clenched his teeth, drew his sword to confront Feng Lin, and instructed the elite flower aides around him to obstruct the others.

The flower aides who accompanied Su Huaizhu were all elites in the Devil Sect, and their martial arts skills were fairly superior. In addition, the Tengyun Pavilion and Qianfeng Villa guards were aware of the purpose for this annihilation, and both sides mutually coordinated to gradually fence off the clueless Wujiangmen fighters out of the battle area.

Gu Ruohai and Su Huaizhu went back and forth, exchanging a number of moves. To outsiders, they appeared to be fighting extremely violently, as if they were truly comforting to Su Huaizhu’s ‘fight-to-the-death’ phrase.

But they alone knew for a fact that neither of them were actually applying much strength—nevertheless, Gu Ruohai’s frown appeared deeper and deeper, and he continually reduced the power in his hands.

“What’s the matter with you?” 

After duelling for a long time, Gu Ruohai finally couldn’t help condensing his voice into a line and transmitting it into Su Huaizhu’s ears: “Your inner breath…… Why is it so disorderly?”

Su Huaizhu swung his arm to flick Gu Ruohai’s sword away, rose up, and moved ahead. He used the Blooming Lotus Swordsmanship to force him backwards and stared fixedly into his eyes.

Gu Ruohai looked at Su Huaizhu’s eyes, which were initially as calm as water. All of a sudden, it surged out with waves of repressed emotions……

They both stared at each other for a second before Su Huaizhu turned to use his Prized Flower Steps to flee a distance away.

Gu Ruohai followed closely behind to chase after him.

Mei Shisan perceived Su Huaizhu’s unusualness and turned to call out “Sect Leader!” but was immediately dragged back into the battle by Feng Lin’s attack and was unable to extricate himself.

Feng Lin closely transmitted his voice over, “If you leave too, they can’t hold them back.”

Mei Shisan had no choice but to continue leading everyone to the open area in front of the suspension bridge preventing the Wujiangmen fighters from finding an opportunity to slip in.


Su Huaizhu hastily escaped to a magnificently adorned side chamber on Jun Hua Island. In the moonlit water, a fan-shaped board was faintly visible on the door of the palace with the words “Green Velvet” inscribed on it.

By contrast, this originally magnificent and breathtaking palace was now completely silent, without even a single lamp lit—this place hadn’t been inhabited for ages. There remained only innumerable gold and jade ornaments, beaded curtains, silk canopies, and gauze screens that endured in the dark stillness……

Su Huaizhu supported himself on the door frame and muffled a few coughs. His confused eyes scanned inside the palace, then abruptly pulled away and slowly focused.

He wiped away the smear of blood on his lips and gave a wry smile before shaking his head.

Just as he was about to turn and leave, Gu Ruohai reached his side and forcefully hauled his wrist, pulling his blood-stained hand before him as he stared at him unwaveringly.

The blood stain was almost pitch-black in the moonlight, and it appeared more sinister in contrast with Su Huaizhu’s pale skin.

Su Huaizhu resisted the surging stench of blood in his throat and activated his internal strength to fling Gu Ruohai away. He turned and was about to leave.

Just then, a soft call suddenly sounded from behind him: 

“Zhu Zhi’er…” 

Su Huaizhu’s footsteps couldn’t help pausing when he heard this form of address, and he could no longer stifle the continuous outflow of emotions in his chest. All of a sudden, his body arched up, and he coughed intensely.

Gu Ruohai immediately came over and tugged him into his arms, but was shocked by the piercing chill emanating from Su Huaizhu’s body.

The shivers of the person in his arms became more apparent. Gu Ruohai didn’t know what he should do and could only utilise his internal strength to probe Su Huaizhu’s meridians in an attempt to discover the source of the issue.

“……Damn it!”

Su Huaizhu cursed out loud and stretched his hand to shove Gu Ruohai away, shouting, “Your internal strength…… retract it!”

He was short of breath, and his entire body was trembling, but he held off from groaning out loud by biting his cuff. His brows knitted as he forcibly drove the Half Withered Red to circulate within his body, like he was enduring something that was hard to suppress.

Gu Ruohai anxiously approached: “Is there something wrong with your body? When did it start? What…… What on earth’s going on?”

Su Huaizhu used his palm air current to shake him away and released a fierce roar from his throat: “LEAVE!”

As soon as he’d shouted, he abruptly coughed up two mouthfuls of bloody foam.

How could Gu Ruohai bear to leave having witnessed this scene?

He leaned forward and reached out like lightning to grab Su Huaizhu’s wrist; then he employed his internal force to counteract the opponent’s resistance and hauled him into his arms.

An overwhelming force of warm internal strength originating from Zhengyang school’s techniques flooded into Su Huaizhu’s meridians, attempting to investigate the crux within his body.

The internal force had only just entered his body, but unexpectedly, Su Huaizhu could no longer hold back and let out a low groan.

At the next moment, Gu Ruohai was counterattacked by a tremendous impact and shoved up against the wall.

Su Huaizhu’s blood stained lips kissed a series of red marks at the side of his mouth…… interspersed with heavy breaths that he was incapable of constraining. The rapture he felt was like a fish in a dried-up pool coming across a good rain descending to earth and the greed of a starved person who had just set eyes on a feast…… Apart from that, it also carried an indistinctly dangerous flavour.

Nonetheless, Gu Ruohai’s distress wasn’t because of this abrupt and abnormal development.

He was panic-stricken for a moment before he could finally make a sound and said in a shaky voice, “……You’ve been infected with the Love Gu? Su Huaizhu! You…… when did you get infected with the Love Gu?!”

Su Huaizhu’s fingers dug deep into the cracks between the brick walls; he clenched his teeth and propped himself up from Gu Ruohai. A trace of blood seeped out from one corner of his lips.

“Leave here.” He said hoarsely, “I don’t *cough cough*……I don’t want to hurt you……” 

Gu Ruohai probed, “Who was it…… Who infected you with the Love Gu?”

Su Huaizhu panted heavily a few times and said angrily: “I want you to leave now! At once——”

“The Love Gu…… Eluo…… was it Luo Jin?”


“Zhu Zhi’er……”


Gu Ruohai ignored Su Huaizhu’s remonstrations and embraced him tightly in his arms as he spoke with difficulty: “It was because of this Love Gu, that you behaved that way that year…… wasn’t it? Why didn’t you tell me? This matter…… this matter, if only you’d told me…… how could I possibly abandon you? Zhu Zhi’er…… I……”

Su Huaizhu coughed several times, his whole body shivering uncontrollably. Even Half Withered Red was incapable of inhibiting the Gu poison that was causing an uproar within his body.

He instinctively tightened his arms slowly, securing Gu Ruohai in his embrace, and released a long sigh from his throat……

“I can’t……” His voice was hoarse and weak, so soft that he almost couldn’t hear him. “I can’t harm you……”

He swallowed and croaked out: “Go—find…… find…… someone for me; any flower aide will do……”

Gu Ruohai clung firmly to the clothes on Su Huaizhu’s back and clenched his teeth: “Find someone…… to do what?”

Su Huaizhu rasped in a low voice: “You can guess it……”

Gu Ruohai was silent.

But his hands that were clutching onto Su Huaizhu’s clothing tightened more and more, the blue veins on his forehead were now visible; his inner emotions were clearly surging and not as calm as his expression revealed.

“If I drag it out, I’ll die……” Su Huaizhu cruelly pushed him away and coughed a few times, “If you don’t go find someone…… I’d prefer to die than…… Act once on you…… You can try to drag it out……”

“Since any flower aide can assist you,” Gu Ruohai said resentfully, “Why can’t I? In the past…… it’s not like you and I’d never…… before….”

Su Huaizhu rolled his eyes, dizzily threw a glance at Gu Ruohai, his throat trembled, and in the end, he said: “……Rotten old man……”

Gu Ruohai stared at the person in front of him who was evidently in poor health, but still stubbornly insisted on putting on the appearance of a wicked person. He didn’t say anything; merely reached out to tear at his clothes.

Su Huaizhu spluttered, “Hey! You—”

At that moment, two successive shouts sounded from behind them.

“Sect Leader!” 

“Pavilion Master!” 

Su Huaizhu seized the chance to shove Gu Ruohai away. He looked at who was approaching and couldn’t help frowning: “Shisan……”

Mei Shisan swiftly reached Su Huaizhu’s side. Seeing his current state, he said anxiously: “Gu poison…… Sect Leader, this subordinate…… This subordinate will help you……”

“You go find someone,” Su Huaizhu gasped out. “You’ve already completed nine times……”

Mei Shisan said: “Sect Leader, the Ju Hall incident…… Currently, there are still flower aides and Lian attendants remaining on Jun Hua Island. But which one of these trusted subordinates who’re aware of your condition haven’t reached the limit of times?…… As long as it can assist you to pull through a difficult phase, this subordinate won’t hesitate even if I die!”

Gu Ruohai instantly lifted his head and looked at Mei Shisan, his gaze as sharp as a knife: “……You’ll die?”

Mei Shisan didn’t respond.

Feng Lin frowned just then: “Pavilion Master, this…… The situation outside is rather deadlocked. Tongyun Temple and Xuanji Temple have no gains on Iris Island and are heading to Jun Hua Island. Tongyun Temple never negotiated with us, and there are Wujiangmen’s fighters following behind them. I fear that they won’t be easy to manage.”

Su Huaizhu gave a light laugh and coughed a few times. He said to Gu Ruohai: “It’s critical for you to go and handle the important matters; I’ll…… be there soon. Mei Shisan, help me inside……”

Upon hearing this, Gu Ruohai clutched Su Huaizhu’s wrist tightly and refused to release him.

Su Huaizhu smiled: “……The overall situation is important; do as you’re told.”

Gu Ruohai almost went crazy. He waved Mei Shisan back, tugged Su Huaizhu’s chin, and forced him to look into his eyes. He struggled for a moment and clenched his teeth. “Indeed, the overall situation is important. If I appear on the battlefield and you don’t, Tengyun Pavilion will only seize control of this Jun Hua Island of yours even faster!”

Su Huaizhu didn’t reply.

Gu Ruohai asked again: “What’s your plan? Does it have anything to do with those countless wine barrels filled with tallow? If there’s a delay, will something go wrong?”

Su Huaizhu lowered his gaze and went into deep thought.

Gu Ruohai looked at his appearance, finally couldn’t withstand it, and slowed down his tone: “According to your flower aide, I’m guessing that I won’t be affected if it’s once or twice, is that right? I beg you…… don’t make me hate myself even more…… I was immensely wrong twenty years ago. Now that I can help you through a difficult phase, you won’t even give me a chance?”

After a long time, Su Huaizhu seemed to be powerless and closed his eyes.

He had no choice but to turn his head and issue an order: “Mei Shisan, go to the Forbidden Area and call Su Yang out. Let him bring you all……to prolong it for the time being……”

Mei Shisan frowned: “But Sect Leader……”

Su Huaizhu glanced at him indifferently and said, “Go ahead. This isn’t……There’s an old fellow who’s willing to give his life to assist me. What else do you have to worry about……*cough cough*……Go.”

Upon seeing this, Mei Shisan had to leave as agreed.

Gu Ruohai held Su Huaizhu in his arms and said to Feng Lin, “Move ahead and protect the both of us.”

Feng Lin’s expression was complicated as he glanced towards the two of them embracing each other, then clasped his fists and nodded, “Yes.”

Su Huaizhu let out a sigh and moved, with the strength of Gu Ruohai’s arms, deeper into his embrace.

Gu Ruohai lifted him up horizontally and stepped into the Green Velvet Palace.

The huge door of the palace slammed closed behind the two of them, and silence was restored all around. All that remained was the moonlight streaming down onto the open space in front of the palace, giving one the impression that this place wasn’t in accord with the disorderly world.



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