Bringing a little cheer to your mid-week. Chapters 68 & 69 have just been uploaded!

I hope those of you who are up-to-date with my translations will enjoy the upcoming few chapters as much as I’ve enjoyed translating them. Here’s the latest chapters for your reading pleasure: Click here to read Chapter 68 Click here to read Chapter 69

I’ve just uploaded Chapters 60-63!

Hey, everyone. Don’t you just hate waiting for releases and when you get to it, the translator has only uploaded one? Yep… me too. Which is why I’ve just uploaded FOUR! That’s right! Enjoy! Click here to read Chapter 60 Click here to read Chapter 61 Click here to read Chapter 62 Click here toContinue reading “I’ve just uploaded Chapters 60-63!”

My sketch of Gu Feidi & Su Yang from “Did We Agree To Be Rivals?”

I haven’t sketched in a long while so I’m still kind of rusty. This is my visualisation of the protagonists of the novel I’m currently translating: “Did We Agree To Be Rivals?”, done using Procreate App. Click here to read the novel.

“Did We Agree To Be Rivals?” English translation by PurpleLy. Visit my site to start reading!

Hi, PurpleLy here. I’m so thrilled to announce that my site is up and running. I’ve uploaded 50 chapters of “Did We Agree To Be Rivals?” (说好成为彼此的宿敌呢[穿书] ) by Qianfeng Baiyang. Translation is ongoing and I’ll upload new chapters regularly. Hope you enjoy them! Click here to start reading!

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